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73085 Finish osCommerce Shoping Cart

Finish osCommerce Shopping Cart and Modifications On my web site, [url removed, login to view] I need the oscommerce shopping cart installation finished. I had another programmer from Scriptlance start to install the oscommerce shopping cart software into my web site, but they never completed the job. And what they did accomplish, I'm not sure they did correctly. If you are not very familiar with the oscommerce shopping cart and don't have a lot of experience or confidence with oscommerce shopping cart programming, then please do not bid. The following twelve points covers the work I would like you to bid on. -1- Check current setup and scripts and code: First, I want you to check the setup of my shopping cart and programming code and scripts. I'm not sure the mySQL and my osCommerce databases are set up correctly. If they are not correct, I want you to set them up correctly. They apparently now work ok, but I was told by my web server that the categories are not set up correctly and that's why I can't add, edit, or delete products properly through the regular interface. I need to be able to complete transactions with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Paypal. I believe the linkpoint module that processes these credit cards in the shopping cart was working properly, but now the Payment Methods seems to be missing from the Payment Information web page, but Payment Methods are there if a gift certificate is purchased. I have not yet tested Paypal at the time I'm typing this bid request. If Paypal does not work properly, you will need to correct it. -2- Completion of Order emails sent: At the completion of a credit card or Paypal transaction, an email is sent to me with the order details, and an email is sent automatically to the wholesale supplier to fulfill the order. But I need the script to automatically detect the wholesale supplier or manufacturer that should receive the email order, which will depend on the supplier associated with that particular product. For example, if someone orders a laptop battery and a Duracell AA battery from my web site, which come from different suppliers, I will get a copy of the email order, and an email order for the laptop battery will be automatically sent to the supplier of the laptop battery and an email order for the Duracell AA battery will be sent automatically to the supplier of the Duracell AA battery. I also want basic automatic error and fraud detection. For example, if many multiple orders are placed from the same credit card in a short period of time, or for unusually large orders placed or to be delivered out of the country, or where product ship to address and billing address of the credit card is not the same. In these cases the order will only come to my email address, and I will manually forward the order to the correct supplier if I choose. -3- Tracking of UPS orders: I want the customers to be able to track their orders through UPS from my web site. -4- Gift Certificates: I need to be able to accept and process gift certificates and discount coupons. Most of the gift certificate programming has been done, but I might need you to correct any errors or bugs found associated with it. For example, how it now works is a customer is able to click on a link, enter the amount of the gift certificate they want to purchase for someone, and enter the name and email address of the person who is to receive the gift certificate. Emails are then sent automatically. One email is sent to thank the person for buying the gift certificate and give them a discount coupon to use if they want to make a purchase in the future. The other email is sent to the receiver of the gift certificate, telling the recipient of the gift certificate who bought them a gift certificate, the value of the gift certificate, etc also with a discount coupon. This all seems to work ok now, but the “from” and subject lines of the emails are not correct. Also, when the gift certificate owner makes a purchase, the shopping cart should track the remaining value of their gift certificate, charge the difference if the person makes a purchase for more than the value of the gift certificate, or keep track of the remaining gift certificate value if the person makes a purchase for less than the value of the gift certificate. If it doesn't do this correctly, you will need to correct it. And it needs to keep the gift certificate number and value associated with the recipients email address, even if that recipient has not yet been to the site and created an account. -5- Discount Coupons: I'd also like to offer discount purchase coupons. I want them to have an expiration date, and be good for only one item one time, for one customer only, and not apply to everything on the order. But a customer may own more than one coupon, but only one coupon per item may be used. No discount coupon programming in the shopping cart software has been done on the web site at this time. But the tracking of customers, coupons, etc was originally set up in a mySQL database, but I don't know if it is still presently set up properly. If not, you will need to correct this. Please read over the F.A.Q. web site page section of my web site concerning discount coupons – it explains how I would like my coupons to work. The forms I have on my web site, (for example, the Customer Survey form and the Email This Site to a friend form) generate the discount coupons, but I need that coupon number and value to be transferred to the oscommerce database, if it does not presently do so. And customers must also be able to see what coupons and gift certificates they own when they go to their “Manage My Account” page. I don't know if that programming was completed. If it was not, then you will need to complete it. -6- Additional Information Sent With Purchase: I'd also like a link on the final shopping cart page for additional, optional information, where if a customer clicks it, it will send or download an information data file to the customers email address. I'm open to your suggestions on how this is best done. I think a pdf file set so it can't be copied but can be viewed or printed would be best, but I'm open to your suggestions on how to best transfer a readme type of file is best done. -7- Additional Repairs: Additional bid requirements and changes along with this post that are needed for the shopping cart can be seen here: [url removed, login to view] This Microsoft Word document contains repairs and changes I requested of my last programmer that never got done (as of the time I'm typing this bid request). Download and look at my requests in this document too because they are also to be included as part of this bid, but I think you will find most of them are very minor - just changing a few words, or the layout of a form, etc. -8- Pop-up Boxes: My web site has two automatic pop-ups, one which should only come up once a day, and one pop-up which should only come up if they leave the web site without making a purchase. They seemed to work properly before the oscommerce shopping cart software was installed, controlled by a line of code at the top of each page and by some code in the head tag. But since adding the shopping cart, they no longer follow these restrictions, especially on the shopping cart pages. I need you to place this code especially on the shopping cart pages and/or fix the code (I believe its javascript) so the pop-ups once again follow these restrictions. -9- Daily Communication: I require DAILY email communication. On average, my last programmers emailed me once every few days. I find that unacceptable. I understand that problems can come up with programming and I'm willing to be flexible and work with you to complete the project, but one email every few days is not acceptable. If you are not willing to communicate with me daily to discuss requirements, problems, procedures, and progress, etc, then I don't want you to bid on my project. I will also need you to email me and explain how to properly query, enter, edit, and delete products, customers, customer accounts, orders, sales, special coupons, etc from both databases (mySQL and osCommerce databases) -10- Project Abandonment: If more than two days goes by with no email communication from you, it will be agreed that you have abandoned the project and have agreed to forfeit any money then in escrow. And here on Scriptlance, I will immediately again repost any part of the job not completed. If you abandon the project I will leave negative feedback, and if you complete the project in the time frame we agree upon, I will leave positive feedback and a generous tip. About two months ago, on January 14, 2004 I posted this job and accepted a bidder on January 19. I was quoted 2 days to complete the job. After giving them 2 months, now they have just informed me that they choose not to complete it. That's why I now include points 9 and 10 above in this project bid. -11- Time Frame: I will allow about one week, until March 21, 2004 to accept bids. Then I will need you to begin immediately, at least until the Payment Methods on the Payment Information web page is reinstalled. First priority is that I can accept credit card transactions as soon as possible. I am somewhat flexible after that as long as we stay in daily communication with each other. -12- Payment: I released the full bid amount of money to the last programmers from escrow with their promise they would complete the project, if I put more money into escrow. I did that and now I've learned my lesson. I will not release all the funds from escrow for any reason until the project is completed and free of errors. But I am willing to open several smaller escrow accounts and release the payments in stages as parts of the project are completed, if that would be more preferred by you. Just let me know at the time I accept your bid. I am also not going to pay more than the bid amount to complete the project. (But I will give an additional tip, depending on time and effort put in by the programmer. I've done that with all programmers I've hired except my last programmer) If you bid by the hour, to be considered, you must include a maximum total amount to complete the project. Please carefully look over my web site, [url removed, login to view] and test the shopping cart, read the F.A.Q. web page on coupons and gift certificates, download and read [url removed, login to view] and reread this job description to be certain you completely understand it and you understand that it is a contract between us. Also, if you have other suggestions for my web site, let me know as it could be an additional source of work for you and might favorably influence my selection to choose you to finish my web site shopping cart project. I look forward to working with you, and to a close and satisfying and long lasting working relationship with you, both for the completion of this project and additional future projects I'm now planning. Please, contact me with any questions or concerns you may have before you bid. Although I tried to be very thorough in this job post, I'd like the opportunity to answer any of your other questions so there will be no misunderstanding between us if I accept your bid. I want everything to be delivered bug free, installed and working fully. Thank you and good luck. Steve

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