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160556 Madden Cash Tournaments

_XBOX 360 Cash Tournaments_ Madden 08

Introduction 1

Signing Up 2

After Signing Up 2.1

Gamercard 2.2

Scheduling 3

Paying/Receiving Money 4

Determining Winners 5

Submitting a Game/Result 6

Finding/Creating a Match 7

Creating Single Game 7.1

Tournaments 7.2

‘Game Finder' Page 8

‘Join Now' Page 9

Admin Control 10

Forums 11

User Inbox 12

1) Introduction

Basically this will be a website to allow people who already have a XBOX 360, XBOX Live, and Madden 08 (the newest football game) to find competition. Users will be able to find tournaments and single matches against other players on my site. The only different is it will be for cash prizes (open to the USA and Canada [in some states it is illegal to participate in this, so it will only be available to certain states]).

2) Signing Up

It will be free to sign up. When you sign up, you will have to give the following information:

Name: (first/last)

Address: (street/city/state/country)

Age: (must be 18)

Phone: (phone number)

Email: (valid email used for logging in)

Password: (they will need to sign in to access their profile)

XBOX 360 Gamertag: (their username on XBOX Live)

2.1) After Signing Up

Registered users will have a "Gamercard" on this website. This is their personal page. This page allows other users to see how they have done in the past. This will show wins, loses, controversy (i.e. cheating). Admin will need the ability to ban users from challenging others (if there is too much controversy) or ban them from the site completely.

2.2) Gamercard

The Gamercard will display who the user has played last. You should be able to click on the opponents name to view their profile. I want a spot (i.e. a box area), which will display the users last 5 matches. At the bottom you can click “See All” to see all of the matches.

I would like a link to “Upcoming Matches” on each person's Gamercard. By clicking this, it will redirect you to a page that shows you what matches you have coming up. I want this page to show the opponents name, the game settings (including entry fee) and scheduled time and date (see scheduling).

3) Scheduling

I don't know the best way to go about this so I'm open to suggestions. Basically, users need a way to communicate and agree on a time and date to play.

Possibly ideas: …..?

- An inbox for each user, allowing them so send and receive messages

- A chat box allowing the users (restricted to the users involved possibly?) to suggest times to each other until a time is reached.

- A mini discussion board for each match created (possibly with preset threads (like a Scheduling thread)

4) Paying/Receiving Money

Before a registered user can play a game, he/she has to deposit money into their account. I don't know what the best method of this is, whether it's PayPal or credit card (both would be great). After a winner is determined (see “Determining Winners”), the winners' account will be credited with their winnings (minus a 10% service charge that goes to the website/me).

5) Determining Winners

Since there is no way for me to check, this website is based on the honor system. After a game is completed, the winner is to submit the score on the website. The opponent will confirm the game on the website. If a losing opponent does not confirm the game within 48 hours, the win will be credited. There can be controversy if a losing player claims he/she won. In the case of a controversy, each opponent will be asked to provide indisputable evidence (i.e. a screenshot of the score and players). *There will be a notice to everyone who plays a game to take a picture of the final score, which will also display the players who played, in case there is controversy*. If a user has reported controversy, but lost (i.e. the opponent has a picture of the score and they won), this will be noted in his or her Gamercard for everyone to see. If a user has lost three cases of controversy in a month, they will be banned from the site indefinitely. If there is controversy and there is no clear evidence of who won, both accounts will be credited with their entry fee (minus the 10% service charge).

6) Submitting a Game/Result

After a game is complete, the users will have to submit who has won. Possibly go to the “My Matches” section and there will be a link to “Submit Outcome”. Once one user has submitted an outcome, when the opponent logs onto the site, they will have a new message asking to confirm the outcome or report controversy.

7) Finding/Creating a Match

You can find matches in the “Game Finder” section.

7.1) Creating Single Game

Everyone will be able to create a match. They have to click “Create Match” to create a match. This will take them to a page to create a match. They will be able to change the following settings:

Skill Level: (Drop down menu [Amateur/Pro/All-Pro/All-Madden])

Injuries: (On/Off)

Entry Fee: (Enter the amount to play)

+ Service Charge: (Automatically adds 10% [Goes to the website/me]

Total Cost: (Automatically adds up the total [‘Entry Fee' + ‘Service Charge'])

Create Match (a button to finalize everything debits users account of the Total cost and puts it into a neutral account).

Other Rules: (text box)(this is where the host can post additional rules [i.e. Certain team use etc.])

Once a game is created, it will appear on the “Game Finder” list.

7.2) Tournaments

I want to be able to create tournaments as well. There are two ways I could go through with this. I want to be the only one to create tournaments. I want the “Create Tournament” page for me to be fairly similar to the “Create Match” page. However, I will be the one to choose the settings and I want the ability to allow different numbers of users to sign up (i.e. 4, 8, 16, 32). This will also show the payout for the respective finishes (i.e. first $200, second $25)

Once a tournament is full, I need it to randomly set up game matches (if possible). I also need it to randomly put the teams in order (i.e. 1-16 [if there are 16 users]), which will be the draft order for users to pick their team to use through the whole tournament.

Possibly have a mini discussion board for each tournament, which allows them to post what teams they have picked, etc.

8) ‘Game Finder' page

This will allow users to find a match. All of the created matches will appear here in a list form.

-- The columns across the top are as follows

Created By ……. Entry Fee ………. Settings. Join Now

“Created By” – Gives the username of the person who created the match.

“Entry Fee” – Shows how much it costs to participate.

“Settings” – A link to display the settings.

“Join Now” – Allows you to participate (as long as the use has enough money to cover the entry fee.

9) ‘Join Now' Page

Once a user clicks to join an already created match, it will take them here. This is just a confirmation page. It will list out the match settings (previously determined by the user who created it). At the bottom will be the entry fee + the service charge and then a confirm button. Once they click the confirm button, their account will be debited into the neutral account.

**I need some way of the two users to communicate with each other to set up a date and time to play. Very open to suggestions.

10) Admin Control

After the completion of a game and the users have reported the win/loss, I want to be notified (i.e. email, popup?) so I can credit the winner sooner rather then later.

I need to be able to Ban users and IP addresses.

I want to be notified when there is controversy too.

Basically I want to be notified for everything that's going on in the website.

11) Forums

I want forums so users can talk about the game or whatever they want. Post their thoughts and ideas.

12) User Inbox

It would be nice to have an inbox for each user where they can send each other messages. Also, have a automated system to send a user a message if someone has challenged them, accepted their challenged, or submitted a score.

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