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Improve the sales management of my website

I need a programmer to improve the management and functionality of my website. My website is HTML based and its got a sales system on it, I also have a shopping cart available in PHP. I need you to help me to make the website with the sales to run automatically by itself. It�s like this: I want to run my website only by changing the products on it, or ad more text or some pictures, just simple and basic things because the website don�t have much more to do, the major thing is with the sales. I need you to make the sales run by itself in a way that I just have to insert the products that I want to sell, could have or not a sample that could be a simple image or a video sample, with the price, descriptions and a few more specifications. Then it will be added and upload to the server, from that on it will be available to sell, so far so good.

To buy the product the buyer needs to sign in, or needs to register so it needs to create automatically a database of all the buyers and members. That database must be simple and easy to manage in a simple software (it could be an text editor or could be a Microsoft Access type of program), because, I need to use it to know who are my clients to create a client�s file.

After they purchase (after they pay the product) the product will be downloaded, so it also must be automatic and hacker free system.

If the buyer purchased a product that it�s not downloadable for example a cd, he only pays and order so I should receive an email or notice with the details of the buyer, in order to send him the product.

On the case that they purchase the product and download it the website needs to invoice the receipt (only for downloading products), so this also has to be automatic. Must be able for me to change the details of the receipt.

At the end of each day I should receive a complete report about the sells, how many, which products were sold, from where (country/region, etc.)

I must be able to change easily all the prices, put or change the promotions and the website will accept and manage all the changes on the prices and sales system and also receipts.

The buying system must be kept very simple and easy to understand, you can ad all the payments methods as long as:

- They are reliable and work well all the time

- Hacker free solutions/system available

- Easy to make the payments

- Credible

The site administration must be very simple, very easy to understand and manage.

I don�t need you to redesign the layout of my website because I�ve done it. Just use what I have to make it better, more effective, more efficient, more automatic and more self-sufficient, you can use my shopping cart and manage it in order to become effective and perfect for this purpose.

You could ad some Joomla based if you want to or similar but needs to be easy to manage from a MAC or you can use any other type of structure as long as you can make it like the requirements and implemented with my HTML pages.

So my routine work should be:

- check the sales

- receive the daily reports,

- check the website if it�s efficiently working online or not

- ad new or more products or remove other ones

- and that�s it.

You have to tell me which ways are better to make a secure payment, I want to avoid risks with the transactions, tell me the best solutions for payments. I have trough paypal page, To make purchase they will have to login to Paypal to finalize the purchase to my paypal account which makes the purchase secure thru the Paypal https server, when the purchase is final. They will then be taken to a download link once paypal approves the purchase. The screen will tell them something like "Click to Continue With Purchase". Then they will have an automatic 1 time download

To become a member/register - After sign up for membership, a code is sent to member e-mail. This will be initial password. They can change it after entering the site.

This is good but if you have better suggestions and more secure tell me.

Remember I�m open to any ideas about how to improve the website and the sales, how to make it better, more effective, more efficient, more automatic, more self-sufficient.


I work with a MAC not a PC, I have the TACO HTML editor I don't know if it's very similar with the PC ones, but consider that difference and tell me if it will be different from a PC editor.


Please read before bid this project:

- Tell me the full price job, because that's the way I want to work this project.

- Make sure you understand, know if you can make and complete this project.

- Tell me everything I should know, all the advices, all the steps etc, about what is going to happen with this project and/or how to improve it.

- I need a 100% quality work and expert.

- In order to have a professional job completed, after the project is done you need to give me 2 months of warranty and provide technical support and in order to be able to detect any problem or bug on the programming. This way if I have any problems dealing with the administration of the website you can help me until I understand how does it works. If you're a real professional and efficient programmer you won't have problems with this if you do a perfect work.

- Need a serious and honest programmer/designer so we don't get any problem or trouble in the future, I will only pick a programmer that can show me a great experience on this area by the curriculum, better feedback and ranking.

- I need to see the project wile you're doing it, keep me updated.

- For the product and its source codes you've done with me, you promise NOT to develop any project BASED ON THIS SOURCE CODES, unless you are invited/hired by me.

- You promise that you will not show to public any info about the product that you've worked with me.

- If you have been selected to complete this project, we'll see wile you're doing it if the quality of the work is according with my requests, if it's not I will reject you asap with notice.

- In a way of doing an excellent work and better understand the idea of this project, you can ask me all the questions that you really need to know.

- At the end of the project you will have to give me the product finished, with the project open source file and a tutorial in a word file or other type of format with all the steps, description and screenshots explaining how to make the changes by myself.

- Don't bid if you're not able to do my entire project.

Thank you

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