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Original post: [url removed, login to view] I posted here about a week ago asking for help transferring my site [url removed, login to view] and all its data and components to a new server as well as transferring all it's current functionality to a Joomla based system. After rethinking my initial post and due to an outside suggestion, I think it would be best to break this project down into two main parts. This posting is referring to the first part of my project. This project therefore is essencially much easier than my original post. For this I would like to see a mock up site set up, preferably on my server or on a server of your choice that would be structured to have all the functionality of my current site plus some features which I'll list below. Keep in mind, if I choose to work with you and I like your work on the mock up / test site, I will most likely continue to use your services for the remainder of the project. The TEST site will not need to have data imported from my current's sites data base, it will simply need to have some data in each module to test to make sure that that module functions at least as well as the ones from my current site or at least works well enough for my approval. The TEST site does not need to function in Portuguese but each component used needs to have easy multi-language support. So I do expect that the TEST site will function 100% bug free and that it will look good being that the modules will all work and feel like parts of a cohesive website. Don't get my wrong, I will allow for a degree of flexiblity for possibly not doing all the features listed below provided that the features that you do offer work very well. Note: for the final product, I'm ok using commecial modules as well as free modules in order to have the best site possible. Also note that I'm very new to Joomla so I might need to be walked threw the site with the developed after it is finished to better understand / appreciate the work that was done. ==================================================== ==================================================== The current modules / components that I expect for to be installed for this TEST site are: (When visiting my website please log in as username demo / password demo in order to see additional features on the site) - A classifieds module: Current: [url removed, login to view] The classified module that I use it quite basic, so I will not go in to detail about its features. - Customizable menus for each user: Current: [url removed, login to view] - Easy article submission and administration We have a large community of authors. Articles can easily be searched and commented on and ranked. Currently we have a feature that allows for us to attach MP3 (created on a local PC and uploaded to the server) along with the aticles to give users the option to print, email, or listen to that particular article. - WYSIWYG Editor for the creation of new pages and optionally for all text areas I'd like some tool that also allows pictures to easily be uploaded and integrated into the WYSIWYG area. - Possibility of several administrators Currently on my website I can assign certain users to administrate certain parts of the site. - Message board Current: [url removed, login to view] - A modified guest book with private and public messages Current: [url removed, login to view] It needs to support webmaster comments to each post Option for approving message before they are posted Allows the administrator to email those who posted easily Emails the administrator(s) when new messages are posted - E-cards / Virtual Cards Current: [url removed, login to view] Some features that I enjoy about this current module are: Easily alows new cards to be uploaded. A random card picture thumbnail is displayed on the main page It allows for music and swf files as well Users can even upload images from their computer to use in their cards. Images uploaded by users are automatically resized to work with the cards. - Test and Quiz area Current: [url removed, login to view] Some features that I enjoy about this current module are: Individuals scores are kept It differentiates between "official" scores (the first time you took the test) and yor "top" scores (you best score on any given test). Unlimited quizzes and answers and choices. Administrators can easily see stats of quiz usages and correct answer % for each question. - Picture Gallery Current: [url removed, login to view] Some features that I enjoy about this current module are: The administrator can choose which folder to "open" the public to place their pictures. Pictures submitted by the public are screen before being places on the website. - Web Office for each user with a calendar, to-do list, contacts, and journal Current: [url removed, login to view] Take a look at this one and play around with it a bit. Although it offers many features, I'm flexible about this one working differently under the new site. - Links area with rankings Current: [url removed, login to view] - Quote of the moment feature – (Random text selector for side blocks) Current: [url removed, login to view] I use this tool for several side boxes on my website to either rotate text or images and text. - An excellent newsletter feature Some features that I would expect for this to have: Allows for multiple mailing lists It keeps track bounce backs, subscribes and unsubscribe. - A shopping cart software For this I just would expect it to flow with the rest of the site allow for links to sales to be able to be easily placed on many other pages outside the shopping cart area. - Great statistics tracking with individual tracking of each member (we can see who's using the site most) Any other statistics modules / component that keeps better logs of traffic and site / user usage is great. - Ability for members to send internal site message to other users as well as to their email accounts (all emails need to be protected) - File download manager that allows files to be downloaded or streamed Current: [url removed, login to view] For now it just has to function as well as it currently functions, but this is one module that I will later request for a separate project to enhance it to meet several new needs that I have. - A site wide shared event calendar Current: [url removed, login to view] Up coming calendar events should also be optionally able to be shared on the front pages. - Important: Site needs to work in multi-languages - Very search engine friendly - Several Quality Themes to choose from I actually like the two that come with Joomla but I'd like to see several others as well. I also like the theme used on [url removed, login to view] (I like how you can choose the width). - Some integrated games: Current: [url removed, login to view] This is not a *must* feature. Optionally I would enjoying seeing other modules and components installed of you personal choice that you feel like would benefit the site. ==================================================== ==================================================== Note that I did not write down all the features that either my site currently has, nor all the features that I'd expect for the final site. I assume that if you bid for this project you have a clear enough understanding of what to do. Please ask questions about anything you'd like further explanation on. Thanks for you time. Weston

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