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PHP Developer - Monthly AT $1000-$2400*


We are looking for 1 to 3 advanced PHP application developers to work with us 200 hours per month for at least a year but preferably longer.

We recognize that may programmers on Free Lance auction sites do not have much experience, so please understand that your ability to learn and develop is crucial.

We will be developing using Zend Framework and Symphony and at times CakePHP. We make use of the PEAR repositories, and many other opensource projects.

Experience in these areas is highly preferred, and if not, you should really invest your free time in advancing your PHP abilities if you desire to do be a great programmer. This is expected of you at Avarise, our new ideas and our strategies come from you and your knowledge and so do our success, and in turn your success. We only deal with the cut throat and best developers.

Development Patterns and programming methodologies are also encouraged and become necessary in our development. Also the ability to work with multiple languages is a very huge benefit as we do integrate application from PHP to Java, Perl, Python, Ajax frameworks, and more.

Those who help us advance move up in the chain, it’s that simple. We except endurance over the long run and not just at the start unlike “other?? programmers. We don’t care about your education or past, we care about one thing only and that’s is cut throat developers.

>>>>>>>>>>See Deliverables

## Deliverables

_Please review the attached file._

If you are willing to complete this unpaid test within 8 days from your bid, we will reply to you with a user name and password to our servers to upload the the completed unpaid test to our development server.

Send us a message stating exactly the following: “I would like to complete the test, please provide me with a username and password to your development server.??

_You’ll be Paid in Advance


Except for an initial 10 Trial period (see below), you will be paid in advance for your work.

We begin paying you for a few hours and as our trust in you increases, we will increase amount of hours you will be paid in advance. In the beginning you will be paid 4 to 8 hours in advance.

At Avarise, we understand that having the advanced payment allows for more comfortable development, and truth is, we place importance on what you are able to accomplish for Avariseand nothing else.

If for some reason you decide to leave, you are required to give us 2 weeks notice. Before leaving, please talk to us and we will see if we can work something out. Our goal is to grow with you, so please grow with us. We understand how business works and what you desire. We expect the advanced payment back if you do leave.

_You may work whatever hours you prefer._

We don’t sleep here at Avarise. Work whenever you prefer. We encourage you not to sleep as well.

_NDA (non-disclosure agreement), Non Compete Agreement, Development Agreement


You will be required to fill out our Non-disclosure agreement, non compete agreement, and a Development Agreement.

We are flexible though personally; if you would like to begin a business in the future that conflicts with out interests, or in any interest, contact us and we may be willing to arrange something and even let you use our resources to help you develop your ideas. We will ask for some type of compensation, but you will develop your business faster, stronger and more professionally with us, creating more wealth for you.

At Avarise, we highly stress the idea of working in harmony with each other. One for all and all for one, we all want the same thing so lets make sure we all get it.

You’ll be able to review the agreements before signing them.

_Unpaid Test


(I am not going to call them Developers because a Developer by our standard means you are a great Developer, or otherwise we wont consider you one)

Many people who write PHP scripts on Freelance auction sites are A) not serious, or B) are terrible. We do not want that otherwise we cannot grow. Go visit our competitors in that case.

This test will be used to judge your abilities and your quality. If you pass, we will give you a small $30 sample project to test you even further.

_$30 Sample Project_

If you pass the unpaid test, you will get a $30 sample project to test your abilities. This is a timed test, so make sure you have a block of time available to handle this.

_No Employee Benefits As of Now


You are considered a contractor, there are no benefits. We are considering an employee package for certain countries, but as of now this is not available. If you are interested in the employee package, we would love to hear your input.



We will not withhold any taxes from your compensation whatsoever nor will we report your earnings to you local tax authorities unless required. Taxes are your responsibility alone.

_Scanned copy of your national identification, passport, or similar document


After successful completion and payment of the $30 sample project, you will be required to verify your identify with us. In United States, employees are identified by Social Security Number. Please provide us with your country’s similar identification.

If you would like to verify our information and identity before providing us with this information, feel free to request that.

_10 Hour Trial Period


If you have successfully completed the $30 sample project, you will begin your 10 Hour trial period.

You get to feel us out and we feel you out and if not a match, no harm done, we don’t continue, you don’t get paid.

We will review your work after this trial period and make that decision.

Don’t waste our time, we don’t waste yours. We need every minute possible to keep growing.

If we are satisfied with how you have performed then we will pay you for 10 hours and you will advance to the 2 month trial period.

_After the 10 hour Trial Period_

After the 10 hour trial period we will pay you in advance for all hours you work.

_The 2 month trial period following the 10 hour trial period


This period limits the number of hours you can work. You can work as few as 50 hours each month or up to 250 hours each month.

We allow you this time to release yourself from your prior engagements.

_After the two month trial period, you are required to be available 200 hours a month._

We develop and need committed developers. You are required to work 200 hours each month with us. We are looking for full time contractors, not part time contractors. You are given the 50 day probationary period to take care of any unfinished business.



This may be part of an employee package, but at your salary rate, this is not provided. If you want a vacation, take one, but its unpaid.

_Hours per Month


You may work 200 or more hours a month unless you are absent for a vacation or sick for a length of time.

If you make excess use of vacations, we will review your contract with us.

Your hourly rate is determined by your bid divided by 200.



You will be paid using any of the following methods minus surcharges:

Western Union


Amazon Payments

Money Bookers

Or if we are required to use the freelance auction site, you’ll be paid through their escrow service.

We will review other methods of payment if you suggest it to us.

We subtract any fees on our end from your payment.


Zend Certification and Zend Framework_

For those who agree to work with us for a year or more, you may apply for Zend Certification.

_Company Gym


Feel free to use our gym… If you do end up using it, send me an email and help me find it..

_Company Jet


You may use our company jet once a year.

….. when we get one.

…… and we will.

## Platform


PHP 4 and PHP 5

MySQL 4 and 5

Apache 2.2 /w mod_php

and php binary

Zend Framework



EDI Asc X12 4010

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