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We need a page where a customer can pay for the eBay auctions which they have won on our osCommerce website. Also sometimes we need the ability for customers to enter their own price. As a result, we do NOT want to use the ebay contribution. Right now we are using a system which hooks up to another shopping cart engine(not osCommerce). The customer types in their eBay auction ID, Item name, size, quantity, price, and shipping. Once submitted, the user is directed to a page where they enter their billing/shipping information, then payment and shipping method. User can not add other store items to their cart along with their eBay payment. Users will be able to add other store items to their cart with our expected solution. You can view a screen-shot of our current form in the attached image


We need a way for these customers to pay for their auctions on our new oscommerce website. They will start by entering their eBay auction information in the form described below. They add the payment to cart. They will now see each one of their auction ID's in the cart. They can add other store items to the cart and check out with the same order. But, we will not be recording stock numbers for the eBay payment and the items will not be in our product catalog.


The solution for our oscommerce website should have all the same fields as the old form, but have our normal website borders. Furthermore, please copy the instructions from the old ebay payment page given to the user in a similar bold format (we really want to make sure users read it).

Field 1: eBay Auction ID: _________ (Enter the eBay Auction ID ) - Required

Field 2: Item Name: __________ (Enter Item name briefly) - Required

Field 3: Size: _________ (Only sizes offered must be entered)

Field 4: Color: __________ (Enter only a color choice offered in auction)

Field 5: Qantity: _________ (Enter as required)

Field 6: Price: _________ (Bid Price) - Required

Field 7: Shipping: _________ (Shipping Price as shown in auction) - Required

It often happens that one person bids on and buys from a few of our ebay auctions. As a result, multiple eBay auctions should be able to be paid for with the same page. Another row of field should pop up when text is entered into the one above it. It should start with two visible, then when text is entered into the 2nd one, a third will pop up, then a fourth, and so on. The shipping and total should be added up with javascript variables and shown below before submitting to cart. There should be a running subtotal for the items as well as for the shipping below the fields. Once the user hits submit, the order should be added to our shopping cart so that the user can add other products from our website.

When submitted, each auction and details should be preserved in the admin-Customer-orders pages so that we can clearly see what the auction was for. Store product quantities will not need to be modified. Also, product weight will not be needed, because shipping has already been calculated and entered into the Shipping field. Some way of calculating a shipping cost of 0 for just the eBay items will need to be created. In our admin page, we will need to see the details that the customer typed in. The Products column will need to show the eBay auction number, Item name, Size, Color, and Quantity. It would also be nice but not necessary, if somehow there was an ebay icon next to the product selected.

Please note that we somehow would need the order confirmation page to separate the items from the shipping. This is because there is no tax on shipping. So the order confirmation page should add the shipping of the ebay page with the shipping of other website items and not lump them together with the product cost!

A Development server will be provided to the chosen programmer.

This project will be divided into stages. The chosen programmer will receive a percentage of the payment after each stage is complete.


Stage 1 Design: A Design Plan and Screen-Shots of the design layout of every page will be sent to the author of this project for approval. Once the design is approved, the chosen programmer will receive 30% of the payment.


Stage 2 Programming: At the end of this stage, the web application should be fully functional on the test server provided. The chosen programmer will receive 40% of the payment at this time.


Stage 3 Live Testing: At the end of this stage, the web application should be fully integrated into the live server and fully operational. The chosen programmer will receive 30% of the payment at this time.




Unfortunately, I've been badly burned two times when I've given big project to freelancers. They start the project OK, but for some reason can never complete it. Then they keep the entire money for the project. This has become VERY frustrating. I neither have a product nor my money. As a result, I have divided the project into stages (see above). You will only get your money after you complete a stage. I will not deposit any money into escrow. Thus there is no compensation for attempted work. We are a big company, if you don't like our payment terms, please don't bid.



I will let you tell me how long it will take you to finish the project. Then for each day you are late I will subtract $10. If you are more than 15 days late for any stage, I reserve the right to terminate you from the project and give it to someone else. For each day you complete the project early, I will add a minimum of $10. But keep in mind, I will probably not select you as a winning bidder if you say it will take you 3 months to complete stage 1 project. The point is: I need this project done fast and most importantly, ON TIME.

How to become a winning bidder:

1) Comment about OR ask a question about the specs

2) Have a portfolio of previous work

3) Demonstrate knowledge of osCommerce

Test server information wil be provided to the chosen programmer

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