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134432 Facebook Mass Invite System

Timeline and Deadline is of most importance on this. The deliverability and price will be used to determine which coder we use for this project.


This is a 3 part web based application used to automate the process of inviting friends to facebook events. This does not break Facebook terms and services. It simply speeds up manual processes. There are familiar systems for Hotmail/Gmail/Yahoo Mail contact referral systems which can be found at [url removed, login to view], for example.

The basic overview of how all the 4 components work is like this:

Part 1 � A script which crawls a specific network using custom search criteria on a Facebook network and then captures people's name and friend's list size.

Part 2 - Once the Facebook network is crawled we get an PHP output of crawled people (which can be sorted by friends-list size) and each name has a checkbox and by clicking it we can send each of those people a friend request with custom message from a user specified Facebook account.

Part 3 � Once the people accept the friend request we manually invite these people to the event then from there we direct them to a website where they can enter their Facebook username/password and our PHP system will log into their account, make them an event admin, invite their entire friends list to the event we send them, log out of their account the send them an email (which is an E-ticket for the event they have referred their friends to).

Detailed description is below:

**PHP Software found at [url removed, login to view] can be purchased if this will speed up development since it already has some processes coded like logging into Facebook and doing mass messaging (uses Facebook messages not invites). **

Part 1.)

Script/Applicaton with interface that accepts a Facebook login/password. The user also specifies a proxy IP which the user enters to route the Facebook login through. The application logs into the user entered Facebook account then crawls the Facebook network the account is attached to. The user can select the following search criteria which Facebook allows to filter results: College (Found under the �Classmates' search options), Sex, Age, Home Country, Home State, Home Town, City, State, Country, School Status (Found under the �Advanced' search options). The scripts crawls the network users based on our search criteria and records each network user's Name, Profile picture image location URL (not actual .jpg file just image location URL which acts as a primary key use to find the person later part 2) and number of people on their friends list. The information is saved as a PHP output report to our web server and can be accessed later on and sorted by number of friends.

Part 2.) The PHP output report that we have collected has a Facebook login as well with option to enter a proxy. Next to each profile of the people on the report there is a checkbox which can be checked which will send multiple friend requests to the checked profiles once the user presses submit. There must be an option to send a �personal message' with the friend request so there should be a textbox where the user can enter a message to send with the multiple friend requests. The friend requests will be coming from a Facebook account the user enters.

Part 3.)

Part two is a web based application which to the user simply looks like a Facebook Login area on our site. Steps are as follows:

1.) The user enters their Facebook account information and selects which event we have invited them to after we accepted their friend request and the event they want to send their friends. There are approximately 10 different events the user can select. Each event has a unique URL which links directly to the event.

2.) Each event is connected to a different Facebook account we own/manage with admin privileges to the event which enables us to give the user who has logged in admin status to the event. If the person has not accepted the event request we cannot make them an admin, but we will not direct them to this website unless they have accepted the invitation.

3.) After our system gives them admin status to the event, it logs into their account using their username/password they provided WITH a automatically rotated proxy IP from a list we provide (rotates each time a user logs in and part 3 is executed). It then navigates to �Invite Guests' section of the event and invites their entire list (by automatically checking each box and pressing submit). Our backend will allow us to define a custom invite message to send to the friends list of the person signing in with their Facebook information.

4.) Send the user a ticket by email which contains a ticket code, that is taken from a text file we provide. Instructions (that we provide) on how to use the e-ticket is displayed also included in the email. Each event has their own text file with a set number of confirmation codes. When all of the confirmation codes from the events text file have been given out, the user gets an error message when they enter their Facebook account information that they will not receive a ticket because all the free promotional tickets have been given out but they can still use the system to invite all their friends. If they select no, we won't invite their friends list to the event but we will still crawl their account and capture the friend data (explained next).

5.) After the invites are sent and the user is shown a confirmation page stating the e-ticket is sent, our system keeps working with the user account in the background. The user's friends list is crawled by the system and the following data is captured and uploaded our server: Each friends Name, Network(s), Sex, Birthday, Hometown, State/Province, Country, Contact Email(s) image file(s), Screen Names (s), Mobile Phone, Land Phone, Address, City, State/Province, Country and School(s)

6.) Log out of users account

7.) Remove admin status from user using our own account.

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