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php and mysql customization: vtigercrm hosting set up

I would like to have a system to basically do 3 things:

1) allow a user to fill in a couple of things

2) create a new vtigercrm-subfolder and corresponding mysql db for the companyname they've entered at [[url removed, login to view]][1] and to create two more pages with specific information and lastly

3) to log in to Google Analytics (with credentials the user has provided) every night and check whether the utm_source variable for the day before contained one e-mail address that is also in the [url removed, login to view] account-db-table.

I'll explain in more detail below.

## Deliverables

I would like to have a system to basically do 3 things (with the appropriate checks that things that are supposed to be unique, really are unique, and that mandatory fields are filled in)

1) allow a user to at [url removed, login to view] fill in:

a. companyname (without spaces or other characters than a-z, only small letters and UNIQUE)

b. admin-username

c. admin-pwd and

d. upload a logo at specified size (not mandatory, a default one can be used)

e. e-mailaddress of administrator

f. mobile phone number of administrator

g. e-mailaddress of company spokesperson

h. Full name of Spokes Person (first and last name)

i. Full name of company if different than companyname under a. and with correct capital/small letters.

j. Address of the company

k. zip-code

l. city

m. state if applicable (NOT mandatory)

n. country

o. primary sales phone number for company (not Mandatory)

p. primary sales e-mail address for company

q. primary web-page of company

s. suggested text to show at "remember-to-confirm" page (textarea: 250 characters)

t. suggested text to show at "thank-you" page (textarea: 250 characters)

u. google analytics login name

v. google analytics pwd

w. google analytics web-page report name if different from q above.

on web-page, and when submitted, a new page will show that tells that it is automatically set up and how long time it is expected to take. What is automatically set up is a vtigercrm-installation (including its MySQL database) is set up as a sub-folder to my server like: [url removed, login to view] (companyname naturally being replaced by the unique value entered in a. Also, the company settings profile will be filled in with the appropriate information from above (including logo d) at [url removed, login to view] , and also the logo of the company itself (d) will be used instead of the vtigercrm logo.

2) set up custom:

i. one page on [url removed, login to view] with logo d first, then text s, and code from aweber (see attachment) in order to capture web-visitors data PLUS one UNIQUE ACCOUNTID in order to create an unassigned ACCOUNT (not lead) in [url removed, login to view]

ii. one page on [url removed, login to view]: with logo d first, then text t.

iii. E-mail:

A. the three created web-pages(the two above and the [url removed, login to view] and

B. check that you can log into the analytics account and then mail the answer (log in possible or not) and the three web-pages and send those and all the details a.-w. to crm-support@[url removed, login to view]

C. the login-credentials and the site-name: [url removed, login to view] and whether it is possible to log in to the Google Analytics account also to the admin-user (e)

iv. use a version of the vtigercrm from a subversion repository where the latest stable code of vtigercrm is used, PLUS the extra features: a clickable link have been added to all phonenumbers according to: [url removed, login to view] directed to the value: $value = '<a href="sip:'.$tel.'@[url removed, login to view]">'.$temp_val.'</a>';

and if there is no SIP-client to be launched locally, then to display the error message: "If you install the software that you can buy at [url removed, login to view] on your PC, you will be able to call users with just a click"

3) the system should also login to the google analytics account once per night (using cron job that needs to be set up on the server) and search utm_source variable for any corresponding e-mail in accounts-database in [url removed, login to view] (where any odd characters that may be put when adding an e-mailaddress that shall be picked up in a URL are regexped away, so we can be sure it's a corresponding e-mailaddress to one in the accounts-database-table) and if there is a match, then add that e-mail-address as a LEAD in [url removed, login to view] and add vtigercrm "lead-source" as being the URL viewed that has been fetched from Google Analytics.

A simple admin-page will be needed where a list of all the "companyname"s that have been set up are listed and where it is possible for us to manually edit the entries that will be applied to the respective company's crm-db and to add a corrective google analytics account if the first didn't work.

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