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1. Will this site use existing content?

The original site [url removed, login to view] contains some explanation of our services. All text needed for the main services has to be a summary of our brochures as in the document SD.Services.doc.

2. What is the basic structure of the content, and how is it organized?

It is needed to link al main services (they are 3) to 3 pages, each page has few services described.

Every service reported in the site will have a link to the consistent PDF.

3. What elements in the site do you see appearing on every page within the site? (i.e. logo, log-in, specific photos, navigation elements, checkout for eCommerce enabled sites, etc.)

The logo of Security Division as to be evident everywhere, it could be located in the left-head.

Navigation elements will link to the 3 main service groups and has to be available in all pages of the site.

4. How many pages will your website contain?

The total of html pages are 6:

A main page, Operation Services, Assessment Services, Intelligence Services, Staff Profiles, General contacts.


1. Do you have any target platform(s) and/or browser(s) in mind? (i.e. Windows, Mac, Netscape 4.7, Internet Explorer 5.0) How about the Web Site hosting? (Linux, W2k)?

The site is hosted on Linux Debian box running Apache. All pages have to be perfect under Firefox and Internet Explorer and other famous browser as well.

2. Are there any specific Web technologies you would like to utilize, such as Macromedia's Flashïƒ'? If so, how will they enhance the user experience? Please describe in detail.

The company pretends to sell security services against code programing problems. The image of the company cannot be damaged by code errors. We decide to use simple HTML to be vulnerability free and to have a light site, browsable by anyone and any browser.

3. Will you have database functions? Do you already have a database in place? Please describe in detail, including specific information about programs and software.

DataBase functions are not required. The site is pretty static.

4. Will you have a need for any secured transactions? Please describe in detail.

The site will be available in http and https with no differences.


1. How will this Web Site help to meet your goals?

It is very important this website for the marketing. Our sales managers and all our promotions invite clients to join the website.

2. What do you believe to be your number one business challenge? (i.e. change image, increase customers, promote company, etc.)

We want to change the stereotype of an old boring website, typical of many IT company websites, to a new modern image.

3. Do you intend on keeping the site updated? If so, how often?

The site doesn't require important updated.


1. What is your target launch date for this site? What are the factors surrounding this deadline?

The website has to be ready in maximum two months, the Company is operative and needs a site. In the meantime we will arrange to update the old site by our self.

2. Do you have a domain name in mind? Is it already registered?

We already registered [url removed, login to view] as the company name is Security Division SRL and is located in Italy.


1. What is the primary message you wish to convey to your audience with this site?

The primary message to convey is Reliability. We look for a modern graphic, but it has to be serious and professional. Our audience are big companies.

2. What are your secondary objectives and overall goals you hope to achieve?

The secondary objectives is to sow that our group is modern, young and dynamic. We think to be the best in this market, it means that we need strategic website able to communicate our level.

3. What goals does your company intend to reach with a new Web Site?

A fashionable IT website will make the difference with our competitors.

4. Who is your target audience? Is it different from your current customer profile? Describe in detail.

Our targets are big Companies with big IT infrastructures. Mostly Banks and Telco.

5. How does your company differentiate itself from competitors?

The IT security business is quite new and the competitors are not so many, they are normally old style and not very experts. Our staff is composed of famous professionals, they are considered the best, but are young and dynamic.

6. What are the key reasons why customers choose your company?

In Italy new laws force companies to protect their data. The market is not full yet and we are well known compared to our competitors.


1. Use three adjectives to describe how the site should be perceived by the user. (i.e. conservative, progressive, friendly, formal, casual, serious, experts, humorous, service-oriented, professional, etc.)

Friendly, Serious, Professional.

2. Is this different than current image perception?

The current website is cheap and not professional.

3. What do you feel is the biggest challenge in getting your image across to customers?

The big challenge is to be serious but fashionable, fashionable but simple, simple but professional.

4. Describe any visual elements or styles, which can be utilized from existing marketing materials or collateral.

The Security Division logo has to be present, this is a constant recall to the company. The style of the site cannot be too much independent from this logo: colors blue like and modern aluminum are appreciated.

5. How is your company currently perceived? Do you wish to carry through the same kind of message through your Web Site?

The Company is new. The staff is already well known in the market as very professional.

6. List any URLs of sites you find compelling. What do you find the most interesting about these sites?

[url removed, login to view] simple, clear, friendly

[url removed, login to view] particular

[url removed, login to view] friendly, intuitive, fashionable

7. List URLs of competitor sites and briefly state what you like and dislike about their overall site.

[url removed, login to view] too cheap

[url removed, login to view] too �na�f�

[url removed, login to view] old style

[url removed, login to view] chaotic

[url removed, login to view] confused and complicated


1. What is the primary action you wish your target user to take from the main page of your site? (i.e. download, browse, move along specified path, email, order, explore, click button, call, etc.)

Browse our services, download our PDFs to understand better our services, and find contacts.

2. What is the primary action you wish your target user to take before leaving your site? Is it the same action? If not, describe why.

Find Contacts and email us.

3. What elements are key items you wish to have available to the user on every page?

The logo and the links to the Services.


Simple, fashionable, in HTML.

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