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[url removed, login to view] Clone - Phase 1


Presentation Layer


You will be provided with 100% of the presentation layer in valid XHTML, CSS, & Javascript. This includes use all use case patterns in addition to error messages. I've been a front-end developer for over 10 years so you will recieve extremely scalable assets that will sit atop and integrate into the backend without headaches.

The goal is to clone the [url removed, login to view] website. This first phase will NOT include the "Point Shop" functionality that they currently have. Once the site gains a lot of momentum & traffic (3-4 months out), I guarantee that the developer(s) of phase 1 of this clone will be rewarded with the work for Phase 2 which will include functionality similar "Point Shop".

Below I've tried to document the existing functionality but you MUST register with [url removed, login to view] to get a feel for the application. I don't want ANY scope creep so please ask any questions you may have prior to building the site out.


Environment Layer


- LAMP via [url removed, login to view] (you'll have full admin access)




Users add a keyword word or phrase (maximum 20 characters)

They can choose three keywords that links to their keyword/phrase

The word or phrase is linked to the URL they supply

When they add a link on their website and their viewers click

"bite me spider!" they get 3 points

When they reach certain points they "level up"

and their "bite me spider" phrase becomes slightly more prominent (using css)

increasing chances that the viewers of [url removed, login to view] will click on their phrase.

If their site hasn't had a "bite me spider" hit in 24 hours they lose a point

and could drop a level.

IP numbers will need to be recorded.

The same IP cannot vote/click on same link in same 24 hour period

and have it recorded

The front page will display the 200 bite spider words/phrases with most points

The phrases will be listed randomly each time the page is refreshed

The font colours for each keyword/phrase will be random from a selection of

eight colours chosen by admin

Statistics will play an important part:-

Total keywords/phrases (link to show them - next previous page etc)

User will see how many clicks his bite spider phrase has had through to his website

How many bite spider words/phrases added in last 24 hours, week, month, year (links to show them)

How many bite spider words/phrases levelled up in last 24 hours (link to show them)

How many bite spider words/phrases levelled down in last 24 hours (link to show them)

How many outgoing clicks in last 24 hours

How many incoming clicks in last 24 hours

There will be more stats pages required - at bite spider we love stats!


User Area


Register - email as username

Password - system generated

"Thanks - bite spider has sent an email to you with a system generated password

Please use that to log into your My bite spider page where you can then change it

to something more memorable if you like"

Log in



Forgot password?

When user logs in he is presented with My bite spider page

He can change password to be more memorable if required

My bite spider

(you have no bite spider words or phrases do you wish to add one now?)

Edit / Delete existing bite spider words

Add bite spider word/phrase

Input word/phrase (maximum 20 characters)

Input keyword 1 (maximum 20 characters - no spaces)

Input keyword 2 (maximum 20 characters - no spaces)

Input keyword 3 (maximum 20 characters - no spaces)

Input URL


1)System generates email to user with UNIQUE code to insert graphic or text link

eg. Thanks for using "bite spider" Here is the html to insert on your site.


System updated and bite spider word/phrase becomes live

User is then taken to a page where code is generated for

a series of banners/graphics/text links

which he can paste into his website

ie "bite spider This Site"

Add Another bite spider word/phrase?

Users can have up to 5 bite spider's each with own unique ID

User can edit bite spider word/phrase and keywords only

If user has a bite spider it is listed with stats

Your bite spider is at Level [insert level number]

Your bite spider points are [insert number of bite spiderpoints]

You need [insert number] more points before you get to level [insert next level]

Today your bite spider received [insert number] points.

This week your bite spider received [insert number] points

This Year your bite spider received [insert number] points

If user has had no clicks in previous 24 hours he is deducted 1 point

[username] your bite spider didn't get any clicks yesterday

and dropped a point - maybe think about using a larger,

more prominent link - link to graphics page

and html code with his own unique ID - [url removed, login to view] (accessible only after log-in)

Level dates

Displays dates that user levelled up for each bite spider phrase


You reached Level 1 on 24/04/2007

You reached Level 2 on 26/04/2007

Point Shop

User can transfer points from one of his bite spider's to another

User can search and browse for bite spider words/phrases

Results are listed:- [bite spider word/phrase] [current level] [current points] [bite spider this rival?]

User can search for any other bite spider word/phrase and take points off it

for example a rival bite spider phrase is higher than him - he can use 200 of his points to

decrease his rivals standing. This will cost him 100 points but his rival will decrease by 200

points - user can choose amount of points to use

another example -

Are you sure you want to bite spider your rival? Decreasing this rival by 100 points will cost you 50 points

Yes - Submit - system deducts points from rival and deducts points from user

Email generated to rival informing him he has been "Blabbered"

User can purchase "safe" points - link to Paypal - full secure automation required

Admin sets price for each amount of points purchased.

Safe points are not eligible to be "Blabbered" by a rival

A users safe points will always be his minimum starting point

[Insert admin news item]


Admin area


Admin can search and EDIT any field for all users/entries

Results - edit/delete? next to each one

[bite spider word/phrase] [keyword1] [keyword1] [keyword3] [URL] [bite spider Points] [bite spider Level]

Admin can delete accounts

Admin can add weighting to any account

By this I mean admin can increase the number of clicks a bite spider word/phrase has had

increasing any given bite spider phrase prominence

Admin can choose the random colours that are used for ALL bite spiders

Admin can add more levels (default = 20)

Admin can decide how many points required for each level

for example

Level 1 - 10 points

Level 2 - 20 points

Level 3 - 30 points

etc etc

This can be changed at any time

Admin news item

text entered here inserts into user page


Home Page


If cookie set "Hi, [insert username], How you doing today?

Left column width = "200"

Search bite spider

(this is where keywords come in)

Result displays all bite spider's with that keyword attached


Top 50 bite spider's - link

View All bite spider's - link

Join bite spider today - link (new user)

There are [insert number] bite spider's who have produced [insert number] incoming links and have generated [insert number] outgoing clicks.

Log In / Password - uses cookies to save logging in each time

200 bite spider words/phrases

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