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5606 CUSTOM Employee Calendar

Employee Calendar I hope this is not to confusing. I wanted to make it as detailed as possible because I need this calendar exactly like the specs below. It cannot be like any old calendar. Please make sure this is within your ability I have had a few programmers lately take jobs and then didn't have the ability to complete them. :-( I need a online employee calendar created and installed with PHP and using a MYSQL Database. I will provide the design template. This calendar is for site employees for a company) to manage several things pertaining to work in there own calendars. This is not 1 big public calendar. Each employee would get their own personal calendar. =========================================================== THE SITE OWNERS "MASTER" ADMIN PANEL This site owner admin panel doesn't need to have a login because I'll just password protect the directory on the server. The site owner would create employees in the site owner's admin panel. In the site owner's admin, there would be a button to add an employee. If they click this, it would take them to a page to add an employee. The fields to set up a new employee would be: First name: Middle Initial: Last Name: Date subscribed (automatically generated) Username: Password: email address: Phone: Then the site owner would click submit and that employee would be created and then have access to their own personal manageable calendar. The site owner can also delete or edit an employee. =========================================================== Here are sections for the EMPLOYEE's ADMIN PANEL: ENTER AN OVERTIME SHIFT (A link that takes you to another page and gives you the following fields) Date of overtime shift (This would be 3 drop downs to select a day, a month, and a year) Half or full shift (drop down to select Full Shift or Half Shift) Overtime (text field) Location (text field) Apparatus (text field) Work down (drop down so they can choose: None, engineer, paramedic, or firefighter) Comments (text box) DELETE AN OVERTIME SHIFT (A link that takes you to another page and gives you the following fields) Drop downs to select a day, month, and year to delete an overtime shift that was entered. ADD A TRADE FRIEND (A link that takes you to another page and gives you the following fields) Friend's Full Name (text field) DELETE A TRADE FRIEND Friends Name (drop down to select a friend to delete) SHIFT TRADE (A link that takes you to another page and gives you the following fields) Date of trade (drop downs for day, month, and year) location (text field) apparatus (text field) ______ worked for _______ 2 drop downs ("I" or "Myself" should appear in both of these drop downs as well as all trade friends that the employee adds so that they can enter whether they worked for a friend or a friend worked for them). RECORD OFF TIME Type Used (drop down with 5 choices: sick, sick personal, vacation, holiday, & benefit) Amount taken (drop down with the 2 choices: Half shift or Full shift Date taken (drop down for the day, month, and year.) DELETE OFF TIME Drop down to delete an existing off time (shown in drop down by "Type Used / Date taken") current year only ADD AN EXPOSURE (A link that takes you to another page and gives you the following fields) Type of exposure (text field) Time (text field) Date (3 drop downs for day, month, & year) Incident number (text field) Exposure details (text box) DELETE AN EXPOSURE (A link that takes you to another page and gives you the following fields) Drop down to delete an existing exposure (shown in drop down by "Type / Date") RECORD AN EDUCATION & TRAINING EVENT (A link that takes you to another page and gives you the following fields) Type: (Text field) Time: (Text field) Date: (drop down for the day, month, and year.) Location: (Text field) Hours: (Text field) DELETE AN EDUCATION & TRAINING EVENT (A link that takes you to another page and gives you the following fields) Drop downs to select a day, month, and year to delete an training event that was entered. DELETE A YEAR OF ENTRIES (A link that takes you to another page and gives you the following fields) Drop down to select a year to delete all things for the whole year. This must prompt them saying Are you sure you want to delete everything entered for this year? =========================================================== THE CALENDAR The employee can view their calendar by logging in with their username and password. If they forget their login info, they can click the "forget username and password link" and it will send an email containing the username and password to the email address that the owner entered when they created the employee's account. Once logged in, the user will see their own personal calendar. With a link on that page to manage their calendar at the employee's admin panel. The Calendar needs to be color coded with specific colors for specific days. There are 3 colors: Black, Red, and Green. For example, the month of August of 2006 should be color coded like this. August 1 red 2 green 3 black 4 red 5 black 6 red 7 green 8 black 9 green 10 black 11 red 12 green 13 red 14 green 15 black 16 red 17 black These colors represent a shift that works that day. If you notice there is a cycling pattern with these colors. 