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141329 random website generator

A script required to generate a single random website in a folder at the click of a button - the websites generated are to be html with CSS styling.

with these pages:

a) [url removed, login to view] - home page

b) [url removed, login to view] - about us page

c) [url removed, login to view] - contact us page

d) [url removed, login to view] - first content page

e) [url removed, login to view] - second content page

f) [url removed, login to view] - third content page

g) [url removed, login to view] - links page

The basic template for the site should be fairly easy to customise and change. I can build an initial template site and CSS style sheet if this helps.

The 'content' for the website:

1) The user will specify at the outset the name of the site. For example 'super heroes'. This will be automatically inserted as the title, description, keywords, page header, and littered throughout the page in sentences that are already in the template (e.g. 'looking for super heroes? you've come to the right place). These will all be in the basic template already so they just changed based on the name of the site the user specifies.

2) the user will (in advance) add source files which have loads of relevant content in to a source directory - and the script, when run, needs to randomly add paragraphs from this content to the [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] pages. How the script parses this content and what format it needs to be in is up to you. I'd suggest that the content files should be added to a source directory by the user and they should be html and contain paragraph tags. The script can then parse these files looking for content between the paragraph open and paragraph close tags.

The script place 10 random paragraphs on each content page, in between the existing content of the page that has been generated from keywords (see (1) above).

3) the links page AND a section containing three links on each page needs populating from a source file too. Again i'd suggest that the user places the source file containing hundreds of links in a directory and the script parses the directory for content. The links will be between the 'a' and '/a' tags so the script can look for those tags. Again they need to be random every time the user makes a site. There will be some links that are always on each page, built into the site template.

4) The CSS styling needs to be random so all websites look different every time the script is run.

Again, I'd suggest that the script looks for content in a specific directory. The factors that could change for each site could be:

page background image

button images

font type

font colour

font size

divider lines

header background colour

footer background colour

But, to keep the sites looking neat and sensible, the script needs to group certain colours together.

So the user could perhaps specify two colours that they want to be used for this site and the script could look in certain directories for content based on those choices. For example, if the user chooses 'red' and 'gray', the script will look for images in the 'red button' 'grey button' 'red background' 'grey background' 'red divider' and 'grey divider' directories and randomly assign red and gray colours to the fonts and headers.

I want as much CSS using as possible rather than a graphic and table heavy solution. As stated I am happy to build a template html site and css file for the programmer to work with.

The essential points are:

- the script enables a single random website to be created instantly in a folder with the pages listed above

- the website title, headers, keywords, description and keywords on the page are based on what the user enters when running the script.

- every time it is run, the colours, background, buttons, etc will be different based on the content of source directories which the user can load up with as much content as they like

- the content paragraphs are always different based on the source material loaded by the user in advance

- the links are always different each time the script is run, taken from the source material loaded by the user in advance.

This sounds a lot more complex than it really is I think! If there is any possibility of creating a little program rather than a script that does the above, perhaps in the future, I would be interested in hearing about this but for now, a script with a basic form interface would be perfectly okay.

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