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116767 Modify PHP Web Traffic Script

We would like several modifications made to the Stuffed Tracker web traffic script. A free trial copy of the script is

available at:

[url removed, login to view]

You can also demo the script at:

[url removed, login to view]

When reviewing the project requirements below, please consider it is imperative the script retain all current features and

reporting and that these be integrated into any additions. That is, for example, the script currently logs visitor

information, referrers, etc and must do so with any added features we request below.

We would like the script modified as follows:

1. We would like a way to "map" URL formats to a referring engine. For example we would like to define that all Yahoo PPC

traffic will have the URL format of:

[url removed, login to view] %20television&OVKEY=plasma%20television&OVMTC=advanced

This feature must support the use of wildcards (for example if you set up your code to use * as the wildcard character we

would define the above sample URL as:


The feature must allow us to add multiple URL definitions for each engine.

These URL definitions must make the script recognize all traffic meeting them as coming from a particular PPC engine and

logging it as such in the appropriate reports (referrer, etc.)

2. We need the script modified so that we may define the URL parameters used by a PPC ENGINE, so the script knows where

within a URL definition to get keywords. Following our example above, we would like to be able to tell the script to look for

&OVRAW= whenever it encounters a Yahoo URL and log the keyword contained in the parameter to the appropriate keyword

reports.(using the above example, this would cause buy%20plasma %20television to be logged as "but plasma television" in the

keywords report.

We must be able to define multiple URL parameters for each engine (ie &OVRAW, &keyword, etc..)

3. We would like to add the ability to create "sub-referrers" for each PPC Engine, and have them appear under each main PPC

engine. For example, Yahoo is a main PPC engine, we need to be able to define that [url removed, login to view] is a subreferrer of yahoo ,

define [url removed, login to view]'s URL format as described in item #1 above, and define the URL parameters used by [url removed, login to view] as described

in # 2 above. For example, we need to tell the script whenever it encounters a click from [url removed, login to view] with the URL format we

specify (ie [url removed, login to view]*/*?&key=product%20keywords) and the keyword tag we specify (ie &key) to make an entry in the

referrers report and keywords report listing [url removed, login to view] under Yahoo and logging the appropriate keyword (in this example

"product keywords").

The click logged from the subreferrer (ie [url removed, login to view]) should be logged in all the appropriate report sections (visitors,

referrers, keywords, etc).

4. We would like the ability to override the programs default categorizing of traffic. Currently the script attempts to

detect whether a visitor, click, action, etc resulted from paid traffic (like a ppc ad) or natural traffic (like a google

search result) and add it to the corresponding reports (natural or paid traffic). We would like a URL parameter that forces

the script to log the click, action, etc as either paid or natural. For example, if we defined &type= as the flag for

determining traffic type we could use the following:

[url removed, login to view] (to force clicks to the paid report)


[url removed, login to view] (to force clicks to the natural traffic report)

The script should still retain the ability to classify traffic on its own whenever the type= flag is missing.

Please note this feature would have to be integrated into all tracking link/code aspects of the program including actions (in

page, page load and redirect, etc). Please consult the Stuffed Tracker manual at the website for more information on tracking

codes and actions.

5. We would like the ability to subdivide tracking within the campaigns section by ad. This would require adding an ad

tracking paramter to the tracking functions (like ad=1) similar to the campaign function currently within the script. We

would then like to be able to pull up the campaign report and see the ads listed under the appropriate campaign. It is

prefrred if when we set up an ad under the campaigns to generate tracking, we can name the ad (ie "car wax ad 1"), and then

have the tracking code use a number for its parametr (ie ad=1). Howvere the reports should display the ad name ("car wax ad


6. Add the ability to pass the PPC cost per click in the tracking url and have it recorded per keyword. Currently the script

only permits assigning a campaign CPC to calculate return on investment (ROI). We need this to be based per keyword and

accurately affect the ROI. This should be paseed to the script in the URL in the form &cpc=

When submitting a bid please include:

A total project cost, including any payment or deposit terms.

A brief description of your experience.

A realistic turnaround time for completion. We will hold you to this estimate so please err on the side of caution and

account for familiarizing yourself with the script and any difficulties you may encounter.

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