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140068 PHP WordPress Plugin Fix

Hi there I am a beginner/intermediate PHP programmer and I have developed a WordPress Plug-In for one of my blogs and for some other people and this is the project where the work needs to be finished, there are some bugs with the script and there are some features that I would like to implement but since I am short on time and don't know exactly how to go about advancing this plugin I thought I would outsource it to another programmer.

The script is a basic article scraper, it has a few simple fields that the user fills out, the first field is a Keyword field, when the keyword field is filled out and the script is run, it goes to a single website does a search with that user specified keyword, returns all the articles (right now about 30 per keyword), strips out any and all links, then publishes that article as a WordPress post.

The second field is a drop down list for the category the user wishes to have the posts created under (Category is filled by a mySQL database that WordPress uses) and the last two fields are a Website URL field and a Anchor Text field, when the user fills in both of these two fields a hyperlink is created at the bottom of the post with the website URL that the user specified and the anchor text that they also specified.

The current bugs that I know about right now are a "Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in *PATH* on line 368." which is caused when the script cannot find any articles for the keyword the user has specified and another bug is a "404 Page Not Found Error" when using the /%postname%/ permalink structure of wordpress.

So the first thing I need is these bugs fixed up, I need it to be WordPress 2.2 Compatible, I need it tested to make sure there are no other bugs that need to be fixed (basically need it to run with no problems/errors).

The second thing I would like is a post scheduler so the user can say post 10 posts every 24 hours, or they can say post 2 posts every hour, hours should go up to 48 and the post amount should be whatever the user specifies.

I also need a loading message when the script is running and when the script finishes have it display a success message with the loading message gone, there is already a loading message but it does not go away once the script is done loading. Another problem with the script is that it runs quite slow, I need it optimized better to speed it up.

I would also like to make it so they can enter in any website URL, and several words (as anchor text), when it finds one of those words in the article it will make it a hyperlink with the website URL specified, but only have it post one hyperlink per article, if they specify more then one word to make a link with their website URL then the next post will be that other word and so on, still only having one hyperlink per article posted, but if for instance it searches the article and does not find the word, then have the link posted at the end of the article in this type of format "More information can be found at 'HYPERLINK'".

The Website URL and the anchor text fields can be optional so the user is not required to fill those two entries.

The script should Avoid duplicate entries into the database, also when the post is made everything should update in WordPress as normal(Category Post Count Increases, Post Names Correct, ect...).

I also need it to check to see if the scraped article is at least 200 words and if not then don't post it.

The last thing is the script only pulls from one article source, I would like to include more sources to keep the returned articles as closely matched to the search term as possible.

I've got some other ideas for this script as well and I don't exactly know how I should work it into the max bid price of this project, what I'm about to mention can or can not be done by you, but if you make a bid can you please let me know if you will include this last feature for that price, if not then that is ok.

The feature I was wondering about is there someway to do URL tracking with it, so for instance each post will have one user specified hyperlink in the article, now if another website takes this article and posts it with that hyperlink still in tact... is there a way to let us know in our own script Interface which other website has posted that article with our link still inside?, and then maybe have an overall total of all sources, while still having the option of knowing which other website has posted this work with our links? (Basically some sort of URL tracking system).

That is everything and thank you very much for taking the time to read this and/or bid on the project. If you need any additional information please let me know.

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