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Project preliminary specifikations: General description: php/MySQL based website/cms with frontend and administrative backend. Main function: paid membership website for digital products downloads. Main Components: 1. catalog-like , user friendly frontend 2. paid membership management system 3. secure download management system Important note: website shell be upgradeable by [url removed, login to view] system and [url removed, login to view] management system. It shell be easy to -------------- seamlessly integrate those components later on. Same company will be employed for upgrade later on. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long Term Realationship Proposal: You give me lower price because I include link : Developed by " Your Company" , on the footer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- Frontend specifications (visitor/member side) --------------------------------------------- - variable width ( pages over whole screen, width:100%) - static, customisable header , hight: 150 - 160 px. Possibility to change background picture and logo picture, and add text - static, customisable footer containing textual navigation and place for text ads and banners - static, customisable left column with vertical navigation bar, including links to non-catalog pages and catalog categories which can be added/deleted from admin area. Links to login form and registration form also placed here. Left column also contains simple search box ( search by keyword ). Search results are shown in dynamic central area in form of paginated products listing. Non-catalog pages : I shell be able to add pages with consistant look and feel and also links to those pages. I suppose that I would do it manually, but it must be enabled and explained to me. If there is possibility to do it also from admin area, as for catalog pages (products), that would be great. - static right column where other links, text ads, banners, etc. can be placed - dynamic content placed in pages central area: - products listed as in shopping catalogs (with pagination) but only one product per raw and without "buy now " buttons. Every product listed with picture, description and download link. Listed products separated with horisontal dashed line, or some other thin graphical devider - dynamic area above products listings where logged-in members links to members pages and short personalised messages are placed. Advanced search box also appears here. - advanced search is by category, title, author, keyword - simple login form ( username, password ) and with "password reminder" feature and "register now " link - registration form : mandatory fields : username, password, confirm password, email addres, first name, last name, " I agree to the terms & conditions" checkbox optional fields : addres, city, state, country, zip, phone, fax - two step registration: confirmation email with confirmation link automatically sent to user upon registration. User is active and able to login first after confirmation via email. Important: When user clicks once the confirmation link he will land on confirmation page. Confirmation page is ment to be presented only once to every free member, it will contain so called "one-time offer", e.g. discounted Gold Membership. It shell be impossible to land on that same page ( or page with same contents ) by clicking confirmation link later in confirmation email. If user clicks confirmation link second time he shell only see " you have allready confirmed...etc.". - users can register as free members and then have options to upgrade to (buy) paid membership levels: silver, gold and platinum membership. Monthly and yearly payment shell be available, and one-time payments also (life-time memberships for each membership level). integrated payment gateways shell be: at least these 3 : PayPal, 2CO and ClickBank. (both recurring billing and one-time payments) - email system automatically sends membership renewal reminder emails, confirmation emails, thank-you emails, wellcome emails etc. Emails configurable from admin area. Emails can be sent both as text and HTML. - users can download products first after login. Users cannot download products which are not included in their membership. They are prompted to upgrade membership upon attempt to download such produts. - users cannot see download path using right mouse click, or in any other way. Download links point to php file witch handles downloads by quering database. Download links placed in database tables from admin area. - logged in members can edit their profiles through profile form - logged in members can change password - both members and visitors can contact support through simple webform (form to email feature). Fields: first name, last name, email addres, subject, message. All fields here are mandatory. - " bookmark this site " feature included in all pages, e.g. in right column - "tell a friend" feature included - logged in members have access to members pages through links which appears only for logged in members, above product listings area. Those links are : Affiliate program, Read & Post Articles, Download Help, Edit Profile, Change Password, Cancel Membership, Logout. This area shell be editable either from admin area or manually, so that I can add more links to more members pages. ----------------------------------- ADMINISTRATION AREA SPECIFICATIONS: ----------------------------------- - - secure admin login -- - admin login link shell NOT be placed on front side or anywhere else - directory containing admin area shell NOT be named "admin". Admin directory shell be named something difficult to guess - change admin password feature - assign admin privilegies to users - Members Management : ----------------------- - comprehensive members statistics available to admin. - Display total number of registered members on homepage can be turned ON/OFF - search members by date registered , by member ID/Username, by membership type add/delete/suspend/ban members, etc. All standard members management features included. - email management system included : - personalised emails enabled (admin can include personalisation variables like firstname, lastname, emailaddres, sitename, etc. in all emails) - both mass email members and send single emails to members. Emails can be sent as text and/or HTML. - mass email sending can be filtered by date registered , by member ID/Username, by membership type - editable automatic notification email templates: registration confirmation email, paid membership activation email, membership renewal reminder email, expiration notification email, etc. - editable " tell a friend" email template - admin notification emails can be turned ON/OFF. Admin can be notified on new user registration, membership cancelation, and similar. - membership expiration and email sending are handled by cron jobs. You suggest optimal cron jobs time intervals for best performance - number of emails sent per cron execution can be defined by admin NOTE: email system and cron jobs must be rigorously tested and must function fast and with no error - members can be redirected to the page of choice upon logout - Memberships/Payment system management: ---------------------------------------- - PayPal, 2CO, Clickbank are minimal requirement. - configuration of membership types - configuration of membership prices - configuration of payment gateways available to members - one-time payments and recurring billing available. NOTE: payment process for every gateway must be rigorously tested and must function perfectly -Products management: ---------------------- - manage ( edit/add/delete ) categories (presented as navigation links on left navbar on front end) - manage products : - edit/add/delete products - upload pictures (thumbnails, good quality preserved), admin can define width and hight of thumbnail pictures "enlarge picture" feature shell NOT be included. - edit/add/delete product descriptions and download links (I assume that download links should be handled through mysql db and [url removed, login to view] file in order for path to be invisible for members. Download links should probably point to [url removed, login to view] which then queries db so that every products download link calls from db). - Database management: ----------------------- admin can backup database from admin area ( optional) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ Other Project Specifications : ------------------------------ ------------------------------ 1. Upon purchase, you provide legal document ( contract, reseipt ) in which is stated that I have purchased the software(website) ,which you produced, from your company and that I own all source code rights, rights to sell it , etc. The document includes software specifications, price, etc. 2. Before I pay , you install the software on your server for testing. I test the software and you also make corrections and modifications according to my sugesstions. Testing period shell be at least 3 weeks, but it can end earlier if everything is satisfactory, or it can last untill everything functions perfectly. Finished software shell not have bugs nor produce error messages in any aspect of its functionality. Finished software shell be able to handle 50000 members, fast and with no problems. 3. Upon purchase, you provide complete and clear installation instructions and administration instructions (readme files or in other form). You also provide website customisation instructions. You explain how to add more variables to product listings, which php files are involved and where in code and in database I can add additional variables. You allso explain how to add more non-catalog pages. 4. After purchase you provide me with 6 months free technical support Please bid only if you are 100% sure that you can fullfill EVERYTHING that is specified above, or better. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Best Regards

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