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1) I need some web work done.. I need a secure password protected area on my website with supplied transparent database engine template installed (I have this template from the merchant sample below and will provide you with this full sample when ready) . Our sales agents need to log into the secure area .Enter Sales to merchant, then get the response code whether or not the sale is approved or declined... a code is sent from the merchant that agent can view.. and print or save...

All information has to be saved that they have entered along with the response code for future use.

Then if you can make it searchable by date, customer, agent who entered it, phone number...ect.

example of transparent database

--Use of this integration template requires intermediate- to advanced-level programming capability. Transparent Database Engine Template is for merchants that securely collect and save ALL customer, order, shipping and credit card information. This is often done by merchants to automate shipping or for customer notifications.

The Transparent Database Engine Template allows merchants to process transactions from their web page without actually flipping the customer over to a page on the server. This requires the merchants web server to securely collect and save ALL customer, order, shipping and credit card information, to POST the transaction processing request to and to parse the response returned by for the status of each processed transaction.

In this case, the merchants' account number, the credit card number, the expiration month (01 thru 12), expiration year (last two digits), the transaction amount, the customers street address, zip code and email address need to be passed to the Secure Transaction Processing Server. Optionally, CVV2 information can also be passed for processing.

The required format of these variable are case sensitive


By default, theTransparent Database Engine Template outputs its' response in HTML format,wrapped in html and bodytags, which can often aid in testing. Sending the additional variable HTML set to No causes the template to output the response without the tags.

After the transaction has been processed, the bank response to the transaction, as well as the Address Verification System response, are output as follows:

also sample perl, asp, php available source code to assist developers in integrating Transparent Database Engine Template.


2)2nd thing.. I need info collected from 1st database here with ability to be edited, added to and searchable..

Any thoughts, suggestions.. Great! I am not glued to any specific way of what I need this is basic idea.. Maybe theres a software or script for this? I saw some database applications.. Like php / my sql things.. that can be used to make this.

You must make sure everything is secure and in a protected file or site.

Then I need all this database information transferred to a folder or section thats for company use only, not merchant use.. a database with the previous transparent engine information about the sales.. But the ability to make info searchable and the ability to add to it..

Any suggestions appreciated.

It will be for customer sales information and agent pay.

I hope it could do some of these things....:

Agent can only view their sales/ not able to delete record.

Agent may need to see sales made & add comments to it, add info for the payroll or other things... Maybe be able to pull up their sales by date range or customer info.

agent might have a comment on the customer.

agent has to insert their time and pay on each sale for payroll - example 12 mins X $agent pay rate = $XXXX then they can search for total by day, week, sale..

agent has to make a note if the customer is to be billed for another balance.

-View customers that are locked from making a sale or owe a balance..

-Form for agents to send comments/info to admin.


-admin to be able to view everything with one password

-Admin needs a record of everything so they can record sale and see if form is completed, agent is paid, agent pay amount. customer back balance, customer future balance..ect.

-admin can note back balance still due or back balance paid.

-admin needs to "check box" if form is completed, maybe a box "check box" agent is paid for this..

-Maybe it can search by customer name or phone number to show sales, or any notes on owed.. and bring information up so agent has it if customer calls for another sale.

-set certain permissions for users

form to send agent notes or comments


eventually I would like to have a private business community where agents can IM management and have a BOARD for topics, and secure email and all that stuff.. Time and attendace.. online status indicators...and all the works. and passwords to these databases. If you know of anything

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