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141579 CRON Task & File Conversion

This project should be quick and easy work for any professional programmer who firstly has a good understanding of setting up and possibly writing a script for CRON JOBS to be set up as a scheduled daily task, and secondly for a competent programmer who has a good understanding of converting php files to html files to enable me to work on my site in Microsoft FrontPage.

The site is an Online Poker Forum - Blog - News Website all combined into one [url removed, login to view]

Out of pure interest, the Google page rank for this site has recently dropped from a PR4 to a PR3 as a result of numerous disruptive transfer attempts from the previous server over the past 7 weeks. The transfer has now been successfully completed and I am currently hosting [url removed, login to view] at Godaddy on a shared hosting account using the Dedicated IP Address:

There are however, two main problems with the site which I need the winning bidder to sort out for me, as follows:


There is an automatic Poker News Feed that updates daily with new, fresh poker content. The news should then be stored in a Poker Archives - which adds to the site's content daily then at the end of each month, the whole month's daily archive is then sent to another archive for that particular month.

The previous programmer (referred to as Techone) ignores my messages asking for assistance and appears to have abandoned the project. The last I heard from him was four days ago when he said "The news is showing but is not being added to the archives. I can't fix this problem because the script is encrypted. Sorry, T1" .

On the old server the news was updated automatically meaning that every day the news from the day before was being sent to the Poker News Archives if you click on `Poker News' at the header of this site.

At the end of the month the complete month was then sent to another archives (Archives by month) if you click on `Archives' at the header of this site.

It was all working great on the old server and I need it to do the same for the future on the Godaddy server.

The last news archive was sent on 19th May and I was advised by the previous programmer who as I have mentioned has since abandoned this project, that it was set as a scheduled daily task on the previous server and that I'd have to visit [url removed, login to view] to have the update script run.

I asked Godaddy Support Staff to set up a scheduled CRON task for my account, to run [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] in order for the daily news to be sent to the news archives. Godaddy responded saying that unfortunately cron jobs are not permitted on shared hosting accounts and therefore if I wish to setup CRON tasks, I will have to purchase either a dedicated or virtual dedicated hosting plan.

I would like to avoid changing my hosting plan if at all possible because the website [url removed, login to view] has taken 7 weeks to be properly set up under the present nameservers of the shared hosting account at Godaddy and everything is working well apart from the news not being sent to the archives.

I therefore need the winning bidder to advise on whether there is another way around sending the news to the archives on a daily basis without purchasing a different hosting plan. A special script perhaps ?

If purchasing a virtual dedicated hosting plan from Godaddy is the only option, then as a last resort I will do so, but I will then need the winning bidder to set up the site for me for the new nameservers and any other settings necessary associated with the hosting plan upgrade in order for the site to run properly. Cron Jobs will then be permitted by the new hosting plan and I would need them to be set up correctly to send the daily and monthly news to their respective archives.


I need to be able to work on the site [url removed, login to view] in Microsoft FrontPage. The previous programmer advised me that FrontPage server extensions had been installed and that I could open and work on the site in FrontPage using the Primary FTP User login details which I had set with Godaddy. I am able to open the site [url removed, login to view] in FrontPage using these FTP login details but I can't work on any of the files other than the `archives' which has an `[url removed, login to view]' file.

Since the previous programmer transferred the site over to Godaddy from the old server, I can't find the the html files in FrontPage for the following:-

`Home', `Discussion Forum', `Directory', `Poker News' and `Poker Glossary'.

When I open the site in FrontPage, I can't for the life of me find these files to be able to work on them. For example, the main thing I want to do on all of the above mentioned pages is remove the Zango Cash Sex Ads and replace it with a link to another poker website of mine, plus include a photo of myself, but I can't find these [url removed, login to view] files to be able to work on them.

Just to clarify the FrontPage problem :-

1.) `Home Page' from what I can see is represented by `[url removed, login to view]' and not `[url removed, login to view]' as it should be for me to be able to work on in FrontPage. All I get when I open `[url removed, login to view]' is just the following 3 lines of code which are of no use to me whatsoever and therefore I cannot work on the `Home Page' for this site at all.

Short and sweet

define('WP_USE_THEMES', true)

require('./wordpress/[url removed, login to view]')

2.) `Archives' is fine and has an `[url removed, login to view]' which I can open successfully and work on in FrontPage. I need all the others to be just like this with an `[url removed, login to view]' and not as they presently are with an `[url removed, login to view]' (showing only code which can't be worked on and previewed in FrontPage).

I have discovered that the files affected with this `[url removed, login to view]' issue are therefore `Home', `Discussion Forum', `Directory' and `Poker News'. All of these need to have an `[url removed, login to view]'.

3.) `Poker Glossary' cannot be found anywhere so I can't see whether it's index page is a `php' or an `html' file. The winning bidder must advise on where the files for `Poker Glossary' are located, since everything is working fine when you visit the website, so they must be somewhere.

I therefore need the winning bidder to be capable of converting the files from php to html so that I can work on them and preview them properly in FrontPage. It is quite possible that there is something I am not seeing correctly here, and that maybe these files don't need to be converted, but in that case I still need the winning bidder to advise on where these [url removed, login to view] files are located so that I can preview and work on them in FrontPage (Particularly the main [url removed, login to view] home page for the site).

I know that the previous programmer who transferred the site (referred to as Techone) had pointed out that the old server was using _vti_cnf encoding and instructions, which were most likely ruining frontpage components and file paths on the new server. He explained he was moving encoded files as well so that the site wouldn't experience any more errors. He said he also had to recompile all the images from the old server to get rid of the _vci_cnf encoding, but they are fine now. He also reported fixing a linking system problem that the site had by reuploading updated shtml redirects and mod-rewrite files when the site was pointed towards the new nameserver at Godaddy, so I don't know whether he has messed things up with the shtml redirect issue and maybe that's why I can't open and work on the home page [url removed, login to view] file maybe ? He was also bragging that he was the only programmer who was able to get FrontPage and WordPress to run on the same server, so I don't know if he's done any damage there either ? I therefore need someone who understands all this jargon to look into it and advise / sort out for me !!

This previous programmer still continues to ignore my messages asking for assistance on where the files are located and how to work on all of the above mentioned files in FrontPage without the [url removed, login to view] files, which was my main objective for him at the onstart of the site transfer project that he was involved with. He obviously doesn't have a clue what he's done wrong and would therefore have no idea on how to go about fixing the site, so he figures it's easier to just take the easy way out and run away from the problem, leaving it to the true professionals to sort out and fix.

Upon commencement of this project I will supply the winning bidder with the necessary login details for the Godaddy server where [url removed, login to view] is presently being hosted and I'll need this sorted ASAP, since although the site is up and running perfectly, it's useless to me at the moment if I can't modify it or work on it. Also, every day that goes by, I'm losing valuable news which should be sent straight to the archives increasing the site's content on a daily basis.


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