1on 1off 1on 2off 1on 4off. So you can see for example that the black shift started the beginning of it's cycle on the 3rd of August. Red began it's new cycle on the 4th of August and green began it's new cycle on 7th of August. Somehow this calendar has to be based on this exact format and those are the exact colors it should be if they were looking at August, 2006. So what it shows for previous months and future months will have to be based on that. Each box (or day) of the calendar would be the specific color based on that exact formula I gave above. NAVIGATION to other months. Although the default month to show would be the present month, the calendar would allow them to view any month of the past and up to a year in the future. They would have a drop down to choose a month and a year to navigate to another month. This would allow them to go back as far as the month when their account was created or as far as a year ahead of the present month so that they can record future events. OTHER DETAILS OF THE CALENDAR PAGE This main calendar page would show a month in a calendar format. If that day had something enter it would say "see details" in the box. They could click on a day on the calendar and it would take them to the "DAY PAGE" where they could see all the things that occurred that day. This would be all the things listed above that entered for that day ( overtime, a shift trade, Off time, exposure, & education/training event) Then it would give a link back to the calendar page. Getting back to what I need on the Main Calendar page, it would give the following information below the monthly calendar for what every year they were looking for. TOTAL OVERTIME SHIFTS THIS YEAR (counts the amount of all overtime shifts half and full) *NOTE: If the employee selected anything other than "None" in the "Work Down" field when adding an overtime shift than that shift will NOT be added to the total of overtime shifts. Maybe we want to show the total of half and full shifts separately. Then the total of both together. TOTAL OF EDUCATION/TRAINING HOURS THIS YEAR (This would add up all the number of hours they entered for all the entries for "RECORD AN EDUCATION & TRAINING EVENT" for the whole year. SHIFT TRADES TOTALS: (this would list who owes who shifts in the "Shift Trade". For example if I had 4 "trade friends" named Bill, Sue, Joe, and Larry. And currently Bill owed me 2 shifts, Sue owed me 1 shift, I owed Joe one shift and Larry and I don't have any current shift trades it would look like this: Bill owes you 2 shift(s) - ( 7/21/06, 8/12/06 ) Sue Owes you 1 shift(s) - ( 4/20/06 ) You owe Joe 3 shift(s) - ( 5/23/06, 6/30/06, 3/12/05 ) In other words... (THIS FRIEND) owes you (THIS MANY) Shift(s) - (SHIFT DATE, SHIFT DATE) OR if I owed someone a shift it work read: I owe (THIS FRIEND) (THIS MANY) Shift(s) - (SHIFT DATE, SHIFT DATE) When the employee adds shift trades this would add or take away what the they owed others or what others owed them. So if Sue owed me 1 shift, as shown above, and then I added 2 more shift trades both as Sue working for me, then it would change the balance to me owing Sue 1 shift. If I don't owe a specific friend and he doesn't owe me either, then it should not be listed. In this example you see that Larry is not listed because we are even. TOTAL OFF TIME USED (for each of the following for the year): Sick Sick personal Vacation Holiday Benefit TOTAL OF EXPOSURES: List the type and date of the exposure ***KEEP IN MIND THE THINGS ABOVE SHOULD SHOW ACCURATE TOTALS/INFORMATION FOR WHATEVER YEAR THEY ARE LOOKING AT. FOR EXAMPLE IF THEY ARE LOOKING AT A MONTH IN A PREVIOUS YEAR, IT SHOULD SHOW THE TOTALS FOR THAT WHOLE YEAR NOT THE CURRENT YEAR. =========================================================== Special notes: All month and year drop downs in the employees admin should at least show all months from January 1st of the year when the employee's account was created up to a year from the present date. So if the employee's account was created on Oct, 12 2006 then should be able to at least use the calendar all the way back to January 1st, 2006 up to a year from the present date. If there is a easier way that lets them manage as far back and as far ahead as possible than go with that method. I am just stating what the minimum requirement is for this. Previous years will all be kept and NOT deleted unless the employee deletes it manually

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