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132606 Wifi-Wired Billing Software

Im looking for a Linux based internet / wifi/wired billing software for hotspots management without the need of any client side software installation or settings.

The Requirement are as follows

Centralized RADIUS Server (Should be linux)

PrePaid and PostPaid Packs Creation with PIN numbers.

Time/Volume/Bandwidth based Rate Plans

Unlimited Service configuration. (Enables different price plans, Service bundling, in addition to discount and bonus options).

Reseller Account support and reports.

Web Based Administration, Viewing Reports and user support.

Customer Self-Signup Plans, Registration.

Web based Customer login

MAC address automatic authentication

Redirection to provider's "Terms and Conditions" Page before access.

Configurable Portal Page for user access showing the providers logos and links.

Web Self Care module to enable users self account administration.

Logout keyword (user can type exit/logout/etc in the browser)

Configurable idle timeout (customers will be logged-out automatically if no response)

Free Access to Specified domains and websites.

MB Limitation based on user account or Mac address.

Bandwidth Limitation based on user account or Mac address.

Automatic session timed out, after the prepaid account is completed.

Balance minutes updated at real time on clients

Compatible with most Subscriber Gateways, access controllers, RADIUS enabled Access Points

Live reports, statistics and analysis

Reports on Bandwidth, Data Transfer, etc and export in CSV format.

In-built DNS, DHCP server and firewall support.

WPA (Wireless Protected Access) support

Multiple Service Support (wired and wireless)

Grouping and billing based on Wireless Access Points.

Banner Management for Portal Login Page, so we can add banners through Admin

Web-based Admin login

Self sign-up accounts with configurable initial airtime credits

Intelligent InfoBox showing users their session-related information (e.g. access minutes remaining, logout button, shopping-cart button, etc)

SMTP roaming - client PC does not have to change Outlook SMTP setting to send email

Different Authentication Modes - using username & password, anonymously (i.e. simply enter a shared secret inside the welcome portal to start surfing), Multiple Logins (new!) and RADIUS support

Use MAC as username - new mode of login that users only need to enter password. Also support passive login that users don't need to enter anything at all (e.g. useful in IP phone) (new!)

Bandwidth throttling - applying limits on bandwidth consumption globally or down to per-user level to stop network abuse

Client pass-through - allowing devices with certain MAC addresses to pass-through without login

Client Isolation - prevent clients PC from seeing one and other in My Network Places or Network Neighborhood

IP Block List - Block list which will block IP address range (useful for blocking Intranet)

Port Filtering - allows administrator to enable limited application access (e.g. web only)

Hotspot Printing - support of Internet Printing service PrinterOn for on site Hotspot printing

User Accounts

Create prepaid user accounts with username and password

User accounts are time limited, when session ends customer can continue browsing after buying additional time

Add time to account and print receipt

Unlimited time option (could be used to enable only bandwidth limits)

Set expiration date (starts from first account login)

Set allowed access hours for login

Account can be temporary disabled

Disable inactivity timeout (customer doesn't have to relogin after specified inactivity time)

Bandwidth Limit Control (Traffic Shaping Management)

Bandwidth limit is configured in Kb/s for each user account separately and represents speed of customer connection to the Internet. You Should be able sell high bandwidth accounts for additional fee or save more bandwidth for VIP customers. Example: set 10 KB/s for regular accounts and 100 KB/s for special accounts

Bandwidth Quota Control (Traffic Quota Management)

Bandwidth quota is configured in Mbytes for every account and represents total amount of traffic available to customer. Example: Customer can download 10 MB in one hour. If customer uses bandwidth quota and still has time left, additional bandwidth can be ordered

Different login pages for specific IP or MAC

You can create different login pages for different network segments. For example, wifi users connected to one access point will see one login page and users connected to second access point will see different login page

Packet Filter

You can specify IP and port blocking rules for outgoing traffic. For example disable IP addresses [url removed, login to view] to [url removed, login to view] and port range 10-100. This will prevent access to mail, ftp, web servers in specified IP range. Option can be used to limit only specific services, like limit ftp or email usage by blocking these ports and setting range to large segment.

SMTP Roaming

Enable sending E-mails from any email client software without having to change smtp server. Traffic from port 25 is redirected to your own E-mail server. This option solves problem when customer ISP require connecting to their own line to send E-mails.

URL Filtering

Block access to web sites that contains specified keywords in url address. You can prevent access to porn, warez etc.

URL Tracking

Log URL addresses that customers visit along with their username, IP, date and time, and notification if access was allowed or blocked

MAC Whitelist

Enable specified computers (identified by MAC address of network card) to pass-through the HotSpot gateway without authentification. For example: allow some computers from your cafe to pass login page if these computers already use Interent Caffe management software. Other computers, like WiFi Laptops will still be redirected for login

Web Site Whitelist

Customer can browse specified web sites without authentification. You can set up company web site or web site with advertisements which will be free for all customers. If custoemer wants to find out more, login will be required


Check out earnings for a specified time period, computer or employee. Export data as pdf, html, csv or text report. You can filter database by date, action, username, computer IP or MAC address

Activity Log

HotSpot stores different actions performed by employees or customers, including sales, session start and stop, time of login attempts etc. Database is encoded and protected from unauthorized modifications

Create Prepaid Tickets

Create user accounts in advance and print them as tickets. You can sell such tickets on counter, receiption, using vending machine etc.

Charge Additional Time

When customer runs out of time, extra minutes or hours could be added to existing account.

Charge Additional Bandwidth

The same applies for bandwidth. Additional MBytes are specifies in blocks like 1 MB cost $1.00, 5 MB cost $3.00 etc.


Very flexible tax system will fit in any country tax regulation.


Configure receipts to show your company logo, hotspot name, header and footer. Optionally print date and time on receipt

Employee Accounts

Every employee has his own account (username and password) which is used for HotSpot login. Employee activity is also logged with the time and type of action performed.


It's a popup browser window which shows time remaining on user account and bandwidth quota left

Instant Keywords

Customer can type INFO or LOGOUT to quickly show InfoBox or to finish his session. Account is updated and time left stored for future use

Multiple Location Support

Able Connect all your hotspots in one network and you can use the same database. Your customers will be able to use their remaining time in any of the hotspot locations. Just imagine large resort which provides UTP connection in every room and has several access points in restaurants, loby etc.

SHould be easy to install and configure, should be easy to modify or upgrade for more facilities

Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, MySQL, Perl, PHP, SQL, Quản trị hệ thống

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