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147836 osC Guru needs another Guru...

Please Note Before Bidding:

If you are a programming house that outsources to programmers DO NOT BID! I want to deal with the programmer directly!

If you have not successfully integrated at least 1/2 of the osCommerce modifications below, DO NOT BID!

If you do not consider yourself an osCommerce GURU, DO NOT BID!

If you cannot show a portfolio of your osCommerce work, DO NOT BID!

If you cannot document and comment the installation process with excellent notes, DO NOT BID!

If you cannot complete the work in a 10 day period of time, DO NOT BID! Complete means COMPLETE!

Scroll down for a complete list of the over 150 contributions that I need installed on the latest snapshot of the osCommerce framework.

Although I could do it, I don't have time. I am simply working too many hours at my regular job to do the installation myself.

You must be able to document every issue, or need-to-know item during the integration. If you can't take well detailed notes, you won't be selected. It's just that simple.

I've used one or two of you guys in the past, so please don't bother me with issues that "might" arise, or any personal issues that you have that will make the project go beyond the 10 day project timeline.

I would like to make some extra money... that's why I'm putting this site together.

Also, if you bid more than $300, then I won't even entertain your offer! I know that this is a simple project.

Don't ask for me to put money in escrow until you can show me at least 1/2 of the project completed within 5 days. Build it on your server, and once I've seen that you have finished at least 1/2, I'll put 1/2 in escrow and the other 1/2 the minute that you show me the demo and I am comfortable that it is as bug free as possible with the osCommerce framework.

If you don't like these conditions, please feel free to skip me by and DO NOT BID!

Here are the contributions... Bidder accepts that up to 10 additional modifications may be requested.

Account Agreement Checkbox

Activate Flash Immediately

Ad Tracker (where did they come from)

Add Shopping Cart Info to Your Header

Additional Shipping Options for Table Module

Admin dhtml menu

Admin Notes

Administration Access Level Accounts 2.0

Ajax advanced and box search v1.0

AJAX Attribute Manager

Ajax Buy Now

Ajax for All

Ajax for states

AJAX Shopping Cart

Ajax vote system with top ten list

Article Manager v1.0

Attribute Information

Attribute Qty Product Info

Auction Lister 0.0.2

Automatic Thumbnail

AutoSort Products


Backordered Products Report v1

Basic Categories Box in Heading

Basket Create

Batch Print Center

Better popup_image +

Breadcrumb for Admin

Catalog Products PDF Reports

Catalogue Request V1.0

categories menu

Categories XC

Category Descriptions MS2 1.4

Category Listing Mod

Click on image to close popup

Column Controller w Admin v2.1

Comments At-A-Glance

Cool admin menu


Correction Infinit'Images basic HtmlArea

Credit card infobox

Credit Card with CVV2

Credit Class & Gift Voucher

CSV between two dates

Current Auctions

Custom Computer Creator

Custom Create Account

Customer birthday reminder

Customer Mismatched State & Zipcode Report v2.0

Customer Testimonials v1.0

Customers Drop Down In Orders List

Customers extra fields

cvv2 for entire order

Database Admin

Date of Birth PullDown

DealGates Instant Deals feeder

Default Product Tax Class

Different Image Size - Product_info & frontpage

Different Popup Image


Disable right click

Display stock count in [url removed, login to view]

Down for Maintenance v1.0

DropDownMenu v2.0 (Advanced Search infobox)

Dynamenu for osCommerce - Dynamic Fly-Out, Drop-Down, Tree Category Menu

Dynamic DHTML Menu

Dynamic force attribute selection

Dynamic SiteMap V 1.0

Easy Populate Cost

Easy Populate & Products Attributes

Easy Populate Feedtransform v 0.2-MS2 for EasyPopulate

Easy Populate for Product Extra Fields Contribution

Easy Populate for SPPC and Hide Products from Customer Groups

Edit Auto-Emails From Backend

Enhanced BestSeller box with admin

Enhanced Multi Vendor Shipping

Even more info in [url removed, login to view]

EZ Big Image

Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

Featured Products

Featured Products


File Popup

Forum for OSC


Free Downloads FX

Free Gifts

free shipping by categories

Free Shipping w Minimum Amount

Get 1 Free

Gift Ideas Module

Happy Hours Specials Basic

Happy Hours Specials for SPPC

Header Tags Controller

Horizontal main menu

How Did You Hear About Us

How to close popup window

HTML WYSIWYG Editor for Product Desc, MS1 2.2

Impulse Item

IncreaseDecrease price by x% for all products or products from a category

Individual Product Shipping Methods ([url removed, login to view])

Infobox Admin

Infobox with many products

Installment Payment Calculation

Javascript Picture zoom

Keep Image Proportions 1.3

Lead Time Varying Information

Links Manager For OSC [url removed, login to view]

Listing Products Instructions in admin for vendors

Loading Time v1.0

Login and Return to same page

Make An Offer 1.0

Manufacturer 2

Manufacturer Products V 1.0

Manufacturers Popup Window

Margin Report

Margin Report [url removed, login to view]

Monthly Sales & Tax Report

More Category Boxes

Most Viewed

MS2 HTML WYSIWYG Editor, Product Desc, Email +

Multiple Categories ([url removed, login to view])

Multiple Categories per product quick entry

new admin style 1.0

New Attribute Manager

New DHTML categories menu


newslettermaillist email capture add on

'On the Fly' Auto Thumbnailer using GD Library

Order Editor

Order IP Recorder v1.0

Orders Downloader

osC Affiliate

oscExtraImages - As many images as you want

oscFileBrowser - Browse, delete and organise images folder

osCommerce Google Analytics module


Payment Information PopUp

PayPal Shopping Cart IPN

POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE [url removed, login to view]

Populate Cart

Popup fix for IE with WinXP-SP2

Pop-up Image in Product Listing

Popup image layer on product listing

PopUp Promo

Popup_images Zoom


Print Preview 1.0

Print Sticky Labels

Prize Draw Competition

Prize Draw Competition v1.2

Product Attributes - Option Type Feature

Product Extra Fields

Product picture in new style BEST)

Products Properties v2.0

Products Purchased with Date Range

Pull Down Product List

QT Pro STS hack

Quick Price Updates

Recently Viewed Products

Recover Cart Sales

Request out of stock products

Review Approval System

Right Click Categories Menu

RMA Returns System

Sales Report

Scrolling Images Carousel With Hotlinks In Header

Search box with dropdown category menu

Seach Engine Friendly URL

Search Enhancements

Search Orders by Customer Info

Search withdropdown price range (add in searchbox)


Seperate Pricing Per Customer

Shadow Controller

Shipping Insurance 1.0

Shopping Cart and Product Information Quantity in Drop-down Synchronized

Short Description in products

Show model with product attributes

Show Sub-categories

Show the Shipping Cost at product info page

Similar Products Box

Simple Template System (STS)

Simple Wishlist Report

Skype Contact


State list dropdown and US default country

Stats Products Notifications

STS4 Power Pack

Subcategory textboxes

Super Contact us enhancement 1.0

Super Download Shop

Supplier Admin Area V0.2

Theft Safe Popup Images

Three images with admin 1.0

Total Configuration


Ultimate SEO URLs

UltraPics - MS2 Image Addon Pack!

Update category and product description

Updated [url removed, login to view]

User Tracking with Admin 1.0

Wholesale Inquiries

Who's Online Enhancement

Wishlist 2.0

Wolfen Featured Sets

Wordpress Integration ([url removed, login to view])

YATM - Yet Another Tree Menu

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