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Quick Look

Here's a quick sketch how the files will be transferred;

HTTP - Server - Client

HTTP could be anything, all the file hosts like [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], etc but I won't request for all hosts (if it will cost extra). I want the following hosts for the first stable version in case you make my program.




Explanation of the softwares

Then there will be two softwares like twins. One for the server(admin) part and one for the client part. Let's give them names server (to be installed on the Windows/Linux server) and client (to be installed on the user's desktop).

Now I will explain the client first.

Client is like download manager but way less features. I want it simple and light, also I'm hoping you could make this cheaper. Let's say it only has the following options,

- Account Login

- Default Download Path

- Download Speed Limits

- Link Pasting Box

- Hide in System Tray when minimize etc (Y/N)

It will be just like a very simple downloader with some must-include features above.

It should look something like this : [url removed, login to view]

I am expecting the "CLIENT" tool to be this simple.

also I changed my mind about the "SERVER" it seems it's difficult to make desktop software. Since I plan to run the SERVER software on Linux dedicated server on Cpanel, I want it be installable on the Cpanel and it should be something like web hosting service software.

IE, it reminds the user about expiration dates of subscription etc by sending the message to the User's "CLIENT" software and the user email. So the user gets the message etc etc.

Now the server part. It will be like a controller or something like an FTP server like FileZilla. I want to have the following features,

- Create New Account (base on monthly, for example when I create a new account there should be option for how many month etc, it'll be like a subscription)

- Limit How Many ACTIVE IPs Can 1 Account Have

(also able to increase the limit incase some people want more IP for group uses etc but must have defailt value)

- Premium Account Logins

- Folder path for DOWNLOADED FILES and folder for where files will be stored while the user is downloading the files from the server

- Status window of how much bandwidth are used by the Premium accounts (it's needed for some premium accounts like Rapidshare

- Status window of active accounts with their IPs, downloading speeds, number of connections (in digits, ie 12 or 20 etc). But I want a feature to set how many connections each user can have (I'm thinking each account can have 10 connection currently but I might want to keep on changing this later so. Btw don't confuse this with how many ACTIVE IPs each account can have.

- Log windows for last logined IPs of the accounts

How server and client will connect to each other

I will give my server a domain. Let's say it's myserver.com. Then you hardcode that domain in client (hardcode, meaning it's not changeable by the user, So the software will always connect to that domain as that software is made only for a single site). The reason why I want it to be setup by DOMAIN is because, I might want to change the server sometimes which will cost in IP changes which needs to be changed whenever the server is changed so I think it's better to use the domain name.

Once client is set to connect to the domain, it will send the Account Login information entered in the client to server. server will check and if its account is correct or still available, it will allow to connect.

If not available anymore, show this message:

Account is no longer valid, expired or account infos changed.

Click here to create new account or extend it.

"here" should redirect to a link I setup in the client's window.

How it should work

client (user's desktop software)

Server (server's software)

A user will copy a list of download links and paste into client. Then client will send those links to server and the status on client should say "WAITING..." while the links are being sent to server then when server receives the links, it will download those links to its harddrives using the premium accounts provided in the "Premium Account Logins". While server is downloading the files to its HDD, client should show "Queueing..." with percent increasing as the files are downloading. When the files are downloaded to the server, client will start downloading from server.

If the pasted links are not current in the "Premium Account Logins" on server, then client will show this message after pasting the links.

"Only the following links are supported currently:





I think it can be done this way too

On server

[Main folder]




these sub-folders are the folders that are made when new download links are sent from the client by users, the files downloaded to the server are save to those folders and then client will download from those folders. No extractions or what so ever should be done. It will just sent the files to client as it got from the file hosters.

For example:

someone pasted a list of 5 RAR download links in client, client sends the download links to server (client will show "Waiting..." while sending the links to server, incase it takes long). Now server creates a new sub-folder like I showed above with the user's username as the subfolder's prefix (ie. ---[jack-hjfgdhkfda])and download the files in that folder. While downloading the files, client shows "Queueing..." to the user. When server is done downloading, client will automatically download the files now to the user's haddrives. After the user has downloaded from Server, server will delete that folder completely to free more space. Btw the user only sees the files, not by the sub-folder.

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

In the future

I also have other plans if this program goes well. I plan to add more file hosters and also their Premium Account Logins. Also other features like able to set "Preferred Server" and give the following options <EU> <US> on client etc (this is when I have more servers in US and EU). I might also want it to compatible with NZB files (.nzb) and Torrent (.torrent) files. For torrent files someone will paste or upload the .torrent file to server using client and server will download that .torrent file and download the files from the trackers then will seed back to the ratio value that's setup in server.

But for now ignore the "In the future" part.

If you have any questions or words that make you confused, please contact me ASAP! Will this project take less than 1-2 months?



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