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148869 lottery keno gambling

Script must include what is below

There must be a free area, where players can play for fun.

* Buy tickets instantly.

* Submit support questions.

* View full details of winnings from lottery, raffle, and keno and also include the last time they played a game.

* View list of winners for past raffles.

* See time of their last login.

* Change account details.

* Request forgotten password

* View number of failed login attempts within the past 24-hrs for their account.

* Users make 5% of what their referrals win!

* Deposit money using PayPal, Mastercard, credit card, egold [ must be secure]

* Upon login, users are greeted with a message that states their winnings (from a ticket, keno or a referral)

* Users may pick an avatar. There must be a choice of 6 avatars per each gender. Male or female choices all with different clothing and styles. For example, one person with sunglasses and a short sleeve shirt and shorts

Game and ticket features

Description of what is need:

Keno: numbers will be generated. Admin may choose how many games can be won every 24 hours and how much the payouts will be every 24 hours. Keno will automatically give winnings to player who wins and the player then must cash out and get his winnings.

Lottery tickets: there has to be 30 different lottery tickets to choose from with all different themes/colors/bonus. Only 10 tickets must be bonus tickets. Bonus tickets must have all different bonus. All tickets must be in flash so they are playable by the user. The ticket must have a scratch button that looks like a coin, on the bottom of the ticket. The user must click the scratch button and a coin appears on the screen so that a user can click the mouse on the coin and then they can drag it over the ticket so it scratch the ticket. The coin must say lose a few, win a lot, on it. The coin must be an identical shape and size of a dime in United States money. The tickets can vary between different shapes. For example- circle, square, rectangle. There must be three numbers on the top of the ticket somewhere that the players scratchs to see what numbers they have to have. On the bonus, there will be four numbers that can be won. The ticket must have even rows of 5 scratch spaces across. Spaces that have to be scratched is 15 not including the spaces the players scratches to see what numbers are winners. The tickets must all have different rules. For example, get a symbol and win all prizes. Prizes must range from the details described below. All tickets will be in United States money.

Buy a 50 cent ticket, win 5 cents. Cents generate by 5 cents more each time all the way up to 1 thousand dollars.

Buy a dollar ticket, win 10 cents. Cents generate by 10 cents more each time all the way up to 3 thousand dollars

Buy a 5 dollar ticket, win 50 cents. Cents generate by 15 cents more each time all the way up to 5 thousand dollars.

Buy a 10 dollar ticket, win 1 dollar up to 10 thousand dollars.

Admin can post deals on tickets on the front page and also when a deal happens, players get the promotion by email.

Admin can change odds on how much can be won a day on tickets

Tickets are generated randomly.

Admin can Display full website statistics (# of users, site hits, new users.

Admin can Disable image verification on any part of the site

Users must get validated each time they login and logout by entering a code that is generated. User has 3 tries at it and then has to wait 5 minutes to login.

Search through the user database, using a variety of information

Suspend/Unsuspend users for any set amount of time

The admin can change set ticket prices, percentage of user?s who win, percentage of profits that will be given away,

The admin area must have an Easy to manage support system and must also be able to add categories to "Support Ticket" section, add questions/answers to the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.

When If a suspended user attempts to create an account, that new account will be deleted and his suspension (on his original account) will be extended. The admin will be able to view the details of the fake account. the Admin answers a support question he/she can choose to have the question/answer submitted to the FAQ database. Admin must be able to remove and edit it.

Player must be able to add money to his or her account. The money can be used on keno or tickets.

Admin profits page displays the profits the site makes off each ticket or keno. The Admin can reset this counter with a click, when he/she withdraw the profits from the PayPal account

The admin can choose which countries to accept players from

Manually purchase a ticket for a player or add balance manually to a account

Find players with the same IP in the database, in order to prevent fraud

Display full user information including number of referrals, date of registration, last login, name, address, phone number and other contact details they have supplied

New player must fill out a form with username, password, security question, security answer, address, paypal account, phone number, email. Player can not use same email twice.

Find out if a player is currently active on the site

The admin will have a section of the admin area that will be labeled cashouts and it must be easy navigatible. The admin can see the players contact details and account to deposit into. After paid, the admin can send an automatic confirmation that the payment has been sent. Players can only get paid through paypal. The admin must send the payment manually.

Passwords requests can only be made once every 5 minutes (this number is editable).

Users must pass image verification in order to login, request password, signup, and submit a ticket. This prevents programs from spamming the website or performing combinatory password attack (in an attempt to gain a user's password).

Every user inputted value is filtered before anything is done with it.

# Users can view the number of failed login attempts for their account within the past 24-hrs.

# Site cookies are encrypted

The ideas and features needed above are mixed so they will need a little help to get organised right.

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, MySQL, PHP

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