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137488 Recommended Business Directory


Input Form


Posted by "First Name" (Required)

"Email" of user (optional)

"Category" (create new category pending approval, must choose one)

"Subcategory" (create new Subcategory pending approval, up to three sub-categories to

choose, must choose one)

"Business info" (Business Name, address, phone, city, state, zip, website,)

"Experience" Your experience with the establishment (Text box)

"Rating" (Rate your expeience with eastablishment by selecting radio button 1-5)


Output: Display - List view


Alphabetical listing at top A-Z (Letter are links to display listing by letter chosen.

Click on A to get all A's. B's etc.

Default listing start with "A"

List Displays in two column table as follows:

Business Name:

Address: [Address] [City], [State] [Zip] )


Category || Subcategory 1

Website (link new window)

Rating (Shown in Star image. Possible star ratings are 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3... 5)

More... (link to rest of data or detail view of current file)


A B C D E ... etc


| | |

| | |

| Item 1 | Item 2 |

| | |

| | |

| | |

| | |



Sorting available at top of columns as links for sorting by name, rating, city, state.

Search and list by any any field user searches by. Search drop down to be more specific by

Category, Sub-Category, City, State or zip.

Dropdown to list alphbetically by "all by category", "all by sub-category", "all by city",

"all by state" with pagination and choice how many to list per page (10, 30, 50 or all)

Default per page will be 10 and links at bottom of list to navigate to next page.

Each column and row will rotate between diifernt back ground colors

The flow of data goes from left to right then down to next row...


Output: Display - Detail (full) view


Display ALL details on Business, posted by, desciption of experience and rating shown as



- Address link to Mapquest

- Link to website (new window)

- Link to print friendly page (for preview) then a link to print on that page

- Link to return to list view

Would like it created in a tempalte that has following

Header for image (total width 720 px)

Left content for Menu (200 px) with the following to start "New Post" (input form), "View

List" (list view with alphabetical listing at top) and "Home" link back to sending site

Center Content to display all the above

Right Content (120 px) to display banner or ads

Page footer Full fixed width (720 px) (copyright and site name)

Admin Panel with the following

Admin login

Link to list and approve pending categories (show pending with check box to approve and button to approve all,or check box to delete and button to delete all selected.

Link to list and approve pending subcategories (same feature as above)

Link to full list, edit or delete all listing (sort by name or posted by user). When entering edit mode, display all info for editing.

Kỹ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, MySQL, PHP

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