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Data Structures Homework

I have a test on Data Structures course that needs to be done. It's 20 questions: 15 true/false questions, and 5 multiple choice questions. Should be easy for those who knows it. True/False Questions: 1) A linked list is always dynamic. 2) There are many ways to create a linked list. However, in a sorted list, the only way to create the list is to sort as the elements come in. 3) The number of edges in a tree is one greater than those of the number of nodes. 4) A hash function is used to place data in a specific position in an array of linked lists. 5) A stack has the ability to push on and pop off like routines. 6) A queue is implemented using a tail node. 7) When sorting a linked list, the code that implements the list contains code of a stack and a queue. 8) When sorting, you compare records/structures/classes and sort fields. 9) When using the sum of the ASCII values and a hash table of size 35, ABCD hashes to position 13. 10) Garbage collection is a commonly used application in computer science. 11) The best speed or O notation for a sort is O(N). 12) The order of the fields in a record/structure/class is not important in any case in a program. 13) Anything you can do with a linked list can be done with an array. 14) The reason for a tail in a stack in speed. 15) Recursion is used to manipulate trees. Multiple Choice: 16) The necessary nodes in a linked list are: a) head b) temp c) tail d) all of the above e) A and B 17) The __________ is mostly theory based. a) sorting algorithms b) deletion from a binary tree c) garbage collection d) all of the above e) none of the above 18) A __________ adds nodes to the front of a list. a) stack b) queue c) sorted d) tree e) all of the above 19) Data Structures is __________. a) the study of structures b) the collection of data c) the manipulation of data d) sorting data e) all of the above 20) The __________ is the quickest of the following: a) bubble sort b) binary search c) binary tree search d) they are all the same e) B and C

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Even though I had to put the delivery deadline in 1 day, I need to have this done ASAP!

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