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162344 outbound email filter

I'm an ISP with an outbound spam problem from my

shared-hosting web servers.

That is the problem definition, web servers sending

legitimate email mixed with bursts of spam.

To make the problem easier, I do not allow the use of my

web servers as end-user email servers. So the only

legitimate email from these servers is form mail. That

makes what I ask for next much easier...

The solution I would like is this:

My routers detect outbound port 25 traffic from a web

server, and redirect it to a local email server operating

as a "moderated proxy".

All mail passes through a pattern filter. The filter has

both allow and deny filters. Allow filters allow the

email to be delivered. Deny filters cause messages to be

put into a denied folder.

Any email that passes through the pattern filter without

either an allow or a deny match is then put in a quarantine


The mail in the quarantine queue can be re-processed upon

command, where it is then fed through the pattern filter


The way I want to use it is simple. I ssh into the server,

and examine the messages in the queue. If I find spam, I

compose a deny filter to match it. If I find legitimate

email I compose an allow filter to match it. I then

execute the command to re-process the queue, and examine

the remaining messages, repeating the process until the

queue is empty.

Even when the queue has 1.2 million messages, the above

process should only take 5 or 6 passes, because spammers

tend to repeat predictable patterns, and web forms

also generally follow predictable patterns. If I find a

web form that defies my attempts to generate a pattern,

then I demand the author modify the form to produce a

pattern for me to match.

This can be written in any language. I would prefer it

operate from a unix command line. I am a unix shell user

and vi is my editor, so user interface development is not

required for this project. If you think a web interface is

easier for you, then do it that way. I would rather

development not be slowed by any irrelevent specification

on my part.

The only think I do require is that the filters be reasonably fast so that the queue can be scanned quickly.

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