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While vBulletin is a great forum software, it does not contain all of the features that we are looking for in forum software.<br />

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<span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">You should have created custom mods for vBulletin before and be able to provide examples of your work in action</span>. No offense, but if I can't see it - you didn't do it.<br />

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<span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">The mod must be built so that future upgrades to vBulletin don't break this custom modification.<br />

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Clear, concise and well documented code.</span><br />

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<strong>Preferences Mod</strong><br />


<li>When a member ignores another member - no thread started by the ignored member shows up in the threads for them</li>

<li>Prevent an ignored member from posting in any thread started by the member who ignored them.</li>

<li>Allow a member to remove any post from any member (other than an admin) that has been posted in a thread they have started.</li>

<li>Allow a member to lock & unlock a thread they have started.</li>


<br />

<strong>Thread Mod</strong><br />

We will have multiple forum topics just as most forum boards do - but 90% of all the threads posted will be in the "general" webmaster forum topic and we would like to be able to sort these by offering "sub-topic" choices when making a post (and as a board reader) choosing which of these to read from the user control panel.<br />

<br />


<li>Add radio fields above the submit button for posting a thread so the person who creates the thread has to choose which "sub-topic" to assign that post to.</li>

<li>Add check boxes of "sub-topics" so any user can choose which "sub-topic" they want to see when they view the forums.</li>

<li>Both radio fields and check-box choices are built from the main admin list control panel and displayed evenly on all of the pages it would be used on.</li>

<li>Ability to choose the default sub-topic (checked)</li>

<li>Ability to move any post if in the wrong sub-topic to the right one.</li>


<br />

<br />

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<strong>Advertising Mod - Member Ad Spots</strong><br />

We will be allowing members to sell banner spots on the top of any thread they create. We are not providing them with an interface for payment options. This mod is similar to "selling my signature". <br />

<br />


<li>Allow member to sell top banner spot on any thread they create.</li>

<li>While we want to track views/clicks - ad spots are done on a 30 day basis.</li>

<li>Stats so the seller can see displays/clicks (both raw and unique)</li>

<li>Member is allowed to cycle through 3 concurrent ad spots - with a 4th pulled from the main board advertiser list.</li>

<li>Stats so the buyer can see displays/clicks (both raw and unique)through his own admin panel so they can make informed choices about which member to buy ads on which members threads.</li>

<li>Broken down by day or month with past history.</li>

<li>If member has not sold their ad spot, they can create default banners that are loaded from a remote server.</li>

<li>If member doesn't sell ad or create default ads - main board ad shows instead (we'll provide you that banner info)</li>

<li>Set banner sizes from board admin</li>

<li>Admin has the ability to remove sold spot for rules violation</li>

<li>Admin has the abliity to prevent member from selling ad spot for continued rules violation</li>

<li>Admin has the ability to keep stats on members rules violations so they know who to prevent continued ad selling</li>

<li>Once a banner has been chosen, the url of the link and the url of the banner can not be changed except by board admin</li>

<li>Admin has the abliity to prevent seller from selling ad spot for continued rules violation</li>

<li>Admin has the ability to keep stats on sellers rules violations so they know who to prevent continued ad selling</li>

<li>Other than providing this particular service, we will not be taking a % of any of this ad money.</li>

<li>Banners are equally weighted (members 3 and our 1).</li>

<li>Default banners never expire</li>

<li>Member can have a waiting list of advertisers that are added into rotation as space is available (or they remove one of their default banner spots) (only 3 active at any one time).</li>


Kĩ năng: Bất kì công việc gì, CSS, PHP, SQL

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