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150806 Paid posting management

We are looking for an online software tool/website to manage paid forum posting jobs. The software/website should have the foll. features as a minimum:

1. A customer login area where a customer can view/manage/place orders, track posts & see the progress of his job.

2. A writer login area where a writer can login to track posts, request payment, apply for new posting jobs etc.

3. An Admin login area where the Administrator can add/edit forum posting jobs, add/edit/delete writers, give access priveleges to customers, create reports to send to customers, track all jobs progress etc.

If you have such a software/website available, please send me a demo login to view the features. In case you have never created such a software / website, please do not bid or PM. ONLY CODERS EXPERIENCED WITH THIS KIND OF SOFTWARE SHOULD BID.

Some detailed requirements of the project are as follows:

1. Customer visits site to place Order and registers with few required details like name & email.

2. He is sent a confirmation mail and clicks on it to confirm registration and is logged in and taken to the Order area.

3. Customer chooses package and adds to cart, proceeds to Paypal, pays and comes back to account area.

4. Here he has to fill in the url of his forum and all other details as mentioned in our Order form.

5. Order is sent to Admin for processing.

6. Admin logs in to his interface and sees 1 new Order. He then posts this order (selected fields of the form only) to the posters area so that posters can apply for the job.

(Assuming Posters have already registered / confirmed by applying with the writer application form).

7. Posters log in to their interface and apply for the job.

8. Admin accepts certain posters and rejects certain posters based on their field of expertise.

9. Selected posters are informed of Admin's acceptance and have to begin posting. Posters accept the rate/post and duration commitment and they confirm that they will begin posting and will complete within the said duration.

10. Customer is informed the usernames of the posters who have begun posting as soon as the the posters confirm. (Customer will also have a choice to inform Admin of his preference of posters after viewing their profile and sample posts though Admin has to make the final call).

11. Poster 1 makes say 10 posts on the customers forum on day 1. He logs in and updates his daily post count. Automatically his remaing posts get reduced (Say he has atotal of 100 posts to do in 10 days and he does 10 on the first day, the post count is adjusted to 10 completed, 90 remaining and the days count is reduced to 9 days)

12. Admin checks posts and approves those 10 posts.

13. Customer is informed of those 10 posts by email and is asked to check them (alerts can be set to daily, weekly or monthly).

14. Poster account is credited for those 10 posts at the rate/post already agreed upon. When he logs in he can see available balance (Posters can request balance withdrawl only after job completion).

15. Reports system should be in place for Admin to automatically create job tracking reports and mail to customer whenever needed to be done manually other wise it should be automatically sent as per customer preferences.

16. Payments tracking system should be in place (only Paypal) so that customers can make payments, posters can request payments and Admin can pay posters.

17. Admin login interface should show the current ongoing jobs status, posts made, name of writers, payment request, new orders etc. This can be fine tuned later.

Customer permissions:


Edit profile

Place new order

View current Order Status

Set report alerts

View reports - daily, weekly, monthly, all

View writers profiles

View writers samples

Request Support/Help

Posters permissions:


Edit profile

View available jobs

Current jobs - add/edit posts/threads count

View Balance

Request payment

Request Support/Help

Admin permissions:

View/Edit/Delete Customers

View/Edit/Delete Posters

View/Add/Edit/Delete Orders

View job progress

Set alert preferences

View/Create Reports

Make payments

View payment requests

Reports System

Particular Order daily report

Particular Order weekly report

Particular Order date range report

All Orders daily report

All Orders weekly report

All Orders date range report

Payments report (received, made, pending etc)

Payments system

Order Value added to Credit

Posters pay added to Debit

Balance added to profit

Please let me know if you can manage to do this and how much time it will take.



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