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use same images, colours etc from [url removed, login to view] signup to our newsletter is person inserting his email in this box and list of emails is shown in admin area. this list is separate from list of hyips which will be listed also make another one email list, which should be logged one person makes a vote to program. he inserts the email to send the confirmation vote. so each email is logged and placed in admin area email list. if person use his same email second time, it is not logged twice, just once. left menu bar is can be moved or inserted by admin. simply admin creates page name and enables new page, and it appeares. also he adds texts from admin area top menu ALL LIST. this is the list of all programs which are paying, waiting, problem and not paying. sequence of the list is: 6 places goes the Premium listing programs, and then 7th is the oldest listed program..etc and last programs goes the newest listed programs. NEW LIST this is the list of the newest programs for 1 week. when program is 8 days old then it goes down and is removed from the list. Newest program goes to the top. NEWS news are written by admin. he inserts title and news text. date of news is shown. shown last 20 news. if it is not enough place for news, and page makes too long, then cut it into pages. ADVERTISE same as now Add your program Some text here inserted from admin area Add your text ad Some text here Add your banner Some text here Add left banner Some text here Premium Available Some text here Add program. hyip admin inserts all details and then he is redirected to e-gold payment cart. if he does not make payment, listing is not working and is not placed to admin area and not stored. admin sets the price of listing in admin area after he makes a payment, he receives a thank you page that listing is successfully comfirmed. program is stored but not shown for public. [url removed, login to view] listing admin goes to admin area and set status from OFFLINE to WAITING, and then listed program is shown in new listing in the top with status paying. also it is in the bottom of home page listed programs and bottom of all list with waiting status. after [url removed, login to view] admin receives daily payments from this one, then admin changes it status to PAYING. Also admin can set status PROBLEM or NOT PAYING. of program is set to not paying, then it goes to the bottom of the home page list and bottom of all list. if PROBLEM then it stays with PROBLEM status in the same place until admin changes that. rating button with html codes for webmasters to copy that to their website is shown in thank you page after the payment. Add your text ad. it is placed in right column as you see. admin sets the increment of text ad, for example 5usd. and if last text ad is 30usd, then next automatically will be 35usd and goes to the top. also admin can set increment of $20 or $2. also same purchase: fill the form, and then payment. if there is no payment, order is not stored. should be shown egold payment batch in admin area. but this add automatically goes online after the purchase, does not require any admin verification. just admin can edit text, url and delete it anytime he wants. Add your banner. do same everything as it is in example, just change text " ToolTip" to "Banner title". admin sets the price of the banner. as you can see now, hyip admin selects the amount of weeks he want and it is automatically shows the price how much hyip admin must pay. also banner is placed automatically to the website homepage center. also there should be 6 banner and all are rotated. all new banner are added to the rotation. Also please add one more advertise form: Add Top Stable banner. this banner should be placed under the rotating 6 banner and over the Premium listing. in the middle of the page. 468*60 also this banner is shown in each page as it is now: all list,new list, news,also in each program details page, in the top before the name of the program. this banner is stable and non-rotated in all pages. and it is shown then it will be available the next date near him in homepage. because it will be a bit of free space near it. order should be same as 6 rotated banners: info and then payment, and then automatical placement. also shown available date in advertise page also. Add left banner everything is same like text ads. price decides the place of banner 120*60 in left column under left menu. Premium Available do everything same as you see now. possitions, dates, and a drop list of all programs listed. also you can add some search box, to find. if the drop list is very long. hyip admin inserts the number of dates, find his program and makes the payment. and automatically it is moved from simple list to the premium. after his payment, date of next available date is extended, and then another hyip admin can also buy and reserve him a place in the future. [url removed, login to view] admin can delete the purchase and then next date will get back again to earlier date. if admin changes the premium listed program status to not paying, then listed program goes to the bottom to not paying programs, and his purchase is gone and his premium place becomes available to other hyip admins. -- Forum Admin can insert url here to some other pages. Blacklist all programs which are deleted from the system, goes here, with the name and url of program. Contact everything same as now. HOMEPAGE goes: Premium listing (6 programs) Normal listing (all paying, waiting, problem programs) Not paying listing (all with status not paying) admin decides the place of each listed programs. admin can see all programs in admin area and can increase each programs possition with arrows. one click makes one possition different. details of each program. it is shown stored web image. and all these thing which were inserted in signup form. just please make a more nice layout not like it is now. also important thing, that is shown the listed website inserted in program details above these details. people can browse listed website without going to that website, simple from [url removed, login to view] rate now button. same like now. voter must confirm its vote in his email with confirmation link. also make some kind of thing that one person from 1 ip or same email can vote each 24 hours. view rates. shown all rates and smiles, and ip in this format 235.456.12.*** admin comments. admin can write comments for each program from admin area. All list and News list shows same details with web image as it is now in homepage. note: admin can edit or delete everything, included listed programs, banners, premium listing, news etc.. about some images. please change the PAYING, WAITING, PROBLEM, NOT PAYING images to some others not like now. these images is like the status of each program. and also rating buttons. for example if you dont know what is that. [url removed, login to view] image should show separate program name and status. no need to insert earnings, dates or smth else. it redirects to the mentioned program details page in [url removed, login to view] i think you can use the image in the main image right side as the background of the button. insert somewhere lited program name and status, but [url removed, login to view] must be clearly seen. please make couple formats of these images. i will also email you one image i have more all payment e-gold batches are shown near each listed program, banner purchase or smth else. also admin sets all the prices from admin area and can change it anytime.

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, Delphi, MySQL, Perl, PHP, An ninh Web

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