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134818 OSDate 2.0 Upgrade - Install

OSDate 2.0 Upgrade - Install existing code into version 2.0

Specification 1

OSDate Gender Restriction

OSDate provides a search option "I am a man, woman, couple, group looking for a "Man, Woman, Couple, Group".

01. Remove option for "couple"

02. Remove option for "group"

03. Modify default search criteria. Religious requirement to remove the ability to choose the same sex.

Require a man to always look for a woman.

Require a woman to always look for a man.

The code and javascript code is complete. Install it in OSDate 2.0


Specification 2

The display for OSDate is centered in the middle of the screen. We require the following:

01. Set the display shifted to the left

02. Add a blank bar 240 X 60 pixels to the right of the following pages. It should be a separate page that becomes

incorporated into the main page at run time. It will be used to display ads from the adserver software.

It should NOT interfere with the core OSDate code. The few lines of code should be able to be inserted into any future


Provide a separate sidebar include for each page (some ads are worth more than others)

The pages are:

Home Page

View Profile

Edit Profile

My Settings

My Picture Gallery

Manage Pictures

My Blog

My Matches

Profile Search

Blog Search


My Buddies

Hot Profiles

Watched Profiles



Events You're Watching


User Stats

Upgrade Membership

The code should determine what page is being executed and then insert the appropriate page (sidebar 1, sidebar 2, etc) into the page being displayed.

The code is complete. Install it in OSDate 2.0


Specification 3

OSDate Payment Popup

Problem: In OSDate a customer signs up as a visitor. If they wish to participate they upgrade their membership. They pay by paypal. After they have paid I want a popup to be activated so I can give them a free downloadable gift.

We will use the popup code maker called IMPACT POPUP

The page that Paypal returns to is [url removed, login to view] and it uses templates/default/[url removed, login to view]

The javascript code and popup image should be in their own directory in the root folder. It should be called "popup"

The code and javascript code is complete. Install it in OSDate 2.0


Specification 4

OSDate Interactive Payment Transaction Report

The current Payment Transaction Report located at (/admin/[url removed, login to view]) is a read only report listing the Date, Payment Number, User ID, Membership Level, Payment Source, Reference Number and Payment Status. It cannot be modified.

Problem 1: It does not list enough information per transaction

Problem 2: Aborted or error transactions cannot be removed

Problem 3: When a user is deleted, the payment transaction is deleted which destroys the audit trail.

Problem 4: Search capability does not exist

Create an Interactive Payment Transaction Report

00. It should be its own PHP page such as (/admin/[url removed, login to view]) and should not interfere with the existing OSDate code.

It must be under the admin directory and use OSDate for security purposes

01. The report should list - Payment Date, User ID, User Name, Membership Level, Membership Start Date, Membership End Date, Payment By, Payment Number, Ref. Number, Payment Status, Removal Check Box. It can strech the entire length of the screen. It is not necessary to display the left side navigation bar.

02. Create a new permanent table for payment transactions only. This will be a copy of the original Payment Transaction table.

03. Create a button that when clicked will copy all new payment transactions to a separate transaction only table. A field

will default to list the next transaction to be copied. That field can be altered. We will run our report from this table.

Even when a user is deleted, we will still have a record of the transaction.

04. If the removal check box is selected, then clicking UPDATE TABLE will remove the selected transactions

05. Allow searching capability by Payment Date, User ID, User Name, Membership Level, Membership Start Date, Membership End

Date, Payment By, and Payment Status

The code is complete. Install it in OSDate 2.0


Specification 5

We own the affiliate software IDevAffiliate

We would like this IDevaffiliate software to be integrated into OSDate.

It will probably take place in the checkout_process module.

This is what the code hook looks like for integration into our other website OSCommerce shopping cart. As you can see it only needs to find an order number and amount.

(See included code)

I will supply the IDevaffiliate package in case you need to Install it on your system or use it for your projects.

I will supply an IdevAffiliate Test System

01. Please supply the modification needed to put this in OSDate. The amount and transaction ID must be sent to the affiliate package.

02. Please make sure that it will function even if the [url removed, login to view] credit card processing is being used as well as PayPal.

03. Please insure the affiliate link at the bottom navigation bar points to the the affiliate signup page

The code is complete. Install it in OSDate 2.0


Specification 6

Additional Credit Card Processor

OSDate currently has [url removed, login to view] credit card processing and PayPal capability available.

We would like to use the [url removed, login to view] credit card processor

They have open source software that works with their system.

The website is at [url removed, login to view]

The PHP class they wrote is at

[url removed, login to view]

Their documentation is at [url removed, login to view]

Requirement is to integrate the existing ECHO PHP class with OSDate consistant with the existing OSDate payment modules (it should use the "install" and "deinstall" buttons like OSDate uses currently)

You should be able to analyze the existing [url removed, login to view] code to get an idea of how to accomplish this.

The code is complete. Install it in OSDate 2.0


Specification 7

Generate Email for Payment

The standard OsDate install provides an email to customers when they sign up.

However we require OSDate to provide an email to customer and the merchant when ANY payment is made. It must use the existing email variables (logon id, password, etc) plus payment amount and payment transaction ID, name of membership package, start date and expire date. In addition, the text of the email message must be able to be changed

Code not complete


I will supply an OSDate 2.0 Test System

I will supply an IDevAffiliate Test System

I will supply an adserver test system

Each Specification is separate and stands on its own and must be delivered in its own RAR file

The code should be delivered in text file format that can be easily inserted into a new install of OSDate.

Any new modules written must be included.

All database changes must be supplied in an import file for PHPAdmin

The code should be well commented to explain its function.

An executive summary must explain the functionality

I estimate 20 hours maximum

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, Javascript, MySQL, PHP

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