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138013 Hyperseek dsX (PPC search mod)

Geo Targeting is a system whereby dsx can determine, based on a visitors IP Address, their physical location in the world. Knowing where the person is searching from allows you to optionally display to them different content based on their location.

The way it works at the moment is that I can create a number of GeoIP zones (Australia, USA, France etc)

If a bid exists for the zone Australia it will display to Australian visitors.

At the moment a person needs to place a bid in every one of the zones that I have defined AND the default zone (which is where dsx places them if they do not fit into one of the zones I have defined) to have a bid for the whole globe.

1) I would like to create a new zone called Global, one that is the whole Earth ie all zones a "Catch-all Zone". At the moment dsx calls the default zone if it cannot specifically place you in an existing zone that you have configured.

I would like to have clients be able to bid in the Default Zone and have their bids appear to people in ALL zones. If however they have a bid in a specific zone this is to override the Global bid.

A specific example:

A Canadian site wants to advertise on my site, they would like to bid as follows:

$0.01 canada~global

$0.01 canadian hotels~global

$0.10 canadian hotels~CA

$0.20 canadian hotels~US

$0.00 canadian hotels~AU

To a visitor from USA searching "canadian hotels" they would be $0.20 but to a Canadian visitor they would be bidding $0.10 (normal dsx behavior), however a visitor from Peru, Italy, France, anywhere at all they would be bidding $0.01. As their target market is USA and Canada they wish to target those visitors but still want exposure around the world. The way dsx is at the moment their listing would not appear to Australian visitors unless they specifically placed bids in the AU zone which starts to become too much work.

This is especially handy in our categories for Accommodation and Travel.

On the other hand I have a Canadian supplier of ice who only wishes to advertise locally in CA uses the system as normal.

If it would help you this could be setup so that it is an Admin setting.......

ie Do you want to use the Global zone ie a "Catch-all Zone" Yes/No

Documentation and further information can be found at:

htpp://[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

I have the full source code version of the software enabling easy modification of the scripts.

I would prefer someone that is really familiar with Hyperseek/dsX from iWeb/JJS

I have numerous other features that I would like to implement after this project so the winning bidder will have additional work in the future.

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