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I do programing myself so I understand how long it takes to do something....this is a very simple project for a professional. I have also uploaded the file below. We may need to make small changes as we go.

these are the details:

“Jungle Board”

ABCDEFGH A message about the stock but not to many characters Author (buy or sell) (red or green) (reads)

ABCDEFGH A message about the stock but not to many characters Author (buy or sell) (reads)

1.) Stock symbol up to 8 characters – with a list we can update for words that can’t be used, like curse words, etc.

2.) Message on the stock up to 255 characters, but on board visible much less (50)

3.) Author or user Id

4.) Buy or Sell recommendation (strong sell, sell, hold, buy, strong buy)

5.) Direction of stock at post time ( red down arrow, unchanged ( = ) or green up arrow)

6.) Reads of message, updating constantly with refresh – we can specify the page refresh time in seconds ( 15 seconds to like 360 ?). So a user doesn’t have to hit refresh, it’ll just do it on its own.

7.) Must be threaded as above with complete line, option to expand/contract threads individually/all at once. (option to display as 2 lines, with the author, buy/sell, red/green and reads on the second line, allowing more of the ‘subject’ line to show up, like 70? Or 80? Preferably settable by us (it should be a forced limit, ie: if they don’t include spaces, it’ll just show up to character # 70 or whatever the limit it and cut off the rest till a user opens the message up)

8.) Option to moderate users?

9.) user registration – First name, last name, username, password, email – all accounts are email verified, so until user clicks on link emailed to them, they can’t access the board.

10.) Need Login, Register, Forgot password options

11.) Board settable option to allow ‘guests’ to read or not be able to read board.

12.) Board search option

13.) Click on a username, shows the posts made by that user

14.) Private message option?

15.) Same IP/username reading a message doesn’t increase the read count or if considered to be too much overhead, at least author of a post can’t increase reads when re-reading – maybe admin settable: none, author, everyone

16.) MySQL, PHP based with support for CSS (Linux OS)

17.) Expire threads option. User can set it from 1 day to x weeks (drop down). Board admin can set the time frames allowed, including setting a specific one as a default.

18.) Archive expired threads optional by board admin

19.) Easy to embed inside a page layout

20.) Special email everyone option for us to ‘blast’ out emails to the whole group if/as needed.

21.) Admin settable how many posts show up in collapsed form per page.

22.) “post a message” button

23.) post page should also contain: preview and spell check post, submit post, cancel post, add a picture, add a stock chart, also be able to add links, and all others at top of page.

24.) The code must be written for our site and we will own all rights to it and we will have the source code when finished.

25.) The ability to make multiple boards, as many as we choose and be able to control them from one software.

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