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Hi Skiv, I have made it a featured offer so now hopefully we can talk.

I need to create a 3 x 10 forced matrix. I thought it would be simple enough to just buy the software from a few places I found online. The first place was the same place Peter went and that software never worked. I then went to another "inetsoftware" and it seems to work and go well but then when I did some test the commission payouts were going to the wrong people and it is not doing the forced matrix thing. He has been trying to find out the problem for 10 days now.

Now I am two weeks late on my launch. So I am in a time crunch. Also there are three important parts of the script that I need.

First should be easy. I want people to only fund the account with e-gold and I want to pay out commissions with e-gold.

Second one - My sign up is $75.80 (which includes e-gold fees). It is a one time payment. So there are no reoccuring monthly charges and it is a loan program with a matrix commission a part of the incentive to sign up and get both a short term profit from the matrix and a long term profit from the loan program. You can see the site at www.globalfilmfund.com. When you see the site I would like to keep the template design which is mine. Now to the request, I know for a fact that some people are going to want to loan more than $75.80. Some have mentioned $2000 to $5000. And the deal that I am offering is that for every $75.80 loan you get one placement in the referral commission matrix. So with a regular forced matrix, if someone loaned $5,000 they would have to sign up about 66 times at $75.80 each to get all the referral matrix positions or I will have to do it manually. The people won't do this and I would prefer not too unless there was a way I could do it quickly in the back office. BUT WHAT I WOULD REALLY LIKE. Is it possible for you to write a script where they can put in the number of $75.80 loans they want to fund and then the script automatically signs them up for the number of matrix placements that they paid for. For example, some signs up to funds (30)$75.80 loan packs as we call them. Then the script tells them that will be $2,274. Then they agree to that and after the person has paid for that and filled out the required information, JUST ONCE, and then the script automaticall signs them up for 30 referrals. Probably the easiest then would be for the script to assign to each referral matrix the same username but with a number from 1 to 30 after it and the same password but with 1 to 30 after it also.

Lastly, I need this within a day or two. Not asking for much huh :)

Gary Nice

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