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134148 Traffic Management Script

This description is lengthy to weed out programmers who are unable to do it basically so please take the time to read it entirely. Do NOT bid if you do not have experience with the aspects involved. The chosen programmer will be given additional opportunities for freelance work.

We are looking for a script that will be based on cookies (unless there is a better way to do this).

The script will direct visitors to different pages based on whether they have been to the site before, opted into a mailing list, purchased a product, etc. The script will also feature split testing capabilities, extensive traffic stats and be a simplified installation. This script will NOT be hosted on our site (other than a demo version which you will also be required to set up), the script once purchased by a customer will run on their hosting platform so it must be useable by any hosting company.

Once installed, the webmaster will have access to an admin panel that will feature a nice, clean design with an easy navigation system where they can update, edit and change how the system works on their website, according to the features below.


This is a multi-functional script that contains several aspects and features. Our target market is Internet Marketers who wish to control how their visitors are greeted and directed throughout their site based on the visitors previous visits, experience (whether they purchased a product, opted into a mailing list, etc). The script will also allow webmasters to paste in code onto various sales-pages, etc.. that will personally greet the visitor by name. Their name would have been captured from either a current or previous visit to the site after opting into a subscription / mailing list form (Aweber, Get Response, whatever they use). This script must work with the most popular auto-responder systems that marketers use today.

Note about personalization:

The webmaster should be able to copy and paste code into the pages wherever they want the personalization to appear, but note that this information needs to be set in a cookie the first time they join, as that might be the only opt in form on the site and the only time the first name could be captured. Otherwise, I am not sure how to capture their name because we do NOT want to have to ask for it. It has to be captured from whenever they enter it into the mailing list form on their first visit.

The main focus of this script is to enable webmasters to greet their visitors and direct them based on their experiences and visits to the site. This is due to the fact that marketers don't currently have a way of directing visitors properly. For instance, the current way for those who have a mailing list form on the front page of their site to allow visitors to bypass it is by indicating "If you have already joined the mailing list, click here to continue to our main page". This will be eliminated, as cookies will not show the mailing list page but instead direct them to a different page, based on their experience/visits/activities.

(example: If I visited your page once, it would direct me to product A .. if It's my second visit, Product E or Z or whatever, if it's my third visit but I have not yet purchased product A from my first of second visit, it will direct me to an alternative product on page XEP, etc). It should also detect not only how many visits to your page for each user and direct them accordingly, but should also detect whether I have purchased a product or not from specific pages, and if I have, re-route me invisibly to other pages with sales-letters and products that I have not yet seen. (by setting a cookie on the products download or landing page I presume, though you programmers would know the best way to handle that.)

The details of this traffic need to be tracked not only to properly direct visitors but in the admin panel so the webmaster can see where a visitor navigated, how many times they were at each page, etc. There will also be additional traffic statistics provided to the webmaster for general purposes as described below.


This script has many different features as part of one package, all important aspects of Internet Marketing. Here is a breakdown of the features that will be available in the webmasters admin panel:

Traffic Management:

The admin panel should allow the webmaster to choose the order of pages that the visitor is directed to, preferably in Ajax. It should allow them to dynamically click and move the arrangement of pages, in the order they wish the visitors to see them based on whether it's their first or tenth visit to the site. The webmaster should also be able to choose whether to allow visitors to progress past the first page if the visitor hasn't joined the mailing list, which is typically the first page that a visitor would see.

This feature is important! A marketer needs to be able to set the script so that if, by example, you visited the site and the first page you saw was a mailing list form that you had to fill out in order to receive a free report/ebook/product and you did NOT opt in and instead left their site that when you re-visit you are either forced to see the opt in page again, or if you are directed somewhere else instead. Most marketers do not allow visitors to progress past the first page unless they have subscribed to the mailing list, in the event their main page is a 'squeeze page'. (If you do not know what a squeeze page is, it is quite simply, a page that contains a bit of ad copy and a mailing list form to capture leads).

The script needs to work with the most popular autoresponder systems as well, meaning that if a webmaster uses Get Response or Aweber, the script will still be able to track if a visitor has subscribed to the mailing list (perhaps by setting a cookie on a landing page, not sure, I'm not a programmer!) This script is NOT an autoresponder or mailing list script, it just has to work with existing ones.

Split Testing Center:

The admin center should also allow the webmaster to set up split testing easily, remember this script is targeted towards Internet Marketing customers so it needs to help them control their traffic and also see how their traffic moves around their site. (if you aren't sure what split testing is, read: [url removed, login to view] ) and should not only provide the code to use split testing, but also show them stats on how effective or ineffective the different pages are. This works with the "Traffic Management" above to some degree, as this option simply allows the webmasters to send a portion of traffic to Page A and a portion to Page B, typically only on the visitors first visit (used mainly in testing salescopy).

Traffic Stats Center:

The traffic stats center will provide detailed traffic statistics such as:

# Detailed Analysis of your last 100 pageloads

# what keywords visitors use to find your site *very important*

# your most popular pages

# links used to reach your site

# what countries your visitors come from

# how visitors navigate through your site

# Option to have invisible counter or visible one

# Entry and exit pages

# browser stats, ISP, O.S , Visitor path

# Search Engine Stats (which search engines generate the most traffic) etc.

Personalization Center:

This area of the admin panel enables webmasters to choose the different kinds of personalization that they can use on their pages. Once they select what they want from the available options, the form will generate a code that the webmaster can copy and paste into the pages where they want the personalization to appear.

Some of the personalization choices could be: First name of the visitor, First and Last name of the visitor, Country, Browser, O.S, Email Address (from when they had opted into the mailing list) , etc. If a webmaster wants to show the email address to the visitor but the email address (from when they had opted into the mailing list) wasn't captured, it will just not show, quite simply. I suspect an Ajax based form would be best used in this area.


Bidders should be VERY good at working with cookies, ajax, knows what split testing is, how to create traffic statistics similar to what StatCounter . com offers, FULLY understands what we are asking for, can provide frequent updates on your progress, etc

A demo, set up on your own server is required before payment is disbursed to ensure all of the features are incorporated, and it runs properly, based on our description.

Escrow can be used to ensure prompt payment after completion of work.

We have witnessed programmers bidding on projects for a few bucks that hold no value, have no experience with the current subject matter or claim to speak English but we can't understand them.

This can not happen with this listing!

Please only bid if you have the knowledge and experience that will enable you to develop this to our specifications.

We understand with code and scripts there are sometimes bugs, we need those ironed out as they are detected. We need you to speak VERY good English to ensure open communication. We also need you available on messenger and via email. We also expect after-script support for a period of 30 days, of which you will be paid only for additional features (if requested by our team), but are expected to fix bugs/errors/problems at no charge (which should be obvious but I feel the need to express this).

Once the script has been completed, has been tested and is running effeciently, we will offer you an opportunity to remain on board, as a part time programmer, being paid on an ongoing basis for new projects and/or support with existing scripts created by you for our team.

If you meet these requirements and are interested, please, we welcome your bid and look forward to working with you on an ongoing basis.

Kĩ năng: AJAX, Bất kì công việc gì, Javascript, Tiếp thị, PHP, SQL

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