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Lingo script for Adobe Director 11

Need 2 short Lingo scripts for Adobe Director 11 for Movie In A Window (MIAW) behaviors. This is a simple project of just a few minutes for anyone who really knows Director. I used to be able to get this kind of help for free on Adobe's Director forum, but it's not very active anymore.

Please respond only if you have experience writing Lingo (not Javascript) and you have Director on your computer to test it! If you don't have experience writing Lingo for MIAW behaviors for Adobe Director 11+, please don't waste your time and mine. Please mention your Director experience in your reply as generic responses won't be considered. Thanks

Here's what I want to do:

I have a basic Director movie ([url removed, login to view]), dimensions 1152x870px, with several dozen pict animations, each looping at its own marker. Nav ("next", "previous", "index") buttons allow the user to move through these animations toward the beginning and end of the movie. While these animations are playing, I want to allow the user to bring up and click through a series of mpgs in front in MIAW's.

I have 5 looping mpgs, each is the same size, each in its own [url removed, login to view] file (MIAW1, MIAW2, etc..). In my main movie ([url removed, login to view]), in addition to the nav buttons, I have a movie button ("movies") to call up and play the first MIAW CENTERED on stage. The MIAW's have "drag masks" and can be moved around the stage. Click the button a second time swaps the 1st movie to the 2nd, deleting ("forgetting") #1 from memory. MIAW 2 appears in the same location as #1. Click it a third time swaps in the third MIAW, forgetting #2, etc. etc. The last time closes the MIAW and forgets it from memory and then the button is ready for the first click/first movie again.

The MIAW's must play continuously in FRONT of the stage when I click from marker to marker in main.dir. using navigation ("next", "previous", "index") buttons, until i close the MIAW with the "movies" button. And they must stay in the same location when nav buttons are clicked, which I believe requires a "global". I think this may also require a second script on the nav buttons to keep MIAW's in front..(hence "2" lingo scripts). If one script that both calls up and forgets MIAWs, and keeps them in front will work on the "movie" button, that is preferable.

I have the code to open and play the MIAW, but not to swap it to the 2nd, 3rd, etc nor close on clicks, nor to keep it in front when I click nav buttons on the stage. Also I can't find how to open the MIAW centered on the stage and need that too.

Here is the code on the "movie" button to be appended to :


on mouseUp me

-- create a new window object and give it a name

tWindow = window().new ("MIAW1") 

-- point it to an existing Director file

[url removed, login to view] = "vid01" -- no .dir extension required

-- decide where to place it on screen - left, top, right and bottom. (NEED CENTERING CODE HERE)

[url removed, login to view] = rect(300, 300, 604, 520)

-- open it

[url removed, login to view]()\


I need the additional code for the "movie" button for the MIAW actions and the code to keep the MIAW in front, delivered as a text file. And also, instructions on where to put it.

Thank you for bidding

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