Time Tracking system

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Please have a look at

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Employees who work in a section in a department in a division in an organization.

Projects in a section in a department in a division in an organization.

Every project manager has the ability to assign certain employees to work in projects.


1- The employee logs into the system

2- goes to a page and a)select the project which he is assigned to. b)select the category of tasks- writing – meeting – developing…. Etc. c)select the task (for example: if the category WRITING is selected then , writing tasks will be listed). D) number of hours spent on doing this task.



b)category of tasks


d) time

the employee can be from a section and the project is from a different section.

Reports , statistics and charts are required to show the data

For example

Between two dates, which project consumes the majourity of time by certain employee.

Between two dates, Which employee worked most in a certain project.

Between two dates, Which task is done most by certain section (department/ or the whole organization)

Between two dates, Which task consumes most money ( the money is taken from the employee salary divided by working hour from the employee table)

The user knows on his home page after he logs in , where his time is spent on…

And so on.

The required system is almost similar to the available open-source ones. The only diffirences are [SECTIONS] in [DEPARTMENTS] in [DIVISIONS] in [ORGNIZATION] fro both of projects and employee.

I do not need a complicated system






[Category of Tasks]




[assigning tasks to projects]

[Authentications usernames, passwords..etc]

[assigning people with tasks and time to projects]

And finally the most important table

[time register] which contains {transation id, organization id, employee id, employee department, employee division, employee section, task category id, task id, project id, project division, project department, project section, time spent, money spent, entry date, task starting datetime, task end datetime, ip address…. Etc] one table

The users only enters four fields, the other fieleds are taken from the session and the other tables of the system.

Ajax will be needed when selecting projects, only the tasks that are registered to this project are shown,

A list of projects will be shown to the assigned employee.

It will be a good idea to have css to show on smart phones and normal computer

I am not looking for a full project tracking system, No I want time tracking

I tried my best to show the idea,

please do not hesitate to ask any question even if your question is technical .

the system needs to be built on mysql , php ,


your money will be given as installments, you will get an installment after each part of the system

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