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1080 Need a Clone of Vampirefreaks

need a full reproduction of there system reproduced within a weeks time. only experienced programmers with positive feedback need apply. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Info (Added 9/4/2006 at 15:30 EST)... php system including a free user system with blogs and profiles. a email system in which people can pay to sign up for email accounts. user system includes: Admin which will be called dominas or dominant depending on there sex. Lifetime Members Switches which will be my version of premium or paid accounts and free users will be called Slaves. ------------------------------------------------------------ Switch/Lifetime Accounts will have: Search Users by Age, Location and Keyword. Search by location in city, state, or country. Narrow results to users in a certain age range. Also look for keywords in user profiles, "likes", "dislikes", or "music". Click here to see what advanced search looks like Maximum of 100 user pictures instead of the default 20 pictures. Upload Bigger Pictures, without compression. Pictures uploaded to the site are compressed in order to save space, which does decrease the quality slightly. Premium members can upload pictures without compression to keep them high quality. See your last 50 ratings. See a list of the last 50 people that rated you, as well as what they rated you. This list gets updated everytime somebody new rates you. It appears in a new page called "my ratings". See your last 100 profile views. See a list of the last 100 people viewed your profile Include music and videos in your cults. Free Accounts cannot put music in cults Power Bombs - you can help moderate the site by helping to suspend unwanted users . must have 10 to suspend them for 2 weeks. can only bomb a user once a month. Maximium of 16 journal icons instead of the default 4 pictures. featured on the Premium Users Page No Ads - Premium Members do not see ads on the profile pages Make your profile only viewable by other vf members (not publicly accessible). When you turn on this feature, users you have blocked cannot access your profile change the order of your friends/favorites/shitlist tables (top 10) Journal Customization. You can rename the sections of your Journal. 3 email accounts for free the rest you will have to sign up for. Upload a custom sound file to notify you when you have new messages waiting. File Storage. Premium Members receive 5 megabytes of space for storing image, sound, movie, and text files for use on Profile, Journal, or other pages. The system even includes the HTML code for showing files, simply copy-and-paste. Change Member Name - you can change yourmember name to something new at any time. ------------------------------------------------------------ Need a good Classifieds section with site Dominas/Dominants moderation (admin moderation) ---------------------------------------------------------- a pop3 webmail signup system with admin moderation. ---------------------------------------------------------- journal system with admin moderation --------------------------------------------------------- profile page with admin moderation ---------------------------------------------------------- User web space for files etc with admin moderation -------------------------------------------------------- Forum with Admin moderation ---------------------------------------------------------- shoutbox with admin moderation. ----------------------------------------------------------- featured member box with admin moderation to choose the member. ---------------------------------------------------------- rate system on profile - when rates are reset it clears the rating points but not the times you have been rated. -------------------------------------------------------- user self deletion. user reset ratings which clears your overall rating/times rated and rating points. change password. edit comment signature. ---------------------------------------------------------- comment system on profiles. refer to [url removed, login to view] for setup of profile/blog system. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Info (Added 9/4/2006 at 16:14 EST)... Admin and user panel willl be one in the same. Admin Controls include: Ip Ban system/Delete user/suspend/ unsuspend user with reason (optional) Edit users profile Edit/delete users Journal system that you can use to know if someones IP is on another account. Transfer Switch/paid account to another username (doesnt work if account is already deleted and new username must exist) Edit/Delete user comments. Moderate paid web space (upload space for xtra files) Moderate classifieds Moderate forums. ----------------------------------------------------------- subscription system with admin moderation so we can change the yearly and monthly price. it will start off as $24 yearly $2.50 a month lifetime is $200 also an auto approve verify system to make sure the credit card is valid and also to make sure the card wont bounce. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Info (Added 9/4/2006 at 16:56 EST)... Paid Features con't: Block Music - Block music, videos, etc., that people have added to their profile page,if you're trying to listen to your own music and are tired of being interrupted, this is very useful! Block Javascript - Block the little pop-up messages that people put on their profiles as well as the javascript juke boxes, this also increases your security by stopping any potentially malicious code from running. Invisible Mode - Log into your account while still appearing to be offline Extra Signatures - With a regular account, you only have one signature that will be added to all of your posts. With Switch access, you can enter up to 10 signatures so that when you make a post (in comments, articles or forums) a random signature will be chosen from those you have entered. This way if you have lots of favorite quotes you can have them all rotating to keep things more interesting. Profile limitations lifted, allowing Javascript and flash/audio/movie files in your profile/signature Unlimited Artwork Submissions Unlimited Literature Submissions ---------------------------------------------------------- Literature and Artwork Section with admin moderation. ----------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Info (Added 9/4/2006 at 17:18 EST)... user profile pic gallery: have user folders for each gallery to seperate pictures. all other pictures will just appear in the gallery. have an option to set the number of pictures displayed on the profile. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Info (Added 9/4/2006 at 17:23 EST)... Site Updates- so admins can post site updates and news. --------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Info (Added 9/4/2006 at 17:25 EST)... site news and updated with user comments. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Info (Added 9/4/2006 at 18:59 EST)... Site Security: make sure there are no PHP exploits in the system that will let an intruder hack the system. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Info (Added 9/4/2006 at 20:23 EST)... Site Security: Add a feature that checks for robots and leachers and disallows them from stealing pictures/videos and other files off the site.

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