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137513 youtube module

This is to add multiple videos on a schedule for a youtube clone:

It’s a edited copy of the [url removed, login to view] which comes with the script and here is the

procedure steps for the script to spider and add content.

Spider a batch of urls and return all the movies it finds and add them to the system on a specific time.

1. Select 1-3 channels to us for the batch

2. Enter batch of pipe separated urls, name, description, url

(that will translate to, title, tags, descriptions on the youtube site)

3. After the spider each url will typically return 2-4 movies (per url) there should be a schedule option so that we can add these ones on a specific date. Seconds, mins, days, months, years of when it will go live on the site.

The return it should display back to us should be in fields that can be edited and in an easy to read format on the page.

4. Select any schedule for when to add the following URL’s spider videos live to the site, IE – separate each returned video by 1min, hour, day, week, month.

So there are two schedule options, 1 for the movies it returns for each url and then one for the entire batch.

With a default option set to split up the times between each movie from a single URL so that the clips of one URL at not added at the same time, so there is a two part scheduling to this script.

One for the actual URL and one for the Clips that it returns from a URL.

5. Each url submitted will also need a link back URL and advertising option, this means that when that video is played that the correct advertisement for this video will display above in the header as a large banner and below the movie as a text link or small banner.

(If it’s a new site there should be an option of, add banner for this site or add text links and return back URL)

We want to be able to add advertising for all the batch submissions, the return link that we will use for the click through is going to be on the batches.

(it’s going to be important that we show the right advertising for each site we are promoting in the batch list, and we don’t want I to be repetitive for every advertiser when we add a banner each time, so we should be able to build up the adverting DB)

Every time we add a new batch or urls, we should be able to set the advertising URL and banners we want to use for them into the DB, so if we add a batch for that site again we can tag it to that advertising.

(This makes it faster when we add new content for a site we already have in the DB)

6. Script returns the return URL, movies, descriptions, channels, tag options to on page before processing so it can be edited or checked, this must be in a field format for each url and move and not all in one text box.

7. submit information on last page from processing to the site

press submit and off it goes adding the videos to the schedules:

Here is an example of the URL’s to spider: (separated by pipe)

Iris|horny asian shoves her four fingers up her anal

Iris|passage|[url removed, login to view]


Cherry|anal toy prepares woman for the stiffest anal pounding

Cherry|possible|[url removed, login to view]


Anna|horny blonde with lables on her ass getting an anal

Anna|plugging|[url removed, login to view]


Alexander|beautiful girl loves a good anal pounding of this

Alexander|dongs|[url removed, login to view]


analdaughters|ebony in deep anal sex with

analdaughters|guy|[url removed, login to view]

analdaughters|MzoyOjEz,0,0,0,316 amateur mature woman enjoing mad anal

analdaughters|hardcore with her

analdaughters|lover|[url removed, login to view]


analdaughters|cute babe takes her first anal adventure all in one

analdaughters|day|[url removed, login to view]

analdaughters|MzoyOjEz,0,0,0,314 good looking girl in a hard buttfucking

analdaughters|and anal

analdaughters|creampied|[url removed, login to view]


This is not a complicated script as the current script does all the video conversions, you just have to apply this to work with your modifications

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