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151008 Custom Template, php error fix

Firstly, I would like a daily reports and if all goes well I would like to see if I could use you again in the future, I like to keep working with the same people. I have a few other projects seperate from this also. Thanks.

Okay, let me break this down for you.

I have two Social Networking websites:

I would first like new skins (themes, templates whatever you want to call them) for each site. So one of the skins must be written in one software and another one written in the other social networking software and must have new startup pages (frontpages) that are relavent to the subject. I have a few logo's for each that I could give you, but I would prefer new ones. I am very opinionated so please dont' hesitate to ask me if I like something if you want. Both sites are pretty self explanitory.

In general for both sites, I'm looking for fun looking templates. A lot of sites look very boring and business like, I don't want that. I don't want a kids site, but an exciting looking site. I'm not a big fan of flash openings, just to let you know. I've heard google doesn't like them. Bright colors, simple looking with nice big buttons so users know exactly where they are and aren't confused. Also, I don't want the CSS colors just be changed. I can do that myself. I don't want people to be able to tell what software I'm using. Right now its very obvious what I'm using, I want it to at least look like its a custom software. I can get you examples if you like.

Well firstly I think there are errors sending email on both sites. I might have fixed it by setting crons (i think thats what its called), but I'm not sure. If you could test the mail and mass mail from both sites to see if people are receiving it.


There are a few errors on each site and few things I would like changed.

On Site #1

I'm pretty sure that most of my problems with this site are permission issues. There are several sections that just don't work. Like the Blogs, Events, Classifieds, Email, Clubs and maybe more. You can see these, but when you submit them or try and use them and save things it goes to a blank page or doesn't do anything. Please try creating something on each of these pages to recreate this problem.

Also in Site#1 in the Forum, when you make a post in a thread that is already started, the post isn't pushed to the top of that category, so there is no way for anyone to see that post unless they scroll down through the thread manually. In most forums, when you reply to someone elses post, your post is visable and pushed to the top. The only way now to be visible is to create a new thread. To test this, reply to a thread thats already there and you'll see that on the forum board, your name doesn't show up.

Now I know that with Site#1 you can use a seperate forum (phpbb, Vb etc...) and intergrate it, but, apparently it is stand alone only so people would have to login twice. I don't want that, I want one site, where people can login once and access all there stuff. If you can find a way of intergrating the 100% databases successfully then I would consider it. I do have a Vbulletin license so I would prefer that. But like I said, only if you can do that.

Okay and the "chat" section has a flash window popup and in the top left corner you'll see there is an icon that says "chat, SOFTWARE NAME". I have been able to get rid of all the other places in the site where it says "Software Name", but not this one, because it's in flash. Is there anyway to get rid of that word safely so it still works?

On Site#2

The music/videos mod doesn't work. It doesn't show up at all. Not on the menu at the top, and I had a programmer try and fix it, and I'm not exactly sure what he did with it, but I think the files are still there. I'm not sure what else to say about this, other than it doesn't show up.

HTML doesn't seem to work in posts or blogs here. If you try creating a blog and throwing in a little html to space things or bold things or whatever and then save it, then nothing happens. Its like you just typed plain text. I think this might be a permissions thing again. To recreate this one, try creating an event or a blog, add some html like spacing or bold and then try and save it. It looks fine when you preview it, but when you go and look at it after its published, the html doesn't kick it and it's just plain text.

Also, I would like to be able to make blogs, events and certain usernames private. At the moment, when you make a blog or an event everyone can see it and it gets posted on the front automatically. I would like to have an option for people to be able to have private blogs and events and classifieds, and also private username information for those under the age of 15. At the moment the only private thing you can do is make a private group. I would like to give the option for people to make stuff private if they want. There is a mod out there for this at the moment online I think.

Well, thats it.

These are the exact details of the job.

Only bid if you are avaiable and can do the job for your bid price.

Winner must respond within a few hours of bid closing so I can get started, or I will move on to the next programmer, I'm in a hurry!

If you pmb me with your portfolio or experience or what you can do, you have a better chance of winning. I like a lot of detailed communication.


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