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2086 Freelancers + Mapquest API

We use the freelancers script as a local service-hiring site. This means that I will refer to 'programmers' as 'service providers' AND 'webmasters' as 'Service Buyers.' Our site is for contractor services, not scripting. We have an account with mapquest (API) and we need to pull the address-to-address mileage distance between two addresses to be run through another calculator on our site, which will need to be created. -When members sign up, they are asked for their address... both service providers and service buyers. 'Service Provider's sign up form has drop down menu items: Automobile MAKE, MODEL, & YEAR , as well as an area in the admin in which I can add all the make, models, and one more field titled MPG to store that make's miles per gallon. -Whenever a 'service provider' views the 'Browse Open Projects' page and clicks on a project, the following happens: Address data of service provider and address of service buyer are sent to mapquest to determine the mileage distance between the two (use the mapquest code snippets from our account). From here, the mileage distance data is sent back to another small element of code (calculator) on our site, which does the following: Takes the address to address mileage distance, checks the service provider's make/model/year to determine the mpg for that make, and multiplies the mpg x the mileage distance. The final element is an admin field (by the 'add make/model/year/mpg' area) that let's me set the daily / current gas price average. The mileage distance x mpg x the current gas price will print out on the project page so that our service buyers can see how much it would cost to drive to that address to do the work. It helps them bid more accurately. -Will also need the code for a stand-alone page, in which a member could simply go to the page (without logging in), enter the To: address, the From: address, make/model/year drop down, and displays a review of all info submitted in a table that shows the aprox gas price to travel to that address. To summarize, when a 'service provider' clicks on an open project, all of the above items happen before the page is shown and the gas cost is displayed in the bottom right side of the project page so they know how much (aprox) it will cost to get their so they can include that cost in their bid. If you have any questions... let me know. Don't have a huge budget for this, so I'm hoping for some reasonable bids. Thanks!

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