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144716 Automated Residual Website

I need a site that will work with paypal where a

person (will call joe) would buy our service for

$2 a month once he has completed the transactions

that brings him to process the payment with paypal

he would be directed to the next part of the form

where they can add up to 100 family/friends email


The person then adds all the emails to the form

and hits send and the email goes to all the names

on the list with a pre-written subject and body.

The person who then received the email will

receive the email saying a pre-written subject

asking them basically for their birthday with a

link to click on. When they click on he link it

will be associated with the persons account who

sent them the email so the info will link to the

senders account and will hit send.

Once they hit send they will be brought to another

page that will advertise they service in hopes to

convince them now to sign up and send to 100

families and friends. and it will keep going on

and on with every person it receives.


The sender will send to 100 people and each person

that participates will enter their email address,

every year on their birthday an automated

electronic birthday card will be sent to the

person on the original senders list. An automated

email will also be sent to the original sender

every year 2 weeks before their friends birthday

with a link (that we will add products to later)

where they can choose to purchase products and we

will pack and ship to the customer. (the product

page doesnt need to be created just the ability to

add an html link where the person would be

directed to) this will happen every year unless

the original user cancels their subscription.


the reason they are going to want to do this is

because every friend/family that receives the

email and goes to the form and pays the $2 via

paypal to receive the service, also will now

receive deposited to his paypal account $1 from

every family/friend who paid the $2 to receive the

service, then it will explain to that friend will

call jane, to send it to up to 100 of her family

friends and she will receive $1 deposited into her

paypal account and then receive $1 from every

friend of their friend of their friends of their

friends and so on as long as they are in the

starting chain of where the initial email that was

sent was a result of someone they sent it to. So

the idea is each person will pay $2, but then be

paid $1 for every friend who pays the $2 so the

idea is if they send the form to 20 friends who

all pay $2 they will earn $20 then if those 20

friends each send to 20 friends who pay the $2

they will now earn $40 then if those 20 friends

send to another 20 friends they will earn $60 but

every one in the chain from the start will earn

one dollar from every person who sent the email

from that individuals start and it will keep

going. Now the idea is they will receive the

yearly reminder for each friends birthday whos

email they entered and have an electronic card

send to each email on their friends birthday.

the system will also have to be setup where it is

all billed as a monthly residual through paypal

which paypal offers so every month everyone gets

paid there risidual, the catch is if they cancel

to not receive the service anymore, they will no

longer receive their part in the chain of the

residual and now get taken out of the loop and

there amount that they would normally receive now

gets paid to the main systems account.

there also needs to be an admin section where the

admin can see how many emails have been sent out

and add/remove users in the program. see the

amount paid to each individual in the program and

see how much the system has made from the program

and see how many cancellations and if so who

cancelled. there also needs to be a control panel

for each user in the program that can follow their

statistics to see how many people have signed up

after them and how much money has been deposited

into their paypal account from the [url removed, login to view] a

cancellation option that stops papal from charging

them which paypal already provides but it also

need to now redirect the payment once they cancel

for the residual they would get to the systems


sounds confusing but its not I know an awsome

programmer can figure this one out and create it.

Project terms and Payment:

The programmer will be responsible for site

support for 30 days after project conclusion for

any outstanding software bugs.

A time line will be set for project delivery. If

the time line is not met an extra 7 days is given

to the programmer to complete this project. If the

time line is still not met, the project will be

forfeit and the escrow payment will be returned to

US. This is a binding condition of the agreement

so please be sure you can deliver in the time line

you quote before committing.

Upon agreement to this time line, we will escrow

50% onto your account, but a working demo of the

site must be completed. remaining amount will be

escrowed onto your account when the site is

uploaded to our server and we will then need 1

weeks to work out software bugs and Upon

successful completion on all bug fixes, payment

will be released to programmer.


The programmer must provide daily reports and

details of the project.

The programmer must provide updates or YOUR

server, so we can monitor the progress of the



All communication will be handled via IM, Email

and Phone.

Please give references/sites you have completed. I

will give more details about the project to the

selected potential programmers. I hope to

collaborate with you. Thank you.

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, Javascript, Perl, PHP

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