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Looking for an experts to create a new website for Car Leasing and Sale Company. Examples of what is needed are similar to: [url removed, login to view] or Nycautolease.com. The following are the technical specifications

• The system should be developed using the PHP programming platform.

• The system should be deployed using the MYSQL database Management system

• The MYSQL database should be deployed using the provided Database Model

• (Please refer to the provided .mdl file which has been included with this document.)

• Use of a good and Robust templating system – so that scripts/controllers/objects and template files are easier to maintain frontend and backend. A Very good template system is SAVANT 3 – PHP templating system

• The system should be built using complete error logging and debugging mechanisms.

• All scripts and files should be carefully managed and placed in the correct and relevant locations (*directories)

• Good use of MVC framework (classes/controllers/viewers)

• Use of global declarations where possible – this enables future changes simpler

• Centralized snippets which are used to handle core system parts such as database configurations, good use of Constants files which allow future changes to be made quite simply – in the case where table names are altered...etc..

• Use of separate database table name(s) constant files (such as [url removed, login to view])

• The above file can be used to make reference to tables in SQL statements*

• To make system loggings much simpler and easier to maintain even in the near future it is recommended that a simplified logging system is developed, example – create a [url removed, login to view] -> file which holds two parts the name of the type of logging and the path to the folder which maintains this sort of errors in a structured manner. – now to accomplish the final part which is how the system/scripts will determine where the path lies, build a Logger object which opens the [url removed, login to view] file and searches for the name of the type of logging and then does the real logging, obviously use good file naming conventions to keep errors trapping simple and effective*

• Setup of cron scripts which are scheduled scripts that will run on a timed basis such as the backup of the entire database and individual tables.

• Complete and function banner management system.

• Image files should be stored in relevant folders, this also includes all the motoring advertisement pictures refer to the design view of the tables of the database model files which has been attached with this document.

• Validations should be an intense process and carefully considered as both client and server site validation is a must* e.g. Registrion process, advert placement, etc.

• In brief some of the common web technologies that should be used during the development of the frontend are – AJAX,JavaScript,JQUERY,CSS,XHTML use of other common open source libraries such as mootools, scriptaculas, tinyMCEeditors libraries.

• Browser side scripting should be carefully deployed so that all scripts are compatible with commonly used browsers including various versions*

Kĩ năng: Javascript, PHP, XML

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