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Video site cms

Basically its CMS for an adult video site. The script will work by indexing videos other people submit into catorgries / tags etc. My GUI will allow visitors to click on the links and goto there website. The site will also be able to index videos from my own site. The script / cms itself will not need to upload videos (I am using another system elsewhere) but must allow me to create / add pages via posting html codes. Below are the details

- layout will be formatted in a similar way to [url removed, login to view] - 3 columns,

middle two columns show links to videos and our own videos, left middle column is links to videos right

middle column is our own videos right column shows links to other sites (toplist) and more ads

(layout html code will be provided)

middle columns

show title, thumbnail and description and click count


right column will have links to catogries for example webcam clips, hardcore clips, amateur clips etc...

each of these pages will be formatted the same way as the front page

Toplist system

on the right side of the page there will be links to other sites, the order will be determined by there in hits vs out hits.

For example look at this

[url removed, login to view] it tracks the hits in vs hits out and shows a number of credits - So if a site sends 1000 hits to us and we send them 1200 they have -200 credits. The system needs to be +1000 credits for the site to get there plug approved automaticaly.

the toplist system is integrated into the plug system. IE the way videos are displayed on the front page.

I will have a submit page where the user uploads title, url, image etc and it appears on the frontpage automatically

if the website they are submitting has enough credits.

there must be a way for me to override the system and add plugs myself manually. IE sites can buy advertising. I must also be able to reset certain sites credit history etc etc.

on the right column i will have a "chosen ones" section this like the right column on [url removed, login to view] and will be plugs in

the system i have selected and given the chosen one status. There will be a rollover tooltip containing the videos title and number of hits/clicks

the admin area must alow me to add delete and edit existing plugs and give them chosen one status or remove it etc

for the addition of my own video clips all i need is a way of entering the title, description then pasting some html code.

I will not be uploading my own videos i will be using the embed code from shareaslut and other sites like [url removed, login to view]

the video page will be formatted like the frontpage but just have the video content in the middle two columns and have

two middle columns content below the actual video content. The video page will have the title, description, view count,

a rating box, videos current rating and the html embed content on it.

urls will be formatted like this for the videos - [url removed, login to view] or .html or whatever

also [url removed, login to view] for tags

also [url removed, login to view]

pages in catorgries will be [url removed, login to view]

i also want to do some search optimization like having the title and keywords in meta tags and the title of the clip in a header1 tag etc.

and also implement a tag system for each of the videos / submitted videos.

i would also like to keep in contact with you for possible extensions / modifications of the script. When you produce the script you have to guarantee support on it so that you will fix bugs if / when i will find them after the project is completed

please get back to me with a quote.

u may find the following urls useful as they have influenced the features and layout i want to use.

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

id like the script so i can install it on multiple sites.

for example i might create a version of this site for sfw video clips or another adult site etc..

submit page where users submit videos

should havee input fields for title, image, link, description (image resized to 100x100px)

affter page is submitted it will take user to another page saying how many hits in the site has sent vs how many hits out. It will show how many credits they have and then give them a message that there plug has been added. If they do not have enough hits it will say plug denied. The plug will not be added to a database, it will be deleted.

The script should allow a maximum of two plugs per 24 hours per site if they have enough credits. (I should be able to change this number to 3, 4 or whatever i want in the future if i need to)

features in the backend

add videos / edit videos / delete videos / add plugs manually / trade settings (ability for me to reset a sites credit number, or allow a site to submit plugs and have them automatically approved, ability to ban a sites domain)

Also, a page should be made for each domain once a plug has been approved which shows what url they submitted as a plug and how many hits/clicks it has got.

add plugs form with - title, description, html embed code, and image upload (100x100px)

edit plugs / delete plugs / add plugs

option to make plug a "chosen one" (means they appear on the right side of the main page), delete plug, edit plug title, image, description, url etc

toplist system

ability to change the name of the site on the toplist

ability to give a site a certain ammount of credits or make there plugs not count in the credit system (so i can sell plugs)

ability to ban sites for plug / toplist system e.g spammers / google etc doesnt appear on toplist

for a user to submit a site they must register a username and password, this stops people spamming.

I know this is alot of work but i need it completed within 14 days of the project starting. This is a key criteria.

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