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I need a PHP/ mysql script built and installed on my server. The script will have 3 major functions.. A listing section, an agent section, and a agent journal. This script is going to be used for real estate company.

It will be designed to show the property listings, show the agents, and the agents journal.

The basic functions are that the site owner has a master admin panel. The master admin needs to have the ability to do the following:

add, edit and remove agents

add, edit and remove listings

NOTE: The master admin does not need a login we just need to put it in it's own folder so that I can password protect it on the server.

Once an agent has been created, the agent can access their agent admin page and have the ability to do do the following:

add, edit, and remove entries from their journal.

NOTE: The agent admin does not need a login either. We just need to make sure it's in it's own folder (separate even from the master admin folder) so I can

password protect the folder on the server. That way all the agents have the same password and it simplifies things.

\\\\\\\AGENT FIELDS\\\\\\\\\\

The fields for Adding and Editing an agent are:

10 Photo fields ( this needs to compress the image file sizes and make them a specific physical size as well.. and yes gd is install on the server. There

needs to be a way to remove or replace individual images when editing an agent.

Name (text field)

Position ( text field)

Area of specialty (text field)

phone (text field)

email (text field)

bio (text box for paragraphs)

Deleting an agent: When deleting and agent they would click delete agent then select their name in a drop down.

\\\\\\\\LISTING FIELDS\\\\\\\\\

The listing fields for Adding and Editing a property listing are:

title - (text field)

agent (drop down that selects one of the created agents)

state - category (needs to be a drop down) must have a dynamic way in the admin add and remove states. Also needs to be able to add an image too each state

to represent it.

County - (This is a sub category of state) - must have a dynamic way in the admin to add and remove categories under each state.

property type - (drop down field) - must be a dynamic way in the admin to add and remove property types.

timber - number field (needs to work with decimals)

tillable - number field (needs to work with decimals)

crp acres - number field (needs to work with decimals)

other acres - number field (needs to work with decimals)

tillable income (text field)

crp income (text field)

hunting lease income (text field)

short description (small text box for a few sentences)

long description (large text box for large paragraph content)

bullet list 10 text fields that show up in with bullets on the detailed listing page.

Images: 30 fields for adding images (their needs to be a way to remove or replace images in the edit listings page. These file sizes need to be compressed by the script and accept jpg and jpeg images and make them a specific size.

\\\\\\\\\AGENT JOURNAL\\\\\\\\\

The agent journal needs these fields for adding and editing

First the agent selects a name from a drop down list to edit their own journal.

Once they select their name they get the following fields..

Title -(text field)

Article - (text box for paragraphs)

Date - automatically generated

Here is the information on how the pages will display the information.

|||||||||THE AGENT PAGE|||||||||||

We will have an agent page. This will show the first image uploaded as the one representing them. It will also show the other fields for that agent.

At the bottom of their info it will have a link that says (view my journal) which takes them to that agents journal. It will also have a link that says view

my photos. This will open up in a new window (with no toolbar) with a next previous so they can see all the photos that we added for that agent. It will also have a link that

says view my listings. which takes them to a page that shows all that agents property listings.

Each agent will be listed down the page on the same page.

||||||||THE JOURNAL PAGE||||||||||

This page will show all the journal listings for the agent but will show the last 20 journal entries then it will go to a page 2 and 3 and so on..

at the top and bottom of the page will have a link that says "Back to the Agents".

||||||||THE LISTING PAGE|||||||||

We are going to need 2 different versions of the listing page..


The opening page will show the states In this case their will probably be 3 states but it could be more depending on what we put in the admin.

The visitor would click a state (the link or the image representing the state). and it would take them to the next page. This page would have a list of all

the counties added at the top of the page along with a number next to the county show how many listings were in that county.

These links would actually be just bookmark links. As all the listings will be on one page.. These county "bookmark" links would just take them down the page

to those counties. the counties with no listings would not be an working link. It would just be text. These counties would be displayed in alphabetical

order. But would be separated as active and inactive counties. The active counties would be displayed at the top. These are the ones that have listings in

them. The inactive counties will be a list at the bottom and will not have an listings in them. Each of the listings will have a link that says "back to

top" which when clicked takes them to the top of the pager where the list of county links are.

Each listing will be displayed under it's own county. Inside each county the listings will be displayed by largest to smallest in total acres with largest

being first. This is the sum of all the acre fields I mentioned for the listing. It will show the first photo that was uploaded for it. it will also show the

title, price, state, county, property type and the short description. and a "get more information link" This will be a link to a page that give all the

details on that specific item.

The get more information page will show all info from all the listing field except for the short description.. But it will show the agent information (which

ever agent belongs to that listing) at the top above all that. The images for this will not need to be thumbnails They will about 350 px width max.. Height

will be floating. and it will show them 2 per row going down the page.


Version 2 will be a link on the version one page saying "advanced search"

This "version 2" page will have the following links on the main page....

Search listings by state ( they click this link and it takes them to a page where they select a state. Then they select a state and they see all the listings

for that state. From largest acreage to smallest. This layout is like version 1 but it doesn't have the county links at the top and only shows 20 listings

per page.

Search listings by county ( They click a state. (give number total of listings for the state next to the link) Then when they click that they go to a county

page. The counties also have a number next to them showing the total amount of listings for each county. The counties will no listings are just text and not

an active link. When they click on a county it takes them to another page which shows the listings in that county. This would show the listings for that

county only largest acreage to smallest and show 20 per page before going to page 2 and 3 and so on...

Search listings by agent ( they click this link to select an agent (all give a number total next to each agent) then it takes them to a page which shows all

that agents listings.. This would show the listings for that agent only from largest acrage to smallest and 20 per page before going to page 2 and 3 and so on...

Search by property type ( When you click this link it allows them to select the type of property they are looking for. Basically generated links of the property

types that were added (also give a total number next to each property type). then it would take them to a page that they can select a location for that

property type.. This will give them a list of the states plus a "all states" link. For example it they clicked "vacant land" as a property type. It would take

them to a page to select which state they wanted to look at vacant land or they could click all states link to see all the vacant land in all the states.

This would only show the listings for that property type and location they selected only and show 20 per page before going to page 2 and 3 and so on...

As with any of these the it must give a totaling number next to the link to show how many listings exist for that section. If there are 0 listing in that section that

the link is not active and is just text. The total number of acres is based on the sum of all the acre fields.


This does not need to have any design but it needs to be set up so I can easily paste in the design to the header and footer later. Keep in mind all pages

will be shown in a table that is no wider that 750 pixel but it should be floating so it fits the page perfectly. Please use a .css file so that I can apply formatting changes easy later on.

Admins do not need logins.. But the master and agent admins should be separate so that I can password protect them with different logins on the server.

Any questions let me know.. If you need screen shots or examples of layout let me know.

The server has a cpanel with mysql with phpmyadmin.

I will also need a bit of code that allows me to show the 8 most recent listings on another page for the site. It will show The first thumbnail for the

listing, title, state, the total acres (sum of all the acre fields).

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