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PHP/MySQL Landing Page and Form Template

We are looking to have a php/mysql template landing page created that will accept an email address and various other form values and write them to a database. We also are looking to save the date/time on the server when the submit button is hit, the referral page, and the source ip address of the user to the database. Any other info we can glean from the user will be useful as well. We are open to suggestions. We must also be able to turn on/off the collection of each individual metric or all metrics as needed.

The landing page must be written in PHP and write to a mysql database. Javascript must validate that the inputted email address meets the RFC requirements before posting to the server and after submitting, PHP must validate that there is a valid MX server for the domain. If there is a valid MX server, the entire email address, email address domain name and email address username in lower case, and all other tracking information must be written to the db. We will provide these upon selecting a winning bidder. Please have javascript handle as much data processing as possible. There may be additional constant database fields which may also need to be inserted/updated. The user will then be directed to another page where additional information may be collected and written to the database. PHP must write this additional data to the right record in the database. Cookies? Session-id? We have to be sure that no data is lost.

If there is no valid MX server, the user must be taken back to the landing page with all fields reset. The referring page information must be maintained if this occurs. This is very, very important for reporting purposes. If you can do everything else, but can't do this, you will not be paid, so be sure you can record original Page Referrals.

We would like this entire mechanism to be as simple as possible and not take more than 2 or 3 php files and be as fast loading as possible.

This template must be well-documented and well-written so I can understand and maintain it. I will be using this template to create forms that will accept zip codes, phone numbers, and addresses as well, so it should have some flexibility. Please include Javascript that will validate zip codes (5 digits- we may only accept zip codes from selected ranges), phone numbers (US only) (area code + phone number-- we may only accept area codes from selected ranges)

We are looking for the lowest bidder and not looking to pay over $50 since this is really basic. Most of your time should be spent documenting and making the code understandable...

Payment made after extensive testing so it would make sense for the bidder to send a working template example that validates email address, zipcodes, and phone numbers.

I've outlined pretty much everything you will be doing so there should be absolutely no surprises when I select you for this project.

Payment via Paypal, remit2india, GAF, etc.

We may end this project early. If you have something like this already built, feel free to send me a link to it so I can test it...

Kĩ năng: JavaScript, Linux, PHP

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