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161148 text to pic generator

I want a text to picture generator script.

What I am looking for is basically a Clone of [url removed, login to view] most notably number 46 ¡§Make your own sign Generator¡¨ ([url removed, login to view]) where the user can -

¡§Just find or take a picture where someone or product has a text area that can be cleared out and then import the photo to our "Sign Generator Maker¡¨ (or use our pre-made templates). "The Stamper", you can even import your own 650X650 maximum sized pixel photo URLs so you can add cartoon caption bubbles or make your own sign generators. ¡§

if you go to that site and hit any one of the pre-made templates, and then click the small ¡§click HERE for ADVANCED editing form¡¨ in the editor you will see the script in full feature mode on any of the templates.

So I want a script with features:

1. adsense integrated (just add my numbers)

2. full features of custom generator

3. easy to add my own templates, fonts, themes, etc.etc.

4. able to receive ¡§orders¡¨ sent via email collecting the info for pic for possible future merchandising..

5. creates watermark for my website on every pic.. graphic/text changeable by me (or possibly pulls from random of a few I upload for a nice touch)

6. has ¡§stamper¡¨ type pic reset and input / pic updating.. click the pic with pointer to input/update..

7. must show working demo ¡V can build on my server if you need..

8. ¡§postcard¡¨ feature..send link to a friend via email..customizable outgoing email or link page..

9. copy url code for myspace/html etc..

10. php would be great.. have seen them in asp, flash, .there are hundreds of them out there.

11. easy to customize default look via css or html code..custom header graphic, etc.

12. mouseover help for features.

13. easy to install to multiple domains if needed by just editing a ¡§config¡¨ file or similar admin deal to fill in blanks for server info, adsense, etc¡K

14. makes all new templates on the fly..creates its own pages.

15. full color spectrum for fonts with text gradient options..

16. output pic link should have watermark, mouseover ¡§create your own custom graphic here¡¨ link, etc.

17. must be able to see it work and add my own template to test before purchase.

The closer to the actual [url removed, login to view] setup and advanced editor you can get with easy to middling knowledge needed to update/install/add new templates and fonts and change the look and appearance for possible different themed sites that work from same script or database or whatever you program it to work with ƒº I basically want the same thing going as an add-on to a member site I have, and want to use my own custom graphics as templates but have the ability for users to use their own..add..even save to the server and host so that I can collect the blank pics I want and add myself as templates if I like them. (or possibly have a users ¡§upload your template here¡¨ or whatever works..)

The user manual from that site is below to give an idea of how some features work.

<start manual>

*When you click the image (where you wish to have your text start), it will autofill the X and Y fields on the form and stamp the image with your line of text. It may be a bit off (usually down a few pixels once generated, once you figure how much it's off, you can set the offset for future edits) as each font does not exactly start at a 0,0 (they vary from a 2,5 to a 5,2 starting points) coordinate. You can put the stamp at the top right corner and click, then you will make an image and see how close the text is to starting near the top right corner or the stamp image.

Here are descriptions of the choices:

Color: Choose the main color of your text. If you are going to choose a gradient color afterwards, this color will be the beginning color and the gradient color will be the ending color.

Gradient: Text color will "morph" to this color from the original font color. If you wish to stop the gradient color scheme, simply choose NONE for the gradient color.

X L/R: This will move your text left to right. Value of 0 will start it off from the left side. Value of 100 would start the text 100 pixels in from the left side. If you have an image that is 400 pixels wide and you wish to have a text message start from the middle, you would choose a value of 200 pixels (half of 400).

Y U/D: This will move your text up or down. A value of zero would cause your text message to start from the very top of the image. A value of 100 would move your text message down 100 pixels from the top of the image. If your image was 400 pixels tall and you wanted to have your text start half way down, you would choose the value of 200 (half of 400) pixels.

Watermark: This will create a 3D looking text scheme that will use the photograph for the text color (any text color or gradient color previously chosen will be ignored, so will shading settings).

Text Backing: Sometimes you may be importing your own personal photo that has no area to place text, so with this feature our script will put a white background around your message.

Text Border: This usually is to compliment the Text Backing feature, it places a border (thin frame) around the text message (like a box).

Shadow: This will put a grayish drop shadow to your text message.

Photo URL: Here you can enter a web address to a photo you have hosted/uploaded on another server. Many free services like [url removed, login to view] have thousands of photos already stashed that you could use.

Tilt: This will rotate your text captions. Negative values rotate text counter clockwise (ex: -3 will rotate CCW 3 degrees), positive values move the opposite direction. WARNING: move a few degrees at a time as your text message may disappear if too much rotation is done at once as the text message seems to also move left/right and up/down from your original settings.

Template: Choose one of our already uploaded image templates. Not all our presets are here, use the BROWSE link to see them all. You can use your own photographs too (see Photo URL information above).

Font: Choose a font style for you caption (if the image does not show up, then you have just discovered a corrupted font from a system crash, please report the error and let us know the font name you choose).

Size: Choose the font size, this is in pt. If you find that there are too large of gaps between the lines, see Line Spacing instructions below.

Line Spacing: If you want each line of text (each line is separated when you hit the ENTER key) to be closer together or further away, choose how many pixels you wish to have line spaced (0 would overlap the text on top of each word, start with a number around 15-25 for most fonts). BTW, when Line Spacing is being used, the text shadow will no longer be used (will be fixed soon).

<end of manual>

So I guess this falls into the editable clone category. I don¡¦t need things like the ¡§order a magnet¡¨ and all of the fancy stuff like that. I would like a way to implement in future easy tho with the email your pic to an email of mine for future ordering and collecting the exact data they input with correct pic..etc. also want the adsense implemented but only really require a top and bottom and possibly 3rd if small and looks good to post to pages. This is only intended as a feature in another site so I want to be able to update the look as the site changes as well.. have about 100 custom pics to start so I want to be able to upload them to a folder and create template as easy as possible, save the data that is added as a new template that shows in the ¡§pick a template¡¨ dropdown. Each template input will save the correct settings for a default page for each photo as far as text font, color, size, tilt, etc. That is pretty much it. If you go to the websites you will see exactly what I want I think. Thanks for looking and if you have any questions please ask.

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