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143080 Dmoz Clone

This project is for a link directory script clone of DMOZ, I have made a list below which is aimed at helping the provider and is in no means static, we can discuss things on this. The idea is to create an alternative to dmoz so I need the functionality of it.

ODP/DMOZ Project Requirements

Links And Pages which are to be included,


Become an Editor: Guidelines on what is required and how to become one.

Social Contract: Contract about free listing etc etc

ODP/DMOZ Data (RDF) - Or an alternative to where people can download and use the data.

Submitting a site:

Guidelines on how to submit etc.

Editing Guidelines

Editor Resources

The ODP/DMOZ has to have the ability to provide multilingual pages also, with this in mind the scripts to be built will have to have some form of translation packages built within it.

Here are the basic pages that I want, these will be edited by me but should be the same as dmoz for now.

Suggest URL

How to suggest a site

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Procedure after your site is submitted

Updating your site

Getting your site into Portals / Search Engines


Who are we and what we do

Press Center


Social Contract

Submitting your site

Updating your site

Searching your site

ODP/DMOZ Categories

Downloading ODP/DMOZ Data

How to link to ODP/DMOZ

Sites Using ODP/DMOZ Data

Become an Editor

Editor Accounts

How to link to the ODP/DMOZ:

User guide on How to link and use a search form for the ODP/DMOZ on their own website,

Editor Login:

Password secured sub domain for editors to log in to the system and update links.

Using the Search Functions

The ODP/DMOZ has Two Types of Searches available to the user, (Basic / Advanced)

Basic search is a simple one box search which search both Categories and links for the query.

Advanced Search Is a single input box as above, but has a drop down box which restricts the search to whatever category area is required.

It also has the ability to restrict the search for Kid, Teens, Mature Teens, this is done by check boxes.

The advanced search are should also list all the major search engines which have been added from the admin area.

The Search results list

All categories which include the search term

All breadcrumbs which include the search term

All links which include the search term (in url and / or description and / or title)

Page Pagination is also required on all areas of this search feature, i.e. if result greater then X then page paginate.

When your Search Term has not been found the script will give you the option to try your search term on any of the major search engines (added from admin with query string) with your search term as part of the URL query.

All areas (breadcrumb) of categories, sub categories etc are to have clickable links which take you to that category.

All categories will display number of cats within the category (this is turned on / off from admin if required)

All end Sub Cats will display the number of links contained within it.

When in category the search option has the ability to either search the full ODP/DMOZ (as per from index page) or the Category and Subs categories which you are in.

Each Category displays a full description of the category.

Many area's / categories display the ability for multilingual options.

When with a category area a link for Abuse / Report is available and takes you to a form for reporting with the category pre populated.

This Report Form also has the ability to check the status of an already reported item by its ID number, thus each reported item must be given an ID number when submitted.

The above explains all the features of the front-end of the script, with this in mind the front end should be easily skinned / templated as to a point that the templates do not put additional strain on the server as this Directory could be hosting Millions of Categories and Listings.

Admin (ACP)

Attached I have tried to draw flow charts to give the programmer an idea of what features are required within the admin panel with where possible questions posed to the user. These could be classed as Admin Area Titles.

Site Config Area:

Obviously any item displayed above needs to be fully functional within the script, i.e. Enable RSS, this would mean RSS is required for the script and will be used on every page. If in doubt Ask.


The Category Listings within the admin area are to use the AJAX Directory type listing method, this will aid in editing the listing within the directory.

Symbolic Categories

Again AJX Directory selection method for all category selections.


Listings to have URL, Title, Description, Email, Owner. Obviously the ability to edit / add / delete and change the listings status.


Within the Script there should be at least 3 levels of users, namely Admin, Super Moderator, and Moderator

Admin Controls Everything:

Super Mod Controls Listings and Categories Restricted By a Category, Let me explain if I give a super mod the Category Arts, He / She would be able to validate edit any listing in any sub directory beneath Arts.

Moderator: - Approve Edit listings in One Category Only.

You will need to have an interface which allows the pending listings and categories to be show to the Mod Super, Admin, this will obviously be restricted by the category or status given to each.

The ability to change details, add remove, forgot/send new password via email would also be required.

I would also like the ability to have a Trusted Submitter Membership, This would allow an individual who is trusted by the ODP/DMOZ to import upload his listings directly into the ODP/DMOZ.

If you need more details let me know.

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