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7035 Search + Auto-Comment on Blogs

This project should be a piece of cake for anyone that has mastered regular expression searches, parsing HTML and manipulating form data. (Some flat-text, XML, or other simple DB skills are also needed to make it more manageable). I need a simple PHP script or standalone .exe that accomplishes three functions: 1. Search via Google, Yahoo, Blogger, etc. for posts on blogs, with specified keywords and search terms that I enter. It must also identify the form fields where comments can be posted (following a link to "comments" first, if need be). 2. Within the script/program, it must store a name, URL, and comment entry that I can associate with each search. It will need to post the information to each comment form on the blog entries found via search (by filling out a form, or crafting one HTML-encoded link that the program opens to post the data). 3. Locate a trackback URL for each search result, and format it into a POST string (with the URL of the search result). Combined with a few other bits of form data (that I can specify, based on my blog PHP installation), it should generate a list of links that will allow me to post blog entries on my own blogs for additional reciprocal links via trackback. These 3 areas need to be able to work in auto-mode, with no additional input once I enter the neccessary data (and the search begins). The most common methods of bypassing character verification are fine in this case (and it should be able to keep a log of server responses so I know if there are any manual entries I need to do). However, each of the 3 functions needs to have a manual setting. Or rather, be able to do the following: After it completes the search (or at set intervals after every 10, 20, 50, or 100), it should allow me to quickly view the blog entry that I will be commenting on (if I decide to manually confirm that it is a relevant search result). It would be best to do this with the cached version of the page, since the program will be visiting each page, and this can speed things up considerably. The same goes for entering the comments. It should open each page in a frame and automatically enter the comment data into the appropriate form fields. That way I can handle image verification and manually submit when need be (while speeding the process and automatically going to the next). The auto-trackback feature should allow me to log into my own blog PHP installation, preferably within the program. I should be able to confirm that one or two posts go through, and then it should automatically open each of its generated links to post the reciprocal blog entries. Of course, I should also be able to save each project session...and also access them via the front-end so I can see what combinations of search terms and comment entries I've used previously. Logging is also important here, so the program can re-run searches on a future occasion, and skip blogs I've already posted to. This is a pretty complete overview of what I need, and I know that there are programs and scripts that accomplish most or all of these features. I just need something simple and cheap that works and eases the hassle of doing each step manually. And yes, it is fine if it is even a VB script that uses IE, or a FireFox extension that can run in automatation (psuedo-macro'd).

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic, XML

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