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134766 PHP/MySQL Application

Request for Proposal:

Question and Answer Testing Application/Module for Drupal Installation.

LAMP environment. Programming should be done in PHP/MySQL.


The application is a test taking environment online, offering both a Practice section and a Simulated Test section, both operating in largely the same way.

The application will house several different tests under different categories and more will be added in the future. Each test will have a finite number of questions, however the practice sections will be infinite. The first phase will not need a back end admin panel as we’ll be using phpMyAdmin to input data. The table could live outside the Drupal database, however the application will render as a Drupal module.

Test Section

A test, typically producing 50 questions, will render one question at a time on a page. Each question can be either a fill in the blank or multiple choice. Upon selection, the user has the choice to continue. Remaining questions will be rendered in random order. No question shall be repeated under test taking conditions. Additionally, each test will be divided into different categories, i.e. cat 1, cat 2, and cat 3. Questions in each cat will be grouped together, with the remaining groups following. At the end of the test, a score will render with the option to revisit missed questions. Each question should have several custom fields in the db to allow for sub categories, keywords for searching, and other meta information.

The test will have a timer at the top producing simulating timed conditions of the actual test. Feedback graphing bars will render at the top displaying the amount of time spent/remaining, the number of questions answered/remaining, and the percentage of questions answered correctly/incorrectly. All test taking sessions and scores will be stored in the database to show over all improvement. This data will be stored under the user’s profile. Following the test, the user will be able to review his score via a graph output, which will show problem areas that need further study. Areas will be defined by the meta data fields in the db.


The practice section will operate the much the same way as the test section, in terms of answering questions. However, upon an incorrect answer, an explanation will render for the user to study. This section will produce up to all of the questions in the database under that section, in random order, with no questions repeated. Upon incorrect answered questions, and the subsequent explanation, the user will have the option to immediately try a similar question in the same sub category, and same topic area. Practice sessions will be stored in the database for future analysis, in much the same way as the test taking logs. Similar graph formats should render under the user’s profile, however they will show the number of questions answered correctly/incorrectly out of the number of questions taken.

At any point during practice, the user should be able to jump back over, and start a test, while all scores should be saved.

We will provide you a login/pass to an example application for further information.

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