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MD5 hash error in payment module OSCommerce

I need someone who is very experienced with MD5 process, SQL & PHP and server set up for this job - only people with previous jobs and success in this area should bid.

I have a Swedish payment module which is having an MD5 error causing the order not to be entered into the oscommerce admin database.

The module works up until the point that the customer is supposed to be redirected back to the oscommerce (CRE Loaded 6.3) shop where the MD5 problem is occurring.

One person is telling me it is my server that's causing the change in characters, but I have another Wordpress store on the same server which is working perfectly ok with the same payment people - I had the Wordpress module written especially for me.

The oscommerce module with the MD5 hash problem is written by the payment people and they say it's nothing to do with the encoding set up on the server (which I have suggested).

Some communication about the problem is below but more information will be given to the freelancer who knows what's wrong and gets the job:



>As you can see, some of the Swedish characters

>have been URL encoded. For instance, 'ä' becomes

>'%e4'. However, when your web server fetches

>this query string, it for some mysterious reason

>changes all of the encoded characters into upper

>case. So in your case, 'ä' becomes '%E4'. To

>illustrate this more clearly, try creating and

>MD5 hash of the two strings below:



>Espv%e4gen -> 396908780122eeef002407776ccf2d51

>Espv%E4gen -> a51f7ab554dc8393c7e269f05ed5ef5e


>The strings on the left are equivalent and will

>both be decoded into "Espvägen". However, the

>MD5 hashes are completely different.



>This is the cause of the MD5 verification

>failing on your side.

So basically it is something that is causing the encoded swedish characters to change from lower to upper case which is the problem - I have searched extensively on this, but I have suggested it might be the encoding or the sql set up for the database of the store (it's set to latin Swedish and the other wordpress store on the same server, using the same php version, is using partly utf8)

I have other payment modules running for the oscommerce shop which do not have this MD 5 problem.

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