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I am looking to have an online school developed. I have been searching online and found alot of open source programs but they have TONS of bugs in them, so looking for someone on here to develop it. I have a school and I want my students to be able to log in and download files to study from, then take a quiz/test online, see their score, download a certificate of completion, and also have an admin panel for instructor to see who hasnt taken the test, who has, etc. and allow them to update the course lessons. This panel should be very user friendly with no computer knowledge to work it. I found one software online that offers this but they are way too expensive and charge monthly for, so looking for my on one that I can upload onto my vps linux server. here are the details of some software online I found that I like, I dont want you to copy it but I want something just like this setup:

eLeaP™ means e-Learning Platform. eLeaP™ Learning Management System/ Learning Content Management System (LMS/LCMS) is a complete, secure, on-demand, easy to use, web-based training software platform delivering rich, powerful, intuitive e-learning and business training in an enhanced multimedia environment using Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX & Rich Internet Applications.

eLeaP™LMS/LCMS is the first e-learning platform to deliver easy to use web-based training in a totally secure 128 Bit encrypted environment. eLeaP™LMS/LCMS is designed to allow any company training manager or supervisor, consultants and other training professionals to quickly and painlessly manage all of their online training needs in one secure, easy to use web platform. You get your own unique e-learning portal or URL. For example if your company is "goodcompany", you can have a unique URL such as https://goodcompany.2leap.com. This way you don't have to spend time and huge investment of money to have your own unique training web site. eLeaP™LMS/LCMS does it all for you. And it is totally secure, simple and intuitive!

eLeaP™ LMS/LCMS is loaded with rich, intuitive and useful features so that you and your users can experience a vibrant, interactive e-learning. Use Flash video, multimedia files, Rich Internet Applications. Click to add SCORM courses, Podcasts, PowerPoint, PDF files or any other file format. Create and manage courses, users (groups), Career Paths™, in real-time. With our simple Quiz Creator, assessments are a breeze. Your users will thank you for their Portfolio builder (myStuff). Add interactivity. Add White Boards and Forums to enhance informal learning. Click here to learn more about eLeaP's powerful features or register for a FREE account on the system.

Are you a third party content developer looking for a secure, e-commerce enabled platform to create, deploy, manage, and track your training products? eLeaP™ is a state of the art multi-function Learning and Training Content Management System. Your eLeaP™ administrative interface is simple and intuitive - allowing you to quickly create content using our AJAX powered Course Content Creator Pro. You can easily deploy and track your training courses and utilize our inbuilt course specific forums, White Boards and Notebook (My Stuff) to enhance the learning experience of your users.

The eLeaP™ LMS/LCMS training software system is designed as an intuitive e-learning platform for organizations of any size. It is the system to use if you want to quickly create, deploy and manage online courses. Using our Course Content Creator Pro, administrators and instructors can easily insert existing content or simply create new content. It is very easy and you don't need to invest in a big, unwieldy system that is a pain to develop and an even bigger hassle to manage. Your eLeaP™ LMS/LCMS system is available to you and your users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At eLeaP™ we say leave the techie stuff to us. Concentrate on creating or uploading your content and let us do all the exciting techie back end stuff. Start your own eLearning and training platform today. Get a free account today or visit our Quick Tour to see if eLeaP is right for you.

eLeaP™ LMS/LCMS in action - How it actually works »

5 simple steps

Signup and choose your username for your eLeaP™ training and learning portal. You can have [url removed, login to view]

Create your Administrator account - the Administrator manages your entire eLeaP™ learning and training portal site)

Create your Instructor(s) account - you can create as many Instructor level accounts as you need. Your instructors will create and manage their individual training/learning courses

Create or import Students/Learners/Trainees - invite your Trainees, Learners or Students to experience your customized e-learning training courses.

Create your Courses

Use our powerful AJAX Course Content Creator Pro to easily create new content. Copy and paste from existing content or easily create and edit courses in minutes. Editing existing Course Content is a breeze with easy to use "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) tools. If you can browse the Internet, you can use eLeaP.

Enhance your course with rich media. Upload and insert videos, audio files, Podcasts, and Flash movies or SCORM/AICC courses.

Do you need to attach additional files to your courses? Easily add files in any format: PDF's, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Pictures, HTML files.

Testing may be critical to some e-learning applications. Instructors may easily create tests, quizzes, or other forms of assessments.

Instructors can set all rules for grading quizzes or tests. Pass/fail criteria will be assessed based on these rules.

Instructors can set up time sensitive assessments. Time limits can be assigned to different segments of a quiz. The result of this feature is unparalleled testing and assessment capabilities leading to better user training and knowledge retention.

Your students/employees are automatically Invited to take your courses via the eLeaP notification system. eLeaP™ LMS/LCMS makes it easy to deploy courses to individual users. You can customize your users' learning experience with unique, targeted and personalized learning. Our Career Path™ wizard allows you to easily assign unique courses to individual users.

Your Trainees/Students/Learners can easily and conveniently take their assigned courses. All assessments are instantly available for grading (automatic correction is available). You don't have to stop there. Learning can be a collaborative effort. Use our course specific forums to enable your students interact with each other. You can also set up your special feedback forms to receive instant feedback reports from your students

Reporting is critical to measuring the effectiveness of your learning or training program. eLeaP™ LMS/LCMS provides multiple layers of reports. You have course reports, instructor reports, feedback reports and even financial reports if you use our eLeaP™ LMS/LCMS market place to sell your training courses.

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