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I need a simple PHP script that does the following:

- This script will be called by a cron job every 1 minute.

Main loop:

1. when this script starts executing, it will generate a random value for each Target Web Site Account. Depending on that value, 1/10th of the time it will allow the rest of this script to continue executing. That way this script will run approximately once each hour for each Target Web Site Account, but not exactly every hour. The value of 10 that controls how often this script runs (as in the 1/10th) must be configurable in a variable in the config file.

2. this script will enter a username and password into the Target Web Site and click on the "log in" button. I should be able to store username and password pairs for multiple accounts in the MySQL database (I'll be using PhpMyAdmin to make changes to these config values in the database - therefore, it does not need an interface for entering those values into the database). The config file (or database) should allow an unlimited number of username/password pairs.

3. this script will confirm that the user is logged in, and if not, try logging in again, up to 5 times (must be able to set the maximum number of times in the MySQL database). If it fails after 5 tries, it should send an email to the admin (me).

4. Depending on a setting in the config file, this script will do one of the following:

- it will read the _NEXT_ line from either TextFile1, TextFile2, or TextFile3 that are on my server (the script must keep track of which line is the next unread line in each text file, and since the script does not run continuously, it will have to store this pointer in a MySQL database)

- OR, it will read a _RANDOM_ line from that same text file. It will keep track of the last 8 lines that were read, so that it doesn't repeat them.

5. it posts that line to a form on the Target web site and click the "submit" button.

6. it confirms that it was posted successfully by checking the response page. If it was not posted, try posting again, up to 5 times (must be able to set the number of times in a PHP variable in a config file)

At the beginning of the script, when it starts executing:

- I must be able to set (in the config file) a Blackout Timespan: this is a beginning time-of-day and an end time-of-day when this script will NOT execute when it is called.

- This script must support multiple accounts. In other words, I must be able to configure the settings and text file for multiple accounts on the Target Web Site with this script, and the script will log into the Target web site with each account and run the settings.

Note #1: As I mentioned above, I'll be using PhpMySql to make changes to the config values in the database - therefore, this script does not need an interface for entering/changing those values in the database

Note #2: Please leave a bid for doing all of the work shown above, and indicate how long it will take.

Then, leave a Private Message using the PMB that tells me how much it would cost for a Phase 2 (separate and in addition to the bid for the above work) to take all the config information and create a web interface for it so that 1) PhpMyAdmin is not needed, 2) the files can be edited within the web interface, and 3) all config variables can be modifed within the web interface. By following these instructions, it will also indicate to me that you actually read this bid request (remarkably, most people do not), so that will put you ahead of most of the others, even the ones that say "check PMB" - they usually just copy and paste some prepared text that in no way relates to the current project.

If you don't follow this note, your bid will be deleted.

Note #3: If you need to know what the Target Web Site is, so you can look at the page that you will be posting to and the log in process, let me know via PMB.

